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Pikesville Mystery Solved

An ongoing mystery in Pikesville, MD in which deafening explosions and blinding lights have disturbed neighbors in the middle of the night for months has finally been solved. Baltimore County Police arrested a Pikesville man who was apparently using illegal fireworks to terrorize his neighbors. For more, see this report from

Consolmagno Photos

Brother Guy Consolmagno is pictured holding a meteorite, at Castel Gandolfo, in a 2007 photo by Annette Schreye. To view a larger version and see additional images, click here.

Tesla's Free Energy Car

Did Nikola Tesla run a car on free energy in 1931? A story featured on EV World describes how Tesla supposedly installed a box containing vacuum tubes in the front seat of a new Pierce-Arrow touring car. Using this power system, he was alleged to having driven the car for a week "at speeds up to 90mph." More here.

Accidental Art

Dubbed "nano art," extreme close-ups taken during scientific research can result in some breathtaking images. You can peruse a gallery of these fortuitous designs at Wired.

Padre Pio on Display

Nearly forty years after his death, the body of Padre Pio has been exhumed and put on public display in Italy. The controversial disinterment is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of pilgrims paying respect to the enormously popular saint. More on the story here.

When Galaxies Collide

A set of high-resolution images from Hubble featuring galaxies colliding was just released by NASA to mark the space telescope's 18th birthday. Check out a gallery of photos here. Appearing briefly at the start of the show, astronomer Phil Plait commented on the new Hubble photos. For more, see his blog entry.

Pickover Images

Dr. Cliff Pickover sent us images from his book Archimedes to Hawking, relating to scientific creativity and discovery. Click here to view.

Imbrogno Image

Philip Imbrogno set us a photo of a UFO spotted near Fairfield, CT in 1986.

New Phoenix Lights

Appearing briefly during the last hour, Christopher Sign, a reporter with ABC15 in Phoenix, discussed a breaking story that is reminiscent of the 'Phoenix Lights' case which took place in 1997. A set of lights were seen in North Phoenix on Monday night around 8pm. Video can be viewed at, and photos have been posted at 12 News.

X-Conf. Report

This past weekend the X-Conference took place in suburban Washington, D.C. George Noory, who was in attendance for a meet & greet, said it was "a vital conference to educate and inform the public of the possible worldwide effort to hide the true meaning of UFOs." Steve Bassett, the conference producer, told the crowd, "there is no more important research going on in the world." For more, see this report from the Chicago Tribune's Washington Bureau blog, The Swamp.

Polygamist Sect Video

This video clip from ABC News features 'behind closed doors' documentary footage of life inside a polygamist sect in Colorado City, Arizona.

Soyuz lands off-target

A Russian Soyuz capsule returned to Earth Saturday, but missed its planned landing point by 260 miles. The crew -- Yi So-yeon (South Korea's first astronaut), Yuri Malenchenko (Russia) and Peggy Whitson (America) -- are safe, but were subjected to severe G-forces during a steeper than normal 'ballistic re-entry,' a spokesman for mission control said. More info and video report available at BBC News.

Crystal Skulls

In a new Archaeology article, Smithsonian anthropologist Jane MacLaren Walsh shares her quest to uncover the origins of crystal skulls. Crystal skulls first surfaced in museums during the second half of the 19th century and were attributed to various "ancient Mesoamerican" cultures. Walsh's own adventure began sixteen years ago, when she was called in to examine a hollow rock-crystal skull (pictured) sent to the museum anonymously. An accompanying letter suggested it the 30-pound, 10-inch-high artifact was of Aztec origin. "Although nearly all of the crystal skulls have at times been identified as Aztec, Toltec, Mixtec, or occasionally Maya, they do not reflect the artistic or stylistic characteristics of any of these cultures," Walsh writes. What else did Walsh discover about the crystal skulls? Where did they come from, and why were they made? Find our more at

'Nye Incidents' Excerpt

Check out this 4-panel excerpt from the forthcoming graphic novel, The Nye Incidents, by Whitley Strieber, Craig Spector and Guss Floor, in which an investigator from the Nye County Coroner's Office looks into the mysterious mutilation of a woman.

