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ESP Test

Check out this ESP Test from Stephen Wagner's Paranormal Phenomena on It asks viewers to prove their psychic ability by "guessing" what the hidden images are.

Earthfiles Reports

First hour guest, Linda Moulton Howe, reporter and editor for Earthfiles, shared two updates-- the first was on the disappearing honey bees. The loss of bees has been seen in 35 states as well as numerous countries, and current evidence suggests the problem may be due to specific pesticides damaging the bees' immune systems, she said. For more, see this article.Linda's second report dealt with a new witness of the strange aerial drone, coming forward-- a man who described seeing a craft similar to the recent sightings while camping in Arizona in 1995. His account can be read here.

Explanation of Strange Craft

Late on Monday night we received an email from a person going by the alias of "Isaac," presenting an explanation for the recent strange craft sightings, such as seen in the photos "Chad" sent us. Isaac writes that he worked in a program called "CARET" in the 1980s in Palo Alto, which conducted R & D based on extraterrestrial technology, and that many of the key elements of that program are clearly visible in the recent craft photos. For more, see Isaac's letter to us, his photos & documents and his personal website.

Mummy ID'ed as Queen

A 3,000-year-old mummy has been identified as Hatshepsut, animportant Egyptian queen, who ruled in the 15th Century BC. A preserved tooth engraved with her name matched exactly where the mummy had a missing tooth.For more on the find, visit BBC News or check out this video clip from NBC.

Entity Photos

We are featuring two images from Ann Druffel's book How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction. In 1978, Harrison Bailey took a Polaroid of an entity that allegedly materialized in his apartment.

The Dark Galaxy

Astronomers were puzzled whenthe Hubble Telescope didn't find the typical number of stars in a mysterious galaxy known as VIRGOHI21. Composed of an immense hydrogen cloud (outlined in red in photo), VIRGOHI21 is the first known example of a 'dark galaxy' in which stars were never formed. Read more at New Scientist.

'Mile Wide' UFO Spotted

British airline pilot, Ray Bowyer, spotted two "cigar-shaped brilliant white light[s]" in the sky (similar to the pictured image) while flying over the Channel Islands. Bowyer said the objects "could have been as much as a mile wide." The sightings were confirmed by passengers aboard Bowyer's plane, as well as an unnamed pilot with Blue Islands airline. Read more at

The Roswell Telegram

One of the topics covered in Jesse Marcel Jr.'s book The Roswell Legacy is the photo-analysis of the telegram that General Ramey is seen holding in the weather balloon "cover-up story" photo (pictured, telegram outlined in red). Photography expert David Rudiak enlarged the photo and was able to read the text in the telegram, which included phrases such as "victims of the wreck." For more, click here.

Tibetan Oracle

During the first half-hour, the Tibetan Oracle Kuten La appeared with an interpreter. One of the topics he addressed was reincarnation-- Buddhist tradition posits future and past lives, and an intermediate state known as the Bardo, he detailed.For a peek into the rituals surrounding the Tibetan Oracle, check out these two video clips posted on YouTube:The State Oracle of Tibet and Enigma- The Oracle.

Roswell Revelations

First hour guest, author, and publisher of UFO Magazine, William J. Birnes revealed Walter Haut's statements regarding the Roswell crash. The statements, in a signed affidavit, were released last year after his death. In July 1947, Haut said he was at a meeting at the Roswell base attended by Brig. Gen. Ramey where it was announced there was a second crash site, about 40 miles away from the one that had first been reported. Samples of the UFO wreckage were passed around, including a type of light metal paper and pieces that had odd markings on them. He said he was taken to Hangar 84 where he saw part of a craft, egg-shaped and 12-15 ft. in length, as well as two bodies lying under tarps, with heads sticking out that appeared larger than humans.

Ghost Caught on Video?

A surveillance camera outside a courthouse in downtown Santa Fe captured the 12-second movement of a strange spot of light on Friday. The footage has people wondering if what they are seeing is the ghost of a man killed at the courthouse over 20 years ago. Click here for more info and to see the video.

Happy Birthday Art!

Denise Elles-Slocum sent us a card in celebration of Art Bell's birthday today, June 17th. Click here to view in full.

