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Exorcism Squads?

The Daily Mail is reporting that Pope Benedict has ordered his bishops to set up special exorcism squads to deal with growing worldwide interest in Satanism. The plan was revealed to the online Catholic news service Petrus by Vatican "exorcistinchief" Father Gabriele Amorth. The Vatican quickly denied the report on Friday, according to UPI. "Pope Benedict XVI has no intention of ordering local bishops to bring in garrisons of exorcists to fight demonic possession," Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told reporters.

Knights of the Golden Circle & Conspiracy

First hour guest, author Warren Getler spoke about the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) and the conspiracy to kill Lincoln. The new film, National Treasure: Book of Secrets (for which Getler served as historical consultant) deals with this grand conspiracy. The secretive KGC, composed of Confederates and Masons, were said to bury gold and financially support Lincoln's assassination. Getler shared an 1865 political engraving from the magazine Harper's Weekly with us. The image links Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth to the KGC.

Clinton & Rockefeller

Grant Cameron shares a photo (click for larger) obtained from a FOIA request. It shows Hillary Clinton meeting with Laurance Rockefeller at his ranch in Jackson, WY in 1995. The philanthropist, who died in 2004, was known for his interest in UFOs in his later years.

Top Paranormal Events

"2007 was jam-packed with extraordinary, unusual, mysterious, and sometimes unexplained events," writes Stephen Wagner in the introduction to his recap of the Top Paranormal Events of the year. View the list at

Martian Asteroid

Appearing briefly at the start of the show, Richard C. Hoagland commented on the possible Martian asteroid hit. He suggested that the collision would take place on Jan. 31st rather than an earlier date.

Chocolate Fuels Truck

This Sunday, two British men will finally be rolling to the end of a chocolate-fueled road trip across the Sahara. Using an alternative fuel derived from 3 tons of discarded chocolate, Andy Pag and John Grimshaw embarked last month on a 4,473-mile journey from Poole, England to Timbuktu, Mali. According to Chris Elvey, codirector of the company that developed the technology used in their vehicle (pictured), "Chocolate is ideal for making biodiesel." Read more at

Mars: Active Glacier?

For the first time, an active glacier may have been found on Mars. Spotted by ESA's Mars Express, the icy area could be an ideal location to search for evidence of life on the Red Planet. More at BBC News.

The Calleman Matrix

As part of her presentation, Barbara Hand Clow has provided us with the Calleman Matrix, a chart that illustrates various periods in the Mayan Calendar.

Tunguska: New Explanation

A new computer simulation has shown that the forest devastation at Tunguska in 1908 (pictured) may have been caused by an asteroid much smaller than previously thought. Since smaller asteroids approach Earth with more frequency than bigger ones, "We should be making more efforts at detecting the smaller ones than we have till now," said Sandia investigator Mark Boslough. More at Science Daily.

'Near-Death' Illustrations

We received several images that are featured in P.M.H. Atwater's Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, such as this detail from a Hieronymus Bosch painting. Click here to view.

Nessie Revisited

The search for the Loch Ness Monster has resulted in several strange images over the years. Each picture has its own intriguing tale of origin and impact. Tetrapod Zoology looks at the legacy of famous Nessie pictures.

Hello From Earth ?

Rogue scientists sending messages into space have sparked a debate within the SETI community. Conventional searchers for ET signals contend that it's safer to listen while others think it is time to tell "them" that we are here. Learn more from this Seed Magazine article penned by former C2C guest David Grinspoon.

San Luis Valley UFO

Christopher O'Brien provided this photo of a strange craft flying sideways over the San Luis Valley on August 20, 2007 (click for larger image). O'Brien has ruled out several common explanations for the odd aerial phenomenon. "It is not the ISS... I don't think it is a balloon or anything conventional," he explained.

Geminids Tonight

The annual Geminid meteor shower peaks tonight. Best viewing times are after 10pm local time, when the constellation Gemini (where the meteors originate) rises higher in the Eastern sky. Click here for viewing tips.

Glowing Cat Cloned

Scientists in Korea have advanced beyond merely cloning animals. They are now adjusting genetics prior to birth, such as in the case of these cats that were modified to glow red under ultraviolet light. More from Korea Times.

