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TB Scare

Dr. Richard Clement appeared during the first hour to comment on the recent TB scare. Airplane travel increases the risk of being exposed to hard-to-treat forms of tuberculosis, he noted.

'ET' Photos

Paola Harris shares photographs/video stills of purported ETs and their craft, provided to her by contactee Maurizio Cavallo. Click here to view.


Pictured is a satellite imagetaken over Viet Nam in 1988. It is featured on the cover of the book An Enormous Crime.


Peter von Puttkamer's TV series Beyond Invention is running on the Science Channel in June and July. Click here for a schedule. Short clips from the series can also be viewed on YouTube.

Albert Taylor Chat Excerpts

Albert Taylor, an expert in out-of-body experiences (OBE), was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat for one hour on Wed. night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.BrothaRaI seem to experience a jolt back into body when I consciously acknowledge that I am experiencing an OBE. How do you get past that to continue? Albert Taylor The jolt, as you put it, is the second body, or astral body trying to dislodge itself from the physical one. You must focus on getting out and ignore all other thoughts that might be going through your head.iaoDo you use any protections rituals before you engage in OBE, Mr. Taylor? Albert Taylor In the beginning yes I did, but fear is the biggest obstacle you will ever have to overcome, plus, it is important to realize your own power when you venture beyond the body. Now, I do not have a need to protect myself in advance.djfroggyMr. Taylor what happens when you think you are g

Mentos Geyser Record

A new world record was set Thursday at Cincinnati's historic Fountain Square when hundreds of poncho-wearing participants dropped Mentos candies into two-liter bottles of diet Coke (pictured, video) and launched 504 soda pop geysers high into the air. Find more at, and watch the original Mentos geyser experiment at

Ghost Boy?

Leslie Rule shares a photo that may show the ghost of a small boy (lower right corner) who died with Donner Party. Click here for an enlargement and further details.

Weather as a Weapon?

Geoengineers have begun offering technological proposals to reduce global warming, such as injecting sulfur into the atmosphere to create a kind of large-scale shade. Yet, concerns have been raised as to how practical such plans are, and if they might be utilized instead for various military applications. For more, see this article from

New Craft Photos

New photos of the odd aerial craft have emerged. They were reportedly taken on May 16, 2007in Capitola, CA. Visit Earthfiles to view the images and a sighting account.

Jesse Marcel Jr. Interview

Tom Horn has just published a transcript of his discussion with Col. Jesse Marcel Jr. about the Roswell incident, which is now approaching its 60th anniversary. Read the Q & A here.

CO2 Saturated Ocean

According to scientists, Antarctica's Southern Ocean is loaded with carbon dioxide (CO2) and can barely absorb any more of the greenhouse gas. The Southern Ocean functions as a one of the planet's largest carbon sinks, soaking up excess CO2 from the atmosphere that would otherwise contribute to global warming. Researcher Corinne Le Quere called this finding "very alarming," as the Southern Ocean accounts for 15 percent of the global carbon sink. Read more at

Derbyshire Fairy

In March of this year, broke a shocking news story about a mummified fairy (pictured) supposedly found in Derbyshire, England by a local man walking his dog. UK artist and magician Dan Baines later admitted to creating the fairy corpse as an April Fool's Day prank. Nonetheless, many people still believe that it is real.

Virtual Worlds

Clifford Pickover has explored the idea of virtual universes. Pictured is a virtual cavern in which he modeled the dripping process from a synthetic cave ceiling. He has also spent time in Second Life, an online virtual universe. View images of Pickover and reporter Eureka Dejavu in this realm.

Dweller on the Threshold

Sometimes new out-of-body experiencers encounter an unpleasant manifestation known as the "Dweller on the Threshold," Robert Bruce writes in Astral Dynamics. The dweller can appear as a "shadowy, menacing humanoid shape" and may call a person by name, warning them to back off from their astral projection. Bruce advises ignoring these "dwellers" which may be illusory formations generated by "low-level astral wildlife" attracted by the emotion of fear.

Hakim Bey on Atlantis

In the second half-hour,historical scholar Brother Hakim Bey discussed his theories about Atlantis, an advanced civilization that he believes was wiped out around 1500 B.C. Their culture was connected by a series of pyramids/energy systems placed on ley lines running through such places as Egypt, Ethiopia and Central America, he said. Because of a poor phone connection, this interview, which had been planned for a full show, was cut short. You can view Hakim Bey's slideshow, Journal of the Moorish Paradigm, in two parts:

I-4 Dead Zone

Charlie Carlson has investigated a small stretch of Interstate 4 between Daytona Beach and Orlando where drivers have reported seeing strange phenomena. This photo of a ghostly figure seen in front of a demolished vehicle was purportedly taken on the 'I-4 Dead Zone.' Visit for an article, slide show and video.

