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Most Haunted Hotels

Tauk World Discovery, one of the oldest tour operators, was recently asked to name some of the world's most haunted hotels. Among their picks: Boston's Omni Parker House in which guests have noticed an unaccountable smell of whiskey and cigars in Room 303, Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, where a man sitting on a windowsill suddenly vanished, and Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in the Canadian Rockies, in which a helpful bellman departs "almost into thin air." Click here for more.

Worker Sequel

George Noory and William Birnes are looking for personal accounts of spiritual awakenings and intuitive experiences to be published in their sequel to Worker in the Light (which recently came out in a paperback edition), to be called WORKERS IN THE LIGHT. Click here for more info.

Future Progression

The late Dr. Helen Wambach pioneered "future-progression" studies with large groups of people beginning in 1980. What she found, as documented in the book Mass Dreams of the Future by Chet Snow, disturbed her. The majority of subjects who were hypnotically progressed to the early 21st Century, reported being in a "floating" state which she recognized as indicating they were between lives. Because many of the people should have still been alive in this time frame, Wambach concluded a large scale catastrophe(s) may have wiped out a significant portion of the population. Things were looking up by 2300 A.D. and beyond, where a higher percentage of subjects reported being alive (i.e. in a future life). Snow characterized this era as "The Outward Wave," where people found themselves living in a synthetic space environment, a greatly changed Earth, or on another planet all together. One subject reported: "I was alone, looking at a very cold, tall and metallic-type city which you could

UFO on the Moon?

Posted on Google Video is footage of a round black object moving across the surface of the moon. According to the poster, Italian astronomers are said to have spotted and tracked the UFO. Explanations have included space junk, satellite, alien vehicle and hoax.

What is Reality?

In his fascinating 1997 article, Reality is a Shared Hallucination, Howard Bloom examines how our perceptions of reality are formed, not by tangible facts, but by what other people believe to be true. Read the full article from the German publication Telepolis.

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