Odd Martian Terrain

New images of the Martian South Pole reveal a complex landscape resembling "lace" and "lizard skin." Based on the imaging, scientists theorize that seasonal cycles see warm gasses carve through ice to form the terrain. For more info, visit

Meet the Jerboa

The first ever film of the long eared jerboa was made on a recent wildlife expedition to the Gobi Desert. In the alien looking video footage, the nocturnal animal can be seen hopping along the desert floor, its tiny body overshadowed by two massive ears. More at BBC News.

Mothman Figurine

Loren Coleman sent us this photo blowup of a two inch high Japanese figurine of Mothman. Also, in a recent blog, Coleman writes about a new Yeti-themed attraction at Disney World in Florida, for which he served as a consultant.

Sunspot Sunset

Peter Heinzen recently photographed Sunspot 978 just as the sun was setting behind trees in the Swiss Alps. Visit for a larger photo and more on this sunspot, which is now six times wider than Earth.

Reindeer Cloud

Photographer Alan Blacklock shot a cloud formation over Wellington, New Zealand that looks remarkably like one of Santa's reindeers. View a larger image here.

Saturn's 'Flying Saucers' Explained

Scientists have been baffled by the mysterious flying saucer shaped moons surrounding Saturn. New findings suggest the bizarre moons were formed mostly from clumps of icy particles in the planet's rings. According to Space Science Institute's Carolyn Porco and her colleagues, the location of the moons' ridges line up precisely with Saturn's ring system (pictured). Further details and video available at MSNBC.

Frank's Box Demonstration

Appearing in studio during the first hour, author Rosemary Ellen Guiley presented an update on 'Frank's Box', a device that purportedly offers 2-way communication with spirits or the deceased.

Psychic Round-Up

In an online round-up of the latest on psychics, Forbes takes a look at 'Wall Street's Psychic Advisor', Mary T. Browne, who is said to be particularly adept at helping clients think more clearly. Meanwhile, the Wall St. Journal offers a review of a new book called The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations. It's written by Stephen E. Braude, a philosophy professor, who points out charlatans but believes humans sometimes do have paranormal abilities. And lastly, who could forget Sonya Fitzpatrick, formerly the 'Pet Psychic' on the Animal Planet channel? According to a profile in the San Jose Mercury News, she is now hosting a radio show on Sirius called "Animal Intuition."

1507 Map Names America

In the first half-hour, archeologist Gunnar Thompson discussed a 500-year old map (pictured), made by a German cartographer, that was first to use the name "America." The map accurately depicts South America and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans-- yet Thompson noted that the Chinese made a similar map nearly a century earlier. The Chinese had access to telescopes, kites, rockets and flares for use in their mapmaking, he reported.

Dinosaur 'Mummy' Found

The discovery of a rare mummified dinosaur was announced on Monday-- a 67-million year old hadrosaur from North Dakota. Its skin tissue (with visible scales), muscles, and tendons have all been preserved in stone. For more, visit BBC News.

Ian Punnett Transcript

Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM, Ian Punnett was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.PolliwogIan, what is the most interesting thing you have learned from the people you have interviewed on Coast to Coast?Ian Punnett Never trust your first impression.StorymanIan, have you ever had a guest that you felt was holding back? Were you able to break through the crust and expose them?Ian Punnett You know, that's a tricky dance, really. I'm not sure that C2C functions best when it's an "expose" (with a French accent) kind of a show. That having been said, I think a recent ghost show was pretty self-revealing and didn't need much of my help.GrayManWhat has been your most significant viewpoint change since your time on C2CAM?Ian Punnett Contrary to popular opinion, perhaps, I remain very open to good questions and sincere pursuits of a

Yeti Footprint Found?

Producers of the television show "Destination Truth" discovered a curious footprint while shooting in Nepal's Khumbu region (where Mount Everest is located). The print measures about one foot long and is similar in appearance to those shown in drawings of the legendary mountain Yeti. "It is very, very similar," said archaeologist and show host Josh Gates (pictured with print cast). "I don't believe it to be a bear. It is something of a mystery for us." Read more at

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