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Sonic Boom Photo

Astronomy Picture of the Day is featuring a photo of a sonic boom. Ensign John Gay of the USS Constellation caught the image of an F/A-18 Hornet just as it broke the sound barrier. Click here to view larger.

Genome Transplant

Scientists Carole Lartigue and colleagues from the J. Craig Venter Institute in Rockville, Maryland have transformed one species of bacteria into another species by swapping its genome. Their findings, published in a recent issue of Science, show that it is possible to insert a complete set of DNA into a recipient organism and have that organism express the foreign DNA. The researchers hope this achievement will one day enable them to develop custom-built synthetic life forms. More at Colony of M. Capricolum, the recipient bacteria, in one of the experiments. Credit: Lartigue, et al.

'Wow' Signal turns 30

It was this week 30 years ago that Ohio State's Big Ear radiotelescope captured a very strong, anomalous signal as it scanned the cosmos. Whatever it was, it so surprised astronomer Jerry Ehman that he wrote "Wow!" on the data printout. Many wonder if this was our first encounter with intelligent extraterrestrial life. More at MSNBC.

Faster than the Speed of Light?

Two German physicists recently announced they were able to exceed the light-speed barrier during an experiment. That is supposed to be impossible, according to Einstein's special theory of relativity. But by employing a phenomenon known as "quantum tunneling," they demonstrated how photons could travel a longer distance, yet arrive at the same time as photons that took a shorter route. For more, see this article on ZD Net.

New Space Station

Bigelow Aerospace recently announced they're accelerating their spacedevelopment plans. Their Sundancer module, a space station capable of housing three crew members, could be ready to launch before 2010. Read more in Alan Boyle's Cosmic Log.

John Stanley Photos

John Stanley, pictured here with Leonard Nimoy, sent us a set of photos to accompany his appearance.Click here to view.

Video: Marble Ruins

Seven miles north of Bimini, Greg Little's team investigated underwater stone ruins which turned out to be ornate slabs of white marble. View: Clip 1:Win | Real Clip 2: Win | RealFor more on the find, visit this page.

A Visit to Enterprise

George Noory recently paid a visit to the set of Star Trek Enterprise to watch a taping of one of their final season episodes. Enterprise has had a great run, star Scott Bakula told him. He and George also reminisced about both having lived in the St. Louis area. Scott is checking his schedule to see when he can appear on C2C as a guest.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Plan to check out the night sky where you live on Sunday, August 12th between 9:00 and 10:00 pm (local time) for the annual Perseid meteor shower. Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office estimates that stargazers will see one or two Perseids per minute at the shower's peak. More info available at NASA.govPhoto: Pierre Martin

The Creature of Sugar Flat Road

Sterling Buster, owner of Cuz's Antique Center, appeared briefly at the start of the show to talk about an unusual head (pictured) that he has on display at his store in Lebanon, Tennessee. According to Buster, the previous owner ran over the unidentified man-creature with his car on Sugar Flat Road in 1989, then severed its head with a shovel and buried the rest of the body. The entire legend can be found here.

Elvis & the Aliens

In Michael Luckman's book Alien Rock, he writes about contacts Elvis Presley reportedly had when he was a young boy with beings from a world in the Orion constellation.

John Zaffis Images

John Zaffis sent us some photos to accompany his presentation with Andrew Calder (the two are pictured, with Zaffis on the right).

Time Travel Models

Prof. Ron Mallett's quest to build a time machine was recently profiled on the BBC News Magazine. To the left is a graphic (click here to view in full) that demonstrates the basic principles behind his time travel theory. Also receiving attention is Prof. Amos Ori's model of a time machine. In his equations, "time would be able to curve back on itself," Roger Highfield writes in an article for the Telegraph.

NDE Sounds

In Raymond Moody's classic book Life After Life he explores the similarity of experience among those who have returned from near-death. During the early stages of the experience, many people report unusual auditory sensations (often concurrent with the appearance of a dark tunnel). One man described "a really bad buzzing noise coming from inside my head," while a woman heard "a loud ringing." Others have reported more pleasant sounds-- such as the tingling of bells, and a majestic kind of music.

Hoagland Update

In the second half of the show, Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission offered commentary on Tesla, as well as NASA's recently launched Phoenix Mars Lander Mission and other space-related topics. He'll be presenting a symposium at the upcoming Wisdom Festival in San Francisco, Sept. 15-16, 2007.


Doug Yurchey writes:These 13 special locations forming a grid could be the purpose for the humanrace or the reason we humans were first seeded on this planet! This wasAtlantis, 13 colonies or powerhouses, one main transceiver in the AtlanticOcean and 12 sub-stations. After the collapse, each Cradle of Civilizationbecame isolated and developed independently. Over time the stations wererebuilt, but each age was not as great as the previous age. Eachtransceiver was itself the center of a grid system where the planetary EMenergy was received, broadcasted to the sub-sub stations in the same way asour main power lines step down electrical energy to smaller power stations.Tesla is the answer! The ancient sites essentially functioned as Teslatowers. Read 'Atlantis Power Grid' at

William Henry Images

William Henry sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation tonight. Click here to view.

Moller's Flying Saucer

In the first hour, transportation entrepreneur, Paul Moller, talked about his latest flying vehicle, the M200X Volantor (PDF brochure). The two-passenger, saucer-shaped craft, inspired by The Jetsons, is powered by eight of the company's Rotapower engines. The vehicle is designed to take off and land vertically, travel at ten feet in the air (in ground effect), and glide over virtually any terrain at 75 to 100mph. Moller expects the price to be around $100,000 if he gets enough orders for it. Get more details and watch video footage of the M200X in flight at

Friedman vs. Shermer

Frank Warren shares a graphic he created for tonight's debate between venerable UFO researcher Stanton Friedman and skeptical columnist Michael Shermer. Dubbing it "the 'Thrilla' On C2C," Warren previews the match on his blog, and also comments on the pair's earlier skirmish on Larry King Live.

'Last Supper' Hidden Images?

A new theory proposes that Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper contains a hidden image of a woman holding a child. The figures purportedly appear when the original painting is superimposed with its mirror image (pictured: the 'woman' leans across the group in Christ's direction). For more on the theory, check out this article in the Telegraph UK.

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