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Planets w/Double Suns

Twin-star systems may be just as likely to have planets, as systems such as ours with only one sun, astronomers have recently learned. "There could be countless planets out there with two or more suns," said study leader David Trilling of the University of Arizona. For more, visit Reconstruction: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Hygiene Hypothesis

Dr. Larry Dossey is an advocate for what has become known as the 'Hygiene Hypothesis.' The theory argues that excessive cleanliness and a lack of exposure to various microorganisms can affect the developing immune system of children and make them more susceptible to autoimmune diseases such as asthma. For more, see HealthLink and Wikipedia.

Jonathan Gray Images

Jonathan Gray sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation, including the photo on the left, which he says shows a bullet hole in the side of ancient skull.

UFO Over Norway

A Norwegian language article from reports on a UFO that was recently spotted over Kristiansand, Norway (pictured). A big thanks to C2C fan Jeanne Rhodes-Moen, who sent in a translation of the original story. Click here to read the account.Photo: Kjetil Karlsen

Types of Demons

According to the 17th century field guide, Compendium Maleficarum, by Francesco Guazzo, there are six main families of demons:Fiery: These demons reside in the upper realms and won't cause problems until the 'Last Judgment' arrives.Aerial: While occasionally making themselves visible to humans, this brand of demon brings about turbulence in the atmosphere that leads to destructive hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms.Terrestrial: The most common type of demon, these tricksters typically live in forests and knolls, lying in wait for guileless passersby. They can also secretly live among people, befriending and then betraying them.Aqueous: These denizens of oceans and rivers can brew up storms at sea, and cause ships to sink and swimmers to drown. They sometimes appear as seductive forms such as sirens and mermaids. Subterranean: Dwelling in caves and caverns they create havoc for miners and others who come near their environs. Earthquakes, w

UFO Trace Cases

Ted Phillips has shared some of his documentation with us, related to his work in UFO trace cases. Click here to view.

The Gliding Lizard

150 million years ago, there was a small lizard that could glide through the air via a membrane stretched across its ribs, a new fossil find in China has shown. For images and further info, visit LiveScience.Image Credit: Zhao Chuang and Xing Lida

Zodiac Composite

Cab driver Paul Stine was murdered by the Zodiac on October 11, 1969, and witnesses were able to work with a police artist to create a composite of the killer's face. View two versions of the composite that were used for a San Francisco Police Dept. 'Wanted' poster.

Honey Bee CCD Map

To accompany her presentation, Linda Moulton Howe has provided this map of the U.S. states affected by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Some beekeepers have reported losing 60% to nearly 100% of their honey bee colonies, and to date no single explanation has been found for the widespread die-off. A consortium of researchers and government officials called the CCD Working Group is currently working on the problem. Click here for a larger map.Map courtesy of Bee Alert Technology, Inc.

Bigelow Photos

View photos of Art Bell's recent visit to Bigelow Aerospace: - Photos 1 - 4 - Photos 5 - 8 - Photos 9 - 13 - Photos 14 - 17 - Photos 18 - 21 - Photos 22 - 25(Pictured: Art with company founder, Robert Bigelow)

Manitoba Bigfoot Video

A new video of a possible Sasquatch creature has emerged. The footage was shot by Doug Thomas in Peguis Manitoba Canada on March 4, 2007. To see the video and further information, visit

3-Ft. of Nails

A Chinese man has grown the nails on one of his hands for the last 15 years straight. The total length of his nails is over three feet! Check out a larger photo and further details at Ananova.

Arizona UFO

Appearing during the first half-hour, Dr. Lynne Kitei spoke about the 10 year anniversary of the Phoenix Lights and shared a photo she took in 2000 of an unexplained object in the Phoenix skies. "The consensus is that it may very well be the side view of the massive craft that traversed the state 10 years ago," she said.

Art Bell Honored

Art Bell received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the trade publication Radio & Records in Los Angeles on Saturday March 10th. Check out photos from the historic event, in which Art, George and Ian were gathered together for the first time.

