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Ode to Red Elk

ShamanzShadow shares his composition Timecave (Ode to Red Elk) which makes use of material from one of Red Elk's first appearances with Art Bell. Listen: Win | RealPhoto by Ron Williams

Jesus' Lost Tomb?

Director James Cameron displayed artifacts on Monday which he said may have held the bones of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and possibly their son. The stone caskets (one is pictured) came from a 1980 tomb discovery in Jerusalem.A new Discovery Channel documentary (airing on March 4th), The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which Cameron produced, will explore the findings. For more, view a slide show, video report, and interview.

New Antarctic Creatures

A number of strange new creatures including a 'psychedelic octopus' (pictured) were recently discovered in an expedition in waters off Antarctica. For photos and further info, visit LiveScience.

Exoplanet Atmosphere

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has captured for the first time ever spectra of two planets in another solar system. The data revealed clues about what kind of molecules are present in the atmophere of an exoplanet. Scientists hope someday tools like Spitzer will help them find "footprints of life" elsewhere in the cosmos. More can be found at, including a video about the mission.Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Scanner Sees Through Clothes

A new X-Ray scanner, at the Phoenix Airport, is the first to be able to scan through people's clothes and show the body's contours with blush-inducing clarity. For photos and further details, visit AP News.

Colossal Squid Caught

A colossal squid, weighing an estimated 990 lbs., has been caught by New Zealand fishermen in Antarctic waters. If calamari rings were to be made from it, they'd be the size of tractor tires, one expert declared. For photos and further details, visit BBC News.

C2C Cover Art

With our new Podcast for iTunes feature for Streamlink members, we thought you might enjoy some "cover art" to accompany the C2C mp3s that you play in iTunes. Click here to view.

Kaliningrad UFO

Paul Stonehill alerted us to a recent Russian UFO story, involving a yellowish object with an elongated body. At the website, click on the icon on the right, under the photo, to view video footage. Here is Paul's translation of the article: A student from Kaliningrad, Russia, was able to film an unidentified flying object over Kaliningrad (Russia). The UFO-like object was sighted in the sky right over the regional center. The luminescent object hovered over General Butkov street, Kaliningrad, in the evening. The yellowish, elongated object slowly and noiselessly moved toward Pregol River. According to witnesses, some time later another object joined the UFO. Ivan Lebedev, a student, at once recognized the flying objects to be “saucers”. He was at home, listening to music, looked in the window and saw the flying object; took his video camera and decided to film the object. The film was shown to experts. The Kaliningrad physicists-astronomers spent a long time l

Light from Exoplanets

For the first time, NASA's Spitzer Telescope has observed light coming from planets outside our solar system. With this data, the molecular make-up of the planets' atmospheres can be determined. An artist conception (left) shows one of the exoplanets-- a Jupiter-sized body that is hot, dry, & cloudy, and orbits near a fiery star (view an animation). For more, visit Red Orbit and the Spitzer Telescope site.

Gunnar Thompson Material

Gunnar Thompson provided us with a set of material to accompany his presentation, including images of maps that date back hundreds of years. Click here to view.

Year of the Pig

Today is the kick off of the Chinese New Year. Each year corresponds to one of 12 different animals on the Chinese zodiac-- this time round it's the Year of the Pig. While it's considered lucky to born in a pig year, Asian feng shui specialists are warning that epidemics, natural disasters and violence will be on the rise this year. Pig years can be filled with turmoil because they are associated with the conflicting elements of fire and water, one of the experts told the AP. Read more here.

Gilliland Images

James Gilliland has made available several images to accompany his presentation, including this one of a plasma ship.

Futuristic 'Cloudseeders'

Professors John Latham and Stephen Salter have proposed a radical idea to help fight global climate change. The two have designed a fleet of yachts called "cloudseeders," (pictured) which would pump fine particles of sea water into clouds, thickening them to reflect more sunlight back into space. Their calculations show that a mere 3% increase in cloud reflectivity could be enough to balance global warming caused by higher CO2 levels. Read more and view video at BBC News.

Online Experiments

Rupert Sheldrake is exploring the 'extended mind'-- the idea that the mind extends beyond the brain and actually connects with images and beings that we perceive. Check out his Portal to Online Experiments, where you can test your own abilities concerning telepathy and the extended mind.

Sightings on the Rise

In the last few months there've been an increased number of UFO sightings around the globe. Things heated up when a sighting at Chicago's O'Hare Airport on Nov. 7th, 2006 (report/alleged photo) got picked up by mainstream media.Also in November, orange orbs were seen by traffic controllers in Liverpool and Essex and a triangular UFO was spotted in Venezuela. In January, unusual lights in Hawaii were taped, and an odd blue-green orb (pictured) was witnessed by many in Charlotte, N.C. There was also an an alleged UFO crash in South Africa, unusual illuminationswitnessed by an Air Force Colonel in Arkansasand an unidentified yellow ray in Iran. So far, February has brought us "dozens of mysterious lights" seen over Islington in the U.K. (photo/video), as well as a repeat performance of the "Phoenix Lights" phenomenon. And the month is only half-over! --L.L.

