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Glynis McCants Transcript Excerpt

NumerologistGlynis McCants was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat last week, offering personal readings and commentary. Below is her presentation on Personal Year Cycles. Members can view the entire transcript. Glynis McCants Hello Everyone! It is great to be here. I am going to start tonight trusting that you all already know your Life Path Number. Even if you do not know your Life Path number, you can still learn how to find out what Personal year Cycle you are in which is what I want to open with.I am inspired to do this because of the surprise and tragic passing of Steve Irwin. When something like this happens, I always want to know what cycle the person was in when it happened. Well, sure enough, Steve Irvin was in a personal cycle of 5. In my book Glynis Has Your Number, it says it is NEVER WISE to take any risks in your Personal Year cycle of 5.I realize Steve Irwin’s whole career was about risk taking, but in this cycle- especially because

New Wiretap Bill

On Thursday, the House approved a bill that would grant legal status to President Bush's warrantless wiretapping program where under certain conditions calls and emails between people in the U.S. and those of other countries could be monitored.Democrats have opposed the bill, citing that the war on terror shouldn't be waged at the expense of civil rights. Read more here.

Brain-Healing Bridges

Scientists at MIT have found a way to reconnect brain cells using 'protein bridges,' tiny nanotech structures that allow cells within an injured brain to grow back. The researchers hope their work will one day help stroke victims recover and enjoy a better quality of life. Watch the video report hosted by

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