Aerial "Drone" Witness

Linda Moulton Howe recently interviewed Robert Mariotti, D.D., a clinical hypnotherapist from Canoga Park, CA who claims to have seen an aerial "drone" similar to Chad's 'Strange Craft'. According to Mariotti, the object (pictured, illustration by Robert Mariotti) was "a brilliant, fluorescent apple green in the shape of a horseshoe crab." Read more at

Kentucky's Blue People

When Benjamin Stacy was born, doctors rushed him to a medical clinic in Lexington, Kentucky and performed a battery of tests to determine why he had dark blue skin. Very soon they concluded Benjamin's bluish tint was caused by a recessive gene that had been passed down to him by his great-great-great great grandparents, the Fugates of Troublesome Creek (pictured). According to medical experts, the 'blue Fugates' suffered from methemoglobinemia, a rare hereditary blood disorder that causes the blood to carry less oxygen, which in turn gives the skin a bluish appearance. Read more at Pravda.Ru.

'Encounter' Artwork

Jeremy Vaeni sent us three examples of artworks by David Huggins, which chronicle his lifetime of abduction experiences. Click here to view.

Tribute to Mr. Wizard

Don Herbert, TV's 'Mr. Wizard,' passed away on Tues. at the age of 89.As a tribute, we offer a free audio clip from his appearance on C2C in April, 2005.Listen: Win | Real

Ask Dr. Morgus

Have a wacky question that only Dr. Morgus could possibly answer? Email your question now and be sure to include your phone number. Youmay be selected to ask Dr. Morgus your question when he appears on Coastto Coast AM on Friday, June 29. Remember, the wackier the better!

Dog Births 'Kitten'

In a China's Huayang village, a dog has reportedly given birth to a kitten. Residents have flocked to see the animal which local vets believe to really be a puppy that has a gene mutation. For more, visit Ananova.


Traci of the Central Illinois Ghost Investigators shares this video of EVPs recorded during the group's on-going investigation of a Civil War-era hotel in Quincy, IL. The main floor of the hotel is now a bar, and the upper 3 floors are vacant. The owner of the building has had reports from workers who've seen several different ghosts: mostly those of a woman, a man, and a young boy.

Another 'Strange Craft' has posted three new UFO images (similar to Chad's 'Strange Craft') allegedly taken in the area around Big Basin Redwoods State Park, CA on June 5, 2007 by a photographer named Stephen. Get further details and larger photos here.

'Worker' Excerpt

Check out an excerpt from Chapter 9 of Worker in the Light, by George Noory and William J. Birnes. In this section, the authors examine how evil can come into our lives.

Patrick Conway Material

AuthorPatrick Conway, pictureddoing research on the ancient Inca civilization in Peru, sent us images and commentary to accompany his presentation.

Impact from the Deep

In his October 2006 Scientific American article, Impact from the Deep, Peter Ward argues that our planet's ancient mass extinctions were caused, not by asteroid impacts, but by hydrogen sulphide eruptions from the sea due to global warming. According to Ward, we may be at the doorstep of yet another extinction -- this time our own. Read more at

Ancient City Discovered by Satellite

Satellite photography has revealed an ancient Egyptian city about 200 miles south of Cairo. Captured from space, the 'Quickbird' high resolution imagery shows a buried wall and helps archaeologists distinguish between ancient remains and the modern landscape. For more, visit LiveScience.

Happy Birthday George

Denise Elles-Slocum shares her birthday greeting for George (view larger). The cake's shape is modeled after the saucer in The Day The Earth Stood Still, she writes. Click here to see a birthday card from the NightHawkZone.

Nick Pope: Q & A

Nick Pope, pictured, was recently interviewed by Tom Horn. Pope talked about his years working for Britain's Ministry of Defence, such noteworthy UFO cases as Rendlesham, as well as the alien abduction and crop circle mysteries.Read the discussion posted on American Chronicle.

Child Android Debuts

Researchers at the Japan Science and Technology Agency unveiled a child-sized android Friday. The 1.3-meter-tall humanoid robot, called CB2 (Child-Robot with Biometric Body), runs on compressed air and is capable of reacting to its surroundings by blinking and making facial expressions. The robot can also stand up with assistance (pictured). Read more at I4U News; Video available at Tokyo Times.

Nessie Video Update

Bill Appleton, Chief Technology Officer of DreamFactory Software, Inc. in Mountain View, CA, has created two video stabilizations of monster-hunter Gordon Holmes' recently captured Loch Ness video footage (see BBC News video report). View the stabilizations at Cryptomundo.

New Loch Ness Video

Gordon Holmes captured video of what could be the elusive Loch Ness Monster this past weekend. View the footage and further details here. You can also check out this video clip of Holmes describing the 45-ft.-long creature to BBC News.Appearing briefly towards the start of the show,author Steve Alten discussed the new footage and his theory that the creature could be a giant eel.

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