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Lionel on Video

Check out this filmed performance of Lionel Fanthorpe reading a short piece called Redundant.

Mysterious 'Stone Eggs'

In China's Hunan Province, a large group of "stone eggs" were recently discovered at a construction site. Oval in shape, the eggs vary in size, some as big as a large table. Their origins are unknown, but geologists suspect that the stone eggs are rare, large concretions of carbonate rock. For more, visit the Epoch Times.

Severe Storm Hits US

A severe weather system plowed across the US Saturday, tearing roofs off houses in Texas, rattling the Southeast with strong thunderstorms, and creating perilous driving conditions blamed for five deaths. The system is expected to strengthen and form a nor'easter that could bring severe coastal flooding to the New York/New Jersey areas. Read more at MSNBC.

Cat Adopts Mouse

A mother cat, originally brought into a children's clothing store in China to catch mice, has surprised the staff by adopting a mouse into her family of newborns. Even after the mouse was taken out of the store, the protective cat brought it back in to play with her kittens. Read more at Ananova.

New 'Coast' Song

Coast to Coast Listen: Win | RealI have been a rabid fan of Coast to Coast since 1990. The day I joinedStreamlink was a very happy day for me.Recently I recorded a song about Art, George and the Coast to Coast show from a listener's perspective. The song is part of a CD recorded at my Studio, City Boy and will be released later this year. My Bio can be found at the two websites listed below. -- Smokin Joe Pilloud

The Evelyn Encounters

One of the UFO encounter cases that Craig Lang has investigated involved a woman named Evelyn from Wisconsin. For physical trace photos, and sketches of the encounters, click here.


Now you can send email voiced by a dummy, courtesy of a promo for the film Dead Silence. Check out this fan letter sent to George and create your ownmessages.

Bigfoot Photo

Todd Standing sent us this photo of a Bigfoot-type creature, which he says inhabits the "Sylvanic" region, an area in the North American Rocky Mountains. For video footage, visit Standing's media page.

Invisibility Cloak Near

Last year physicists worked out the complex math required to make objects invisible by bending light around them. Based on this work, engineers at Purdue University in Indiana have designed a device that could one day make objects as large as a plane disappear. A cone fitted with tiny metal needles would force light to pass around it, making anything inside the cone appear to vanish. "Ideally, if we make it real it would work exactly like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak," said lead researcher Vladimir Shalaev. Read more at

Tom Danheiser Chat Excerpts

Coast to Coast Associate Producer Tom Danheiser (pictured), was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat for one hour last week. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.DennisTom, did you really kill George's plant on purpose??? Tom Danheiser Hi Dennis---NO, I would never kill a living thing on purpose.George fanTom...are you still traveling with George on his book tours? Tom Danheiser Yes, when he signs books at an event, it usually means the show is done from an affiliate city, so yes.ThunderHi Tom -What do you enjoy most about your work, aside from the obvious kewl thing that you reach millions of listeners? Tom Danheiser Well Thunder, honestly I got into radio because I liked how it makes people happy and they bond with their different shows.MichelleHey Tom just wondering when you have a caller that you can't put on air due to alcohol or language do you let them know or are they

Ed & his Generator

In this photo (click for larger) Ed Leedskalnin demonstrates the electrical generator he invented with junkyard parts. It still sits today at Coral Castle. For more, see Joe Bullard's gallery, photos at, and images sent in by a listener.

Phoenix Lights & UFOs

Former Arizona governor Fife Symington, known for ridiculing the Phoenix Lights incident at a spoof press conference in 1997, appeared in the first half-hour to set the record straight. According to Symington, the fake press conference was held to provide some levity and "break the momentum of a lot of hysteria that was building about the issue." Symington now claims to have been witness to mysterious lights in the Phoenix sky some 10 years ago. He described seeing a "breathtakingly-large" v-shaped object with extremely bright lights on the leading edge. He said the craft was "very dark [and] absolutely quiet" as it moved across the desert sky. Symington believes there is no "terrestrial explanation" for what he saw that night.In the second half-hour, film producer James Fox discussed his feature-length documentary on the UFO phenomenon, Out of the Blue, which includes an interview with Fife Symington about the Phoenix Lights incident. Fox also talked about astronaut Go

New Pyramid Theory

According to French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, the mystery of how Egypt built the Great Pyramid has been solved--- they used a spiral ramp built from the inside to move the huge stones into place. Houdin recently presented his findings along with a 3-D computer model. For more, see this AP article.

Art Bell Nominated

Art Bell has been nominated for induction into the National Radio Hall Of Fame (NRHOF), housed at The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. Anyone wishing to vote for Art can join the NRHOF online at The voting deadline is August 1.

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