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Halloween Gallery 2006

Part 1 of our Halloween Gallery has been posted, with more images to be featured tomorrow.

Alien Evidence

Derrel Sims has sent us images from a case where an "alien" hand print was found at a home in Pennsylvania.

Typhoon Paeng Update

Typhoon Paeng (international codename: Cimaron) continues tracking toward the Philippines. Click here for a larger view.

Top 5 Haunted Places has compiled their Top 5 Haunted Places in America. The list includes the infamous 'Amityville Horror' House as well as the lesser known Fox Sisters Cabin, where in 1848 sisters Maggie and Katie Fox claimed to have contacted the ghost of a murdered peddler. Read more here.

Poltergeist Attack

Brad Steiger sent us artist Dan Allen's ink drawing of the poltergeist attack that he endured. View in full.

Cayce & Death

America's great clairvoyant Edgar Cayce offered dream interpretations as part of his readings while in a trance state. On one occasion, while in a trance, he experienced a dream in which he encountered Death, as a personality or individual. Cayce wrote:I remarked to Death, 'You are not as ordinarily pictured with a black mask or hood, or as a skeleton or like Father Time with a sickle. Instead you are fair, rosy-cheeked, robust and have a pair of shears or scissors.' The being explained to him that death "is not the horrible thing" that people typically expect, and the scissors are a representative implement of life and death-- they "unite by dividing, and divide by uniting." Cayce came to conclude that the death state is a more normal one for the soul than earthly existence, and that the question of whether consciousness survives death was backwards. The significant question for the soul was how much of its creativity and divine essence would survive its birth into a bod

Jim Marrs Transcript Excerpts

Author and researcher Jim Marrs was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat last week, discussing his new book The Terror Conspiracy and other topics. Below are some excerpts from the in-depth Q & A. Members can view the entire transcript. mp Jim: What about the North American Union - how soon will this happen? When will the currency be the Amero? Jim Marrs A North American Parliament with one currency --- the Amero. That's what the Council on Foreign Relations and other secretive groups are already talking about. It will come unless folks just like you decide to just say "No." No more United States of America. enigma970 Have you read the debunking 9-11 myths book? You should because flaws in your theories can be changed with a little skepticism which in my opinion is healthy; I'm getting the book tomorrow. Jim Marrs I read the latest Popular Mechanics piece by Sen. John McCain with great interest. I thought he would really dispel som

Growing Ozone Hole

New satellite data reveals that the ozone hole over the South Pole is at its largest size ever recorded. At around 10.6 million square miles, it is roughly the size of North America. View a larger graphic and further details at CNET News.

Balloon Manor

Artist Larry Moss has built a 10-room, 10,000-sq-ft, walk-through haunted house made entirely out of ballons -- 130,000 of them! Created by more than 50 balloon artists, 'Balloon Manor' features an entrance in the shape of a dragon's mouth (pictured), a motorized 'Scary-Go-Round,' as well as a host of other weird inflatable creatures. The exhibit can be seen from now through next weekend at the Medley Centre in Irondequoit, NY. Read more here and view photos at

House Falls on Museum

Sculptor Erwin Wurm has dropped a house (literally) on the Viennese Museum of Modern Art. His art project, titled 'House-Attack,' was made to look as if a small, red-roofed house had fallen out of the sky and landed on the museum. Read more at Ananova.

Internet Hoax Alert!

A malicious letter about Filipinos making the rounds on the Internet has been falsely attributed to Art Bell, and was recently re-published in a Philippine paper and

The Real Roswell?

Cartoonist Ted Bastien (email), sends us the latest installment of his ongoing saga Bugsport, which he purports shows "a REAL 'photo' of the Roswell incident." Click here to view the full panel.

Bugsport: Thanksgiving

Cartoonist Ted Bastien (email), sends us the latest installment of his comic strip Bugsport, which attempts to answer the age old question, "What do aliens eat for Thanksgiving?" Click here to view the full panel.

Bugsport: Biodiesel

Cartoonist Ted Bastien (email) shares another installment of Bugsport... This one inspired by a conversation Art Bell had with Willie Nelson. Click here to view the full panel.