Somerville's Essay

In Richard Somerville's essay Medical Metaphors for Climate Issues he writes "global warming is…a symptom of planetary ill health, like a fever," yet many are unwilling to accept the prognosis. Read the full essay here (PDF file).

Probing for Life on Mars

On August 3 NASA will launch a robotic probe on a mission to Mars. The Phoenix spacecraft (pictured), which is expected to reach the Red Planet in May 2008, will analyze soil and ice samples to determine if Mars was ever habitable. Read more at

'I ♥ Ian Punnett' Decal

Express your love for Ian and Coast to Coast with this 'I ♥ Ian Punnett' window sticker. George Noory and Art Bell decals also available from eBay seller Walker Graphics.

Hubble's Successor

NASA has unveiled a model of the telescope that is set to replace the Hubble. Due to be launched in June 2013, the James Webb Space Telescope will be larger than its predecessor, and able to see farther into the universe. For more, visit BBC News.

The Hottest Planet

The exoplanet known as HD 149026b is the hottest of all known worlds, with temperatures reaching 3,700 degrees Fahrenheit. It emits so much infrared heat that it glows. Located 279 light-years from Earth, the gas giant orbits very close to its sun. Hotter than some stars, it's "simply the most exotic, bizarre planet," said physics professor Joseph Harrington. For more, visit

Strange Craft Photos: Reactions

The strange craft photos on our site have generated a great deal of interest and a number of people have written in to share their thoughts and analysis. Read a sampling of what we received.

Planet X on C2C Site?

According to Nancy Lieder, unbeknownst to us, we've had a photo of Planet X posted on our website, sent in by one of our listeners. She writes of the object situated below the moon, it's "certainly not a lens flare. There's the dust cloud around the corpus. Is the size right? Moon/Venus photos aplenty to compare how big Venus is, to the Moon, but this guy looks about several sizes larger than Venus. Well, that's its size! 4XVenus or Earth size! It's Planet X!!!" Stuart, the person who took the photo posted on our site, responds: I do not know if it was a planet, I'm leaning toward it not being a planet. Reason: It was only in the sky for a few moments before it seemed to dissipate or fade from view. This "sight" of whatever this was could only been seen from about 15 to 20 seconds before it just melted away...or dissolved. My view or knowledge of planets does not lend itself to the opinion that this was a planet, it was too low in the atmosphere and appeared for too sho

'Where's my Jetpack?' Illustrations

Daniel Wilson sent us some illustrations from his bookWhere's My Jetpack? They were created by illustrator Richard Horne. Click here to view.

Greensburg Tornado

This photo (more at shows the devastation visited upon the small town of Greensburg, Kansas after a giant tornado all but wiped it off the map Friday night. At least nine people are confirmed dead. Get further details, including a video report, at Jaime Oppenheimer/The Wichita Eagle

NASA's Methane Engine

NASA contractors Alliant Techsystems and XCOR Aerospace are developing a rocket engine powered by liquid methane. Earlier this year the companies conducted a series of successful test firings of their 7,500 pound-thrust LOX/methane engine (pictured, video). Such technology could one day allow for the exploration of deep space, as methane can be found or made on many worlds throughout our solar system. Read more at Mike Massee/XCOR

Jupiter: New Photos

Stunning new images of Jupiter and its moons were recently released by NASA. The photos, which include a close look at the Earth-sized "Little Red Spot" (pictured) and a possible volcanic eruption on Io, were taken by the probe New Horizon. Click here for more.

ETs in our Midst?

Michael Salla sent us some examples of ETs who have allegedly lived amongst us, such as this image of a being from "Ummo." He has also written a study paper (html/PDF) about human-extraterrestrial interactions, documenting the testimonies of contactees and whistleblowers.

Spotlight on Cygnus

Cygnus was one of the first constellations recognized by ancient civilizations, and because of its shape-- a short tail and long neck, it became associated with the swan. Pictured is Johannes Hevelius' Cygnus from Uranographia (1690). For more on the constellation, view material from the Chandra X-ray Observatory, including the object known as Cygnus X-3, which Andrew Collins writes about.

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