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Brooks Agnew Photos

Brooks Agnew has provided a set of photos to accompany his hollow Earth discussion with George. View them here.

I am the Very Model of a Singularitarian

Charlie Kam has written and recorded a lyrical riff on Ray Kurzweil's Singularity ideas, sung to the tune of Gilbert & Sullivan's I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major General, from the opera, "The Pirates of Penzance." View it on YouTube.

Art Bell Remix Movie

During the first week in Feb. 2001, Art Bell ran his web-cam taking a new shot about once per minute... I was watching these, and it occurred to me that they might almost animate - so after saving up quite a few, I cobbled them into a quicktime movie and added a soundtrack... While the various days are mixed up - the order within each day’s set are mostly in sequence (except for a few places where I moved shots around to enhance the animated effect)... The soundtrack is: “Ten Thousand Years Ago” by the Vipers, a British Skiffle group from the 50s... I’m a graphic artist/cartoonist ( and part time Computer Graphics Instructor - outside of using this movie as an example in some of my classes (of cheap and quick animation) I’ve not shown it elsewhere. Guess that’s about it - Thanx for a Fun Show - and I’m really gonna miss Art!! --Joshua Quagmire

Phoenix Dust Storm

A huge cloud of dust rolled over the Phoenix area on Monday, reducing visibility to near zero and darkening the city. For more on the storm, check out an article andvideo clip posted at KNBC.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Archbishop James Long has investigated hauntings and ghosts at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, it opened in the early 1900s as a treatment facility for tuberculosis patients. A massive gothic-style sanatorium replaced the original hospital in 1926, and it's this building that has been ranked as the "10th Most Haunted Place in the World" and voted the "2nd Scariest Place in America." For more, see the Waverly Hills Historical Society,, and a listener-submitted 'ghost photo.'

Tallest & Shortest Meet

The world's tallest man, Bao Xishun (7.9ft), shakes hands with He Pingping (2.4ft), the Earth's shortest. More at the Daily Mail.

Tallest Man Weds

The world's tallest man, 7ft 9in Bao Xishun married a 5ft. 6in. woman in a traditional Mongolian ceremony on Thursday. For coverage of the event, see the Shanghai Daily and the Telegraph.

Crystal Skull Images

Pictured (click on image for larger) is Max, the crystal skull owned by JoAnn Parks. For a look at other crystal skulls, check out this page presented by World Mysteries.

Lawn Chair Flight

Kent Couch took to the skies in his lawn chair, made airborne by 105 attached balloons. Armed with a GPS device and other equipment, he reached heights of 13,000 feet and traveled a total of 193 miles across Oregon. Click here for a video clip and more info.

Roswell Coverage

The Roswell UFO Festival, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, wrapped up today. Check out photos published on the Roswell Record (such as the pictured image by Mark Wilson) as well as reports from Newsweek and the Washington Post.We have also made available two photos from

Vision of 'Buddha'

In Northern China, a human-shaped shadow appeared in the middle of a rainbow for over an hour on July 1st. Many tourists believe that the vision represented the Buddha. For a larger image, visit China Daily.

New Seven Wonders

Around 100 million votes helped pick the new seven wonders of the world, which were revealed Saturday during a star-studded event. The Great Wall of China, Jordan's Petra, and Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue (pictured) were chosen, as well as Machu Picchu in Peru, Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid, the Colosseum in Rome and India's Taj Mahal. Read more and view photos at Renzo Gostoli/AP

Haut 'Deathbed' Affidavit

Read the 2002 sealed "deathbed" affidavit of Lt. Walter Haut, who was the Roswell AAF Base public information officer during the July 1947 Roswell incident.

The Sponge Moon

New findings are being reported about one of Saturn's moons-- Hyperion. The odd non-spherical moon is pockmarked with deep craters, giving it a sponge-like appearance. Its craters are thought to be preserved by the moon's porous surface, which also contains a "dark red gunk." For more, visit

Pink Dolphin Photographed

A rare pink dolphin was recently photographed by a charter-boat captain in Calcasieu Lake, south of Lake Charles, LA. It's thought that the dolphin may be an albino. For more, visit Fox News and Capt. Erik Rue's website.Photo by Capt. Erik Rue, Calcasieu Charter Service

2012: In Depth Article

Sunday's New York Times Magazine featured a lengthy piece titled The Final Days. Writer Benjamin Anastas looks at the science, history and culture surrounding the Mayan calendar end date in 2012, through his interviews with such people as George Noory, John Major Jenkins, and Jose Arguelles.

Flying Humanoids Video

Check out this video clip from the TV news show Primer Impacto. It shows the strange footage of "flying humanoids" seen in the skies of a remote town in Mexico. Some have labeled the flying object as a "witch," others see an ET.

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