Conrad Video Clips

Barry Conrad sent us two video clips (requires Windows Media Player) from his productions. Clip 1, from An Unknown Encounter, deals with a terrifying haunting in San Pedro, California. Clip 2, from Monsters of the UFO, excerpts a dramatic re-enactment of a 1955 incident from Kelly, KY.

Top 10 Ghost Photos

Last year, in his blog, Christopher Knight counted down what he considered to be the Top Ten Best Ghost Photographs Ever Taken. View the list and photos here.

Stegosaur Carving

Among the many images in the Research & Findings section of Dennis Swift's website, is this photograph of a 'stegosaur' carving (larger) made in Cambodia around 1200 AD.

Data's Head

First hour guest, Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission appeared live-in-studio to reveal a startling Moon 'artifact' photo.Calling the artifact, found in Shorty crater, 'Data's Head,' (a color enhanced image is pictured left) he said it was taken on the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972. He believes what we are looking at is a robot head, similar in appearance to C3PO from the Star Wars film.For the complete story see

Heading into Extinction?

The chart on the left (view in full) shows how rising carbon dioxide levels are associated with mass extinctions and that based on projections we could be heading into another such period. The graphic appears in Peter Ward's article, Impact from the Deep in the October issue of Scientific American.

UFO Over Poland

According to a recent post by 'Cielebias' at the Eastern European UFO Journal, a bright orange object (sketch pictured) was spotted flying over Olsztyn, Poland on Wednesday, October 11th. The highly illuminated object had a flattened hull, said one witness who watched from his balcony as the UFO passed over the rooftop of a nearby apartment building. The witness claims to have viewed the object for 10 seconds before it abruptly vanished. Credit: NPN

Apocalypse Woodcuts

In a series of woodcuts made by Albrecht Dürer in 1497-8 titled The Apocalypse, he depicted the revelations of St John. The detail on the left (full image) shows John receiving divine inspiration.

Joshua Tree Photos

C2C Producer Tom Danheiser snapped some photos at Richard C. Hoagland's Joshua Tree Conference, which he and George attended over the weekend.

Mysterious Ireland

Check out some graphics based on images from Doug Elwell's book, Mysterious World: Ireland.

Happy Anniversary!

C2C fan and artist Denise Elles-Slocum has created this pen and ink illustration of aliens thanking George Noory for 5 years of hosting Coast To Coast AM. Click here for a larger image. Several past Coast guests called in to the show to wish George a Happy 5th Anniversary, including The Twilight Zone Companion author Marc Zicree; numerologist Glynis McCants; radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones; C2C science advisor Richard C. Hoagland; and British researcher Lionel Fanthorpe, who also challenged George to play the Royal Game of Ur against him.

Beason Images

Doug Beason sent us some material to accompany his presentation tonight, such as this photo the 'Active Denial System.' Click here to view.

UFO Hall of Shame

Tonight's guest, Royce J. Myers III, publishes what he considers fraudulent accounts at his website, One inductee to his website's 'UFO Hall of Shame,' Brian Bessent, claimed to have videotaped a fleet of UFOs flying over Phoenix, Arizona on June 5, 2005. Bessent's story was eventually disproved by reporters at KTVK-TV3. Watch their investigative report here.

Mars Humanoid Skull?

An image posted at Mars Anomaly Research shows what appears to be a human skull lying on the ground of the Red Planet. According to Joseph P. Skipper's report, the anomalous formation "looks incredibly very much like an anatomically correct humanoid skull." Skipper has created a series of photo enhancements to support his argument. He also mentions the image, taken by NASA's Spirit rover, may have been tampered with. Read his full report here.

Little People Drawings

In tandem with Ron Quinn's appearance, we are featuring several drawings from his book Little People, such as 'Picnic Thief' on the left.

George Noory Interview

An interview with George Noory in Portland's Willamette Week has just been published. George will be reading from Worker in the Light at Powell's Books in Portland at 1 pm on Saturday, Oct. 7.

3D Galaxy Map

A team of astronomers recently released a 3D map of nearby galaxies, in the largest survey of its kind. According to their study, the Milky Way and other neighboring galaxies are moving towards the 'Great Attractor' supercluster, at the astonishing rate of a million miles an hour. Read more at and New Scientist.

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