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Apollo 1 Anniversary

A memorial service was observed Saturday at the Kennedy Space Center Vistor Complex for astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, the three crewmembers of Apollo 1 who died 40 years ago in a horrifying launch pad fire. Read more and view the video story at

Charles Ostman Slides

Charles Ostman has provided several slides to help illustrate the topics he'll be covering on tonight's program: - Slides 1 - 3 - Slides 4 - 6 - Slides 7 - 9

O'Hare Airport UFO?

First half-hour guest, Mark Allin of the Above Top Secret Forum reported on an alleged photograph of the O'Hare Airport UFO that was sent to them by an "anonymous poster." Purportedly taken on a cell phone, it was speculated that the photo was made by a pilot through the cockpit. However, Allin has concluded after speaking with digital experts, that the photo is likely a well-crafted hoax. View the image and the accompanying discussion thread here.

Two-Faced Pig

The latest unusual animal birth, a two-faced pig with four eyes, was greeted in China as a sign of "miraculous conception," leading into the Chinese Year Of The Pig, which starts in February. For a larger image and further details, visit

Rosslyn Panoramas

The Rosslyn Chapel website presents two panoramas that allow viewers to experience a 360 degree virtual tour (Panorama 1, Panorama 2-- requires QuickTime). You can also view some photos of the chapel that Mark Pinkham previously sent to us. Pinkham & Andrew Sinclair will be featured speakers during a tour of Scotland this summer that will include a visit to Rosslyn Chapel.

The Galactic Center

The end date of the Long Count Mayan calendar occurs on Dec. 21, 2012, just when a rare astronomical event will take place-- our sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. However, "rather than it being the end of time and space, we might better speak of it as the center of time and space, which reflects the indigenous idea of periodic outflow and inflow around the cosmic center," John Major Jenkins writes in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. The Galactic Center region (pictured) harbors a supermassive black hole 'Sgr A' and a number of supernova remnants (image 1, image 2, more info).

Art Bell: Lifetime Achievement Award

The weekly trade publication Radio and Records has announced that Art Bell is to be the recipient of their Talk Radio Lifetime Achievement Award, and will be honored at an upcoming seminar in Los Angeles. Read more here.

Strange Orange Light

The mysterious orange light (pictured) photographed by Air Force Col. Brian Fields on Jan. 9 near Van Buren, Arkansas has prompted many others to report similar UFO sightings across the U.S., according to Their article also details the findings of digital-production expert, Mark Kirby, who analyzed the photos and discovered what he believes could be the "pilot" of the unidentified object. View more images and read further here.

Mind Control Stories

Thanks to all who responded to our call to share their stories of mind control and electronic harassment. Here are seven accounts.

'timetravel_0' Film

Filmmaker Scott Norwood has set up this page with a trailer, stills and info from his new film, timetravel_0, about purported time traveler John Titor. Warning: Image at bottom of page contains graphic content.

Pyramid Update

First half-hour guest, researcherStephen Mehler, who has just returned from Egypt, shared an update on the Great Pyramid at Giza. In regards to the recent cement theory (as discussed on our Roundtable show), he believes that some pouring may have been used in the pyramid's construction, but there is still much evidence for natural stone such as granite. He also commented that Zahi Hawass has privately admitted that the Great Pyramid is built on an older structure. Mehler sent us two photos to accompany his appearance. View here.

Sherwood Images

Ed & Kris Sherwood have prepared a set of images to accompany their presentation, including this photo of a "luminosity" shot near a crop circle formation. View: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4.

Ramzi Yousef/Terry Nichols Connection

During the first hour, Ian welcomed back investigative journalist Peter Lance, who had previously appeared a few hours earlier for the first hour of Saturday's C2C Live program (show link). Lance detailed the possible al-Qaeda/Ramzi Yousef/Terry Nichol connection in the Oklahoma City bombing case. Read more at

A New Comet

Comet McNaught is being called the brightest comet in 30 years. It is temporarily visible in the Northern Hemisphere at both sunset and dawn, depending on conditions. View a photo gallery from and read more about in this AP article. First half-hour guest, physicist James McCanney commented on Comet McNaught's appearance. It swung in from somewhere near Jupiter and has been surprising in its intensity, he said. It will be interesting to see how it interacts with the Sun, he added.

Casting of the Pyramids

Prof. Michel Barsoum has found scientific evidence that parts of the Great Pyramids of Giza were built using an early form of concrete. Click here to view a related graphic and photo.

2006: A Record Breaker

2006 was the warmest year on record across the continental U.S., according to just released findings. The El Nino cycle as well warming linked to greenhouse gases were cited as factors. 2006 joins the previous eight years in being amongst the 25 hottest years since record keeping began. For more, see this report from MSNBC.

Cell Images

Joyce Hawkes sent us some imagery to accompany her presentation, including comparison photos of sick and healthy cells. View here.

Dark Matter Map

Astronomers have created a 3D map of dark matter using observations from Hubble. According to the study, the mysterious mass is "clumpy" in nature and serves as a kind of scaffolding upon which galaxies are built. For more, see this report from BBC News.

Space Rock Hits House

Experts are still trying to figure out what exactly crashed through the roof of a New Jersey home Tuesday and embedded itself in a wall. The mysterious golf ball-sized metal object (pictured) has magnetic properties and weighs about as much as a can of soup. Some experts have speculated the object is a nickel-iron meteorite. Allan H. Treiman, senior staff scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, remains skeptical. That sure doesn't look like [meteorites] I've seen," said Treiman. Watch a WCBS-TV video report and read more here.

Video: Burning 'Space Junk'

The crew of SkyFox (the helicopter for Fox 31 News in Denver) captured some amazing video footage of a spent Russian rocket incinerating as it plummeted over North America, early on Thursday morning. Initially thought to be a large meteor, NORAD later confirmed that what was seen over four states was indeed Russian "space junk." Click here for video and further details.

Knapp on Area 51

George Knapp has a long history of reporting on UFO mysteries and Area 51. KLAS-TV has put together a special section called Area 51: Exposed that displays the depth of Knapp's investigations, with stories, videos, and links.

Flying Man Video

A former military pilot named Yves Rossy is living out his dream with his 'Flying Man' project. A video posted on YouTube shows him flying like a bird over the Swiss Alps while attached to his winged contraption. Read more about Rossy at the Daily Mail.

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