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Invading Entities

In his book Entity Possession, Samuel Sagan, M.D. presents an inventory of non-physical forms that can attach themselves to humans. They include: Fragments-- fractured characters that break off from the astral body of the deceased; may focus on a particular negative or obsessive trait. Perverse Energies-- An etheric substance that has infiltrated the human field, sometimes perceived as a faint or blurry presence. Elementals & Natures Spirits-- Small beings associated with wind, fire, earth, water and plant life; can sometimes contribute to health & mental disorders. Rakasas-- described in Sanskrit as intense entities that can live for hundreds of years; their foul odor is said to render humans insane.

McCandlish Drawings

Mark McCandlish sent us three drawings of clandestine aircraft-- the 'Copper Canyon,' the TR-3A and the Aurora.Click here to view along with his comments.

Journeys of the Rovers

Click here to see maps showing the traverse of the two Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, during their lengthy mission on Mars. You can also view 'Mars as Art' images.

Space Golfing

Earlier this week, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin took an orbital golf shot during a spacewalk at the International Space Station. Using a 6-iron, Tyurin struck the specially made foam-rubber golf ball with a one-handed tap, which "shanked the ball a bit," according to NASA spokesman Rob Navias. For more details, including video, visit MSNBC.

Giant Catfish Caught

British fisherman Carl Smith (pictured with friend, Dave Jones) caught a giant wels catfish, dubbed "Jaws," measuring 8 ft in length and weighing a record-breaking 226 lbs. Two friends held tightly onto Smith as he battled the monster fish for 35 minutes. After Jaws was weighed, measured and photographed, he was released back into the River Ebro in Spain. Get more details at

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the Coast to Coast audience and thanks to cartoonist Ted Bastien for sending in a Bugsport greeting (click here to view the full panel).

Lightning Hits Space Needle

An intense thunderstorm rolled through the Seattle area on Tuesday afternoon. KOMO-TV's camera captured a dramatic lightning flash that appears to strike the Space Needle, the Washington Mutual tower, and other buildings in the Downtown Seattle area. Click here for more on the storm.

Jack the Ripper?

Using modern profiling techniques, experts from Scotland Yard have created a portrait of Jack the Ripper's face, using 13 witness statements from the time of his attacks in the late 1800s. Click here for further details.

Mars as Art

Check out some of the images taken by the Rovers which are under consideration for a 'NASA Mars as Art' exhibit.

Thinking Robot

Researchers at Cornell University have built a robot that can teach itself to walk and, when damaged, can adapt to the injury by developing a new gait. Instead of being programmed with a rigid set of instructions, the four-legged device is allowed to discover how to control itself. The researchers believe the robot's underlying algorithm could be used to build more sophisticated machines capable of repairing themselves. Read more at

Queen Mary Video

In this video clip from the television show Unsolved Mysteries, marine engineer John Smith describes hearing unexplained sounds aboard the Queen Mary, and paranormal investigator William Roll captures a ghostly recording in the bow of the haunted ship.

Orb Exits TV

L.E.M.U.R.'s Chief Investigator Brian Irish recently captured video footage of an orb exiting a television set. This may provide evidence of a connection between orbs and electrostatics, Joshua P. Warren writes.

UFO Conference Report

Intrepid reporter Tim Binnall shares his recap of the recent UFO Crash Retrieval Conference with us. Read it here. Tim is pictured left with UFO researcher Stanton Friedman in a photo by Ralph Molesworth.

The Cold Treatment

Barney Calman writes in the U.K.'s Daily Mail about undergoing 'whole body cryotherapy,' an alternative health procedure in which he was frozen to minus 120 degrees in a chamber. Read the full story here.

Ghost Fest on the Queen Mary

'Paranormal sensitive' Erika Frost appeared briefly during the first hour to discuss her involvement in this weekend's Ghost Fest aboard the Queen Mary. George will be doing a live remote there on Friday night, as well as a book signing at 1pm on Sat.