Daylight Saving Time

It's that time of year again, when we move our clocks forward and lose an hour's sleep. Daylight Saving Time begins three weeks earlier (Mar. 11) and will end one week later (Nov. 4) than normal starting this year. According to technology experts, many electronic devices, including personal computers, are not ready for this early shift. Visit MSNBC for an informative article and accompanying video report on how to ready your electronics for Sunday's time change.

Lost Trent UFO Photo?

On May 11th, 1950, the Trent family of McMinnville, Oregon claimed to have seen a UFO flying above their farm, and captured a couple of impressive (and now famous) photos of the strange object. According to The UFO Iconoclast(s), a "lost" photo (pictured) purportedly taken by the Trents of the same UFO has recently surfaced and is posted at their website.

New Study: States of Mind

Prof. Kevin Nelson and a research team at the Univ. of Kentucky have just announced the results of a survey, which draws connections between near-death experiences, out-of-body incidents and sleep paralysis. Some people's brains may actually be predisposed to these kinds of experiences, which seem to be associated with the brain's arousal system, they found. For more, view this press release.

Billy Meier Images

Michael Horn sent us a set of photos to accompany his presentation about Billy Meier. Pictured is a photo said to be taken by Meier from *inside* a UFO.

Alex Jones Transcript

Documentary filmmaker and radio host, Alex Jones (pictured), was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat for one hour last week. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.Nojbala Alex, in your Dec. 12 show on CTC, you said that the 1929 crash was orchestrated. Please elaborate and direct me to where I can find more info. Alex Jones Many books and documentaries have been made on the subject. The stock market did fall, the media hyped it, the Federal Reserve then reduced the money supply so it was impossible for people to pay off debts. Conspiracy DaveDo you only stay away from the topic of UFOs and ETs because you'll be attacked for it by enemies? :D Alex Jones I believe there are a lot of mysteries in our universe and on this planet - I choose to cover geopolitical and societal movements and events. That's a huge area to cover. tman1367 Do you feel we must call non-stop for our House Representatives for impeachment

Starchild Update

First hour guest, researcher Lloyd Pye spoke about a new type of DNA testing to be done on the Starchild skull at 454 Life Sciences in Connecticut, which could confirm that the child's father was "alien." For more, view three slides he sent us, including a comparison of the 'Communion' alien with the Starchild.Pye also announced that a special edition of his book, The Starchild Skull: Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?, is available for a limited time.

Pet Communications

Writer Beth Levine was skeptical about the services of animal communicators. But through her research she learned that many pet owners find the information conveyed by the communicators to be uncannily accurate. She was further surprised when tonight's guest,Amelia Kinkade took a look at a photo of Buddy (Levine's beagle-- pictured) and was able to tell her specific details, such as the dog was close to a woman named Carol or Courtney. Levine's mother Carol lived across the street, and she and the dog "adored" each other. For more, see the article Hello, Fluffy? Can You Hear Me? (PDF file).

Lunar Eclipse Photos

This combination of three photos shows the moon change color as it rose over Manhattan during a lunar eclipse on March 3, 2007. Lunar eclipses are fairly uncommon events, occurring when Earth passes between the sun and the moon. View more lunar eclipse photos at Reuters/Gary Hershorn

New Saturn Images

This photo taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows a never before seen view of the planet Saturn. Taken over the course of about 2.5 hours, the view is a mosaic of 36 images captured by Cassini as it scanned across the entire main ring system. View more stunning Saturn images at NASA/JPL

Subterranean 'Ocean'

Evidence for a vast water supply the size of the Arctic Ocean has been found in the deep interior of the Earth, underneath Asia. The findings, derived by seismological calculations, indicate that rocks slipping down into the Earth's mantle from the ocean floor in that area, actually contain up to 15% water. For more, visit LiveScience.

UFO-Related Images

Joe Montaldo has a large collection of UFO-related imagery on his site.We have reposted a few selections, such as the drawing of an alien.Click here to view.

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