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Man Pulls Car with Nose

Stunt performer, Wang Chuntai, amazed onlookers in Haikou City, China by pulling a car with four people inside more than 30 feet using a rope attached to hooks in his nostrils. More at Ananova.

Kachuba Photos

John Kachuba sent us several photos to accompany his presentation, including this image of his 'Ghosthuntermobile.' Click here to view.

The Parasitic Star

Near the Milky Way galactic center, a pulsar (a dead spinning star) has been feeding on a smaller companion star, whittling it down to a planet-sized object. For more on this curious celestial phenomenon, check out Depiction: Aurore Simonnet - Sonoma State University

'Tribute in Light'

Tonight, two beams of blue light are illuminating the sky above Ground Zero. The annual "Tribute in Light," signifies the area where the Twin Towers once stood, and honors the attack victims. For more on the tribute, see NY1 News.

Dames: Map of Fossett's Location

Major Ed Dames of the Matrix Intelligence Agency supplied us with the map that he sent to the searchers for adventurer Steve Fossett.Click here to view, along with a statement from Dames.

Intuition Exercises

In an article for The Seeker's Circle, Karyn Greenstreet offers a number of solo exercises for developing one's intuition. Altering one's daily routine can open a door to new feelings, and guessing what items will be in your mailbox could put you in touch with your inner voice, she writes. For more, click here.

Map Reveals Nuclear Sub Secrets

In July of this year, Dan Twohig, a deck officer with the Washington state ferry service, stumbled upon an aerial image of a dry-docked U.S. nuclear submarine showing its top secret seven-bladed propeller design. The image appears on Microsoft's Virtual Earth, a mapping service similar to Google Maps. Get further details at

Alien Implant Removal Surgery

During the first hour, Dr. Roger Leir discussed his 13th implant removal surgery. His patient 'Steve' also appeared on the program. According to Leir, the implant located in Steve's knee gave off a strong magnetic field and a radio frequency at 105.718894 MHz. Steve said he thought the implant was used for mind control purposes. Leir estimated as many as 15% of the population may have been abducted by aliens. He also shared several signs that could indicate a person has been abducted. View photos from Steve's implant removal surgery. (Caution: Graphic Images)

New Great Pyramid?

A plan has been put forth to build the world's largest structure in Dessau, Germany-- a new Great Pyramid that would be ten times larger than the one in Egypt. Estimated to take 30 years to construct, the huge building would serve as a communal tomb, open to all, regardless of denomination or nationality. For more on the project, visit CNET News.Image Credit: Friends of the Great Pyramid

No Pain Ray in Iraq

In Iraq, use of the non-lethal weapon known as the Active Denial System has been 'denied' by the Pentagon, even though US military commanders have repeatedly requested its deployment. The System-- a mounted ray-gun that shoots a pain-causing invisible beam, can be used to disperse angry crowds or mobs, without bullets. The Pentagon is concerned that the public would view this weapon as a kind of torture device. For recent articles on this topic, see The Scotsman and Danger Room.

The Phantom Car

In the August issue of FATE Magazine, Brad Steiger recounts several cases of Ghosts and Phantoms on the Highways. One incident took place outside of Albany, NY in 1991-- a man named Max was rushing to return home to finish some work. Along the highway, he became stuck behind a slow moving vehicle-- what he guessed to be a 1941 Chevrolet sedan. Upon blasting his horn at the car, the sedan's driver turned to look at him with an expression of shock. Then, right in front of Max and his family, the old car began to disappear. "It was as if there were some old photograph dissolving bit by bit before us, just fading away until there was nothing left to prove it had ever been there," Max said.

'Lucky' Images

A new adaptive optics system developed by astronomers is offering some of the clearest photos of space ever seen.The system, known as "Lucky," is able to determine when atmospheric distortion starts and stops, as it gathers its images. Pictured above is the Cat's Eye Nebula as imaged conventionally by the Palomar telescope (l) and with the Lucky Camera (r). For more, visit BBC News.

Two Planes Collide

Two pilots were killed when their planes slammed into each other during an aerobatic maneuver at an air show in Poland. View the tragic video at

'King Tooth' Pulls Train

A Malaysian man known as "King Tooth" (pictured) has set a new world record by pulling a seven-coach 327 ton train over 9 feet using only a steel rope clenched in his mouth. More at Ananova.

Space Tourist

Russia's Space Agency said Friday that a prominent Russian businessman-turned-politician is training to fly to space as a tourist in 2009. Click here for more.

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