Time Travel Graphic

Prof. Ron Mallett shares a graphic that shows the basic principles behind his time travel theory. View it here.

'Bearwolf' Sighting

Author and past C2C guest Linda Godfrey has interviewed the Wisconsin man, who on November 9 reported seeing a "large black animal, at least 7 feet tall and larger than a bear" (read the WISN article). Steven Kreuger said he watched the large creature take a deer carcass from his truck. Godfrey believes Kreuger may have encountered something called a 'Bearwolf' (pictured). Read more at

World's Fastest Office

Inventor Edd China drove his mobile office (pictured) into the record books Thursday after reaching 87mph on a British racetrack in his driveable desk. China, who holds several other Guinness World Records for motorized furniture, took two months to build the planet's fastest office. Next up for the wacky inventor... a functional mobile kitchen. Click here to read more.

Art Bell Update

A message from Art Bell dated 6/25/06:"These have been very frustrating times for all of you and Airyn and myself as well. As most of you know from listening we have not been able to establish a reliable connection using what is called a Comrex device on a normal phone line."...cont.

Dannion Update

In the latter half of the first hour, author and lecturer Dannion Brinkley spoke about his long-standing work with veterans. The VA health care system is overtaxed and many vets are on long waiting lists for services, he said. For more info and what you can do to get involved, read Dannion's Veteran's Day Address.

Calif. Boy Snaps Condor

Five-year-old Gabriel Gottfried (pictured with laptop) has photographed a California condor that may be the first bird of its type to fly in Topanga Canyon's skies in more than a 100 years. According to wildlife experts, the last condor was probably seen in the area around 1898. Gottfried's photograph depicts the giant bird in flight as it launches itself from a pine tree across the street from his house. Read more at Annie Wells/AP

Implant Removal Photos

In his 11/4/06 appearance, Dr. Roger Leir shared details of his 12th alien implant removal surgery, which he performed in September 2006. Click here to view a set of photos from the operation.

Solar Activity writes that an explosion on the sun on Nov. 6th, 2006produced a burst of radio waves so loud that one astronomer said "it sounded like a freight train rolling through." The source was an active sunspot, soon to become visible to us. In other solar news covered at their website, Mercury will cross in front of the sun on Wed. Nov. 8th at 11:12 AM PT-- a rare transit visible from the Americas.

UFO in New Zealand?

Back in 1965, a photographer aboard a New Zealand Navy cruiser snapped an image which appears to show a dome-shaped UFO. The photo recently came to light when the Devonport Navy Museum was reviewing their archive. For more on the mystery object, see this article by Hank Schouten.

Swan Falls for Boat

A rare Black Australian Swan has fallen in love with a swan-shaped paddle boat, according to biologists in Muenster, Germany. The love-smitten swan has even refused to fly south for winter without his plastic mate. Read more at Ananova.

The Playful Apparition

An intriguing video shot by AfterDark Paranormal Investigations of Louisville, KY was recently posted on the website of TV station WAVE 3. The team's camera was set up in a cemetery in Bardstown, KY and based on the playful movements of the apparition (and EVP recorded on the site) they believe the "ghost" is that of a little girl.

Future Earthquakes

In Joe McMoneagle's book The Ultimate Time Machine, published in 1998, he offers detailed predictions for the 21st century and beyond, based primarily on his remote viewing sessions. In the next 100 years he foresees significant earthquakes (from 8.5 to 8.8 on the Richter scale) around the globe.Here are some of them:2013-- Qom, Iran2013-2015-- Los Angeles, CA2022-- near Catania, Sicily2022-2023-- San Francisco, CA2031-- Mexico City2033-- near Lanzhou (central China)2039-- btwn. Nagoya and Matsusaka, Japan2050-- Upstate New York2061-- San Diego, CAMcMoneagle notes that it's probable his predictions could occur within five years (plus or minus) of the specified year, and that the one in New York will be America's most costly natural disaster.

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