Holmes Material

Christopher Holmes sent us a set of illustrations to accompany his presentation. Click here to view.

Guercio's '67 Radio Show

Paul Guercio, pictured on the right, with George Hart, in a photo from the early 1990's, organized a unique live radio program in 1967 entitled A Look at Psychic Phenomena. Now, 40 years later, he is making the broadcast available. Learn more here.

The Blue Star

In Gordon-Michael Scallion's book Notes from the Cosmos, he shares his vision about the coming of a "Blue Star" which has appeared in the heavens at regular cycles. Unlike typical stars, this object is composed of "pure spiritual energy" or "light-beings," and serves as a sign— it arrived 12,000 years ago to warn of a great flood and the sinking of Atlantis, he details. When it returns, from a scientific point of view, it will seem to reach our system quite suddenly, and as its light permeates Earth, people's intuitive abilities will be enhanced. The Blue Star will eventually be visible during daylight, and cast a bluish tint on people's skin, he added.

Spotlight: George Knapp

Joining Colm Kelleher tonight is George Knapp, an Emmy Award-winning journalist whose groundbreaking investigation of the Area 51 military base was selected by UPI as Best Individual Achievement by a Reporter in 1989. Currently, he's the chief of KLAS-TV's I-Team, and in that capacity he's continued to report on unusual stories, such as the 'Skinwalker Ranch', Dan Burisch, Bob Lazar and other topics.

Quantum Computer

D-Wave Systems, Inc. is set to unveil their quantum computer at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., on Feb. 13. D-Wave's computer, which uses atoms and molecules to perform memory and processing tasks, is powered by a 16-qubit processor and can perform 64,000 calculations simultaneously. Read more at Core of D-Wave's quantum computer by Steve Jurvetson

Lake Erie UFO Video

Check out this video clip from David Sereda's new film, "From Here to Andromeda," due out April 15th. Sereda writes: "The video was shot by Michael Lee Hill, an amazing guitar player who recently won the Steve Vai open. Michael Hill videotaped UFOs over Lake Erie years before the Chicago O'Hare incident made the Great Lake sightings world famous! What amazes me about this footage is that there is no noise from jet aircraft, helicopters, etc., and a UFO comes so closely by to hover right on top of the other UFO and then flies back out the way it came in. No airplane could do this.Also, when the video camera switches to night shot mode, we can see the UFOs are not boats on the lake. They are hovering a good 50 - 100 feet above the water."

Mound Artifacts

Glenn Kimball sent us photos of curious artifacts found in North American mounds, many of which depict Egyptian themes & imagery. Click here to view the collection.

Another Chicago UFO Photo

Mark Allin of sent us a UFO photo they received from an anonymous source, taken in the Chicago area in August, 2006 near the La Salle Nuclear Power Plant. For larger images and analysis, go here.

Knights Templar & Crowley

Appearing in the middle 90 minutes, author Lon Milo DuQuette (book link) talked about the life of the occultist Aleister Crowley, as well as Freemasonry and the Knights Templar. Crowley (1875-1947) was ahead of his time, he noted, and may not have been viewed as controversial if he was born 50 years later. The Knights Templar, thought by many to be the forbearer to the Masons, conducted religious ceremonies that the Church of Rome may have considered to be "black magic" at the time, he said. DuQuette will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.

Midwest Fireballs

Fireballs were seen streaking all across the Midwest skies last night. It's thought that the objects were probably meteors (an AMS photo from the Orionids shower in 2006 is pictured), though no major meteor showers were expected in the area. Read more in this AP article.

'The Real Roswell'

Watch a short video clip from the National Geographic Channel's "The Real Roswell," a documentary that examines the alleged recovery and subsequent military cover-up of a crashed flying saucer found on a ranch outside Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

UFO Spotted in Arizona

On January 24, several residents of Leupp, Arizona reportedly watched a strange ship flying overhead for more than an hour. According to Sean Dover, the object had a circle around it, three or four lights and was triangular-shaped. "It was traveling too fast to be an airplane and not emitting any noises that a helicopter or plane would have made flying that high," he said. Sean also claims to have witnessed two jets intercept the object. Read more from The Winslow Mail. Artist Rendering: Sean Dover

Groundhogs & Global Warming

Tomorrow on Groundhog Day, Punxutawney Phil will be roused from his slumber to perform his yearly weather forecast. But because of global warming, some scientists believe that groundhogs and other creatures may begin to shorten their winter hibernation and awaken closer and closer to Groundhog Day. Read more at LiveScience.

Presence in the Window

Patti Star, business partner of Chip Coffey, sent us a photo of Chip and a possible "presence," along with a description of the incident. Click here to view.

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