Dawn of the Earth

The Japanese space agency JAXA has released breathtaking new footage of a full Earthrise, filmed by the Kaguya moon orbiter. Capturing the footage required a near perfect alignment of the sun, moon, Earth, and orbiter. has more on this unique footage, which you can watch here.

Fleeting Jesus Image

Appearing for just a few hours before vanishing, this startling image of Jesus emerged on a prayer garden window at a hospital in Florida. Some onlookers wept at the sight and others saw the apparition as a sign of hope for their ill loved ones. More on the story here.

Russia's Top Dog

Officials in Russia paid tribute to Laika, the first Soviet space dog, by unveiling a monument to the pioneering animal. Riding aboard the Sputnik II, Laika set the stage for the eventual arrival of humans in space. Universe Today looks at the amazing story of the "first Earthling" sent into the cosmos.

Irish Mystery Towers

One of Europe’s more obscure mysteries, the massive "round towers" are a riddle of the Irish landscape. While their existence is impossible to deny, the purpose behind the towers remains a hotly debated topic on the Emerald Isle. Researcher Philip Coppens examines the strange medieval skyscrapers in an article here.

Yuri's Night 2008

On Saturday, nearly 200 parties are planned in 50 countries on seven continents to celebrate the anniversary of humanity's first ride into space. Known as 'Yuri's Night,' after Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who made his historic voyage and became the first human in space on April 12, 1961, the holiday has been celebrated in Russia for decades. More details at MSNBC.

Real Life Garfield

An enormous 35-pound tabby named Orazio has been hailed a real life Garfield in Italy. The flabby feline grew to his present jumbo proportions by devouring lots of dishes from his native country. Orazio is so large now, it's a struggle for owner Laura Santarelli (pictured) just to pick him up. Larger photo at Ananova.

Call of the Fish

Contrary to popular opinion, the undersea world is not a silent abyss. In fact, it is rich with a variety of odd sounds produced by its denizens. Listen to some of these unique noises via a special feature at The New York Times.

Stonehenge Dig

For the first time in over four decades, archaeologists are conducting a dig at Stonehenge. In updating their first week of digging, they’ve revealed a "breakthrough" to some intriguing new finds. BBC News has video of the excavation at the esoteric landmark here.

The Egyptian Canyon?

In April of 1909, an article in The Phoenix Gazette detailed the amazing tale of G.E. Kinkaid. He claimed to have discovered mummies, hieroglyphics, and other amazing artifacts while exploring a cave in the Grand Canyon. More on the story of G.E. Kinkaid here.

Organ Transplants, Memories & the Heart

First hour guest, Dr. Rollin McCraty talked about cellular memory and transplants. A recent case involving suicide linked a heart donor and recipient. Heart transplants more than any other organ, may involve the passing of memory or traits from the donor to the recipient, he said. This is because the heart responds before the brain, and in a way has its own brain, he continued. In related news, Cheryl Johnson (pictured) reports having a personality change after receiving a kidney transplant, and believes her new tastes in literature came from her donor.A theory called 'cellular memory phenomenon' suggests that human body cells contain clues to our personality that can bypass brain cells. More on Johnson's case here.

A Fishy Mystery

Biologists are baffled by a fanged creature found dead in a Brigham City, Utah pond. The strange fish was found with thousands of other dead fish, carp and goldfish, that had been stocked in the pond. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Ben Boyce said, "When we first saw that fish, we thought what in that thing?" Get more details as well as video at

Compton Yowie Photos has posted photos sent in by Australian Yowie researcher Paul Compton to back up his claims of a large Yowie-like beast roaming the Glen Innes district. The images of a blurred black figure (pictured) were taken by a trail camera set to trigger by movement. Larger photos available here.

Telepathic 'Ray Gun'

A recently declassified US military report reveals plans for various non-lethal weapons. Included is a 'ray gun' device which could beam voices into people's minds or induce artificial fevers. Read more at New Scientist.

Movie: Solar Tsunami

Footage of a solar 'tsunami' has been captured for the first time. The event, recorded by NASA, shows a huge wave of pressure moving outwards across the Sun in a circular pattern.View the movie and further info at BBC News.

T-Rex & Lizard Man

Was a baby Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in theAfrican Congo? During the first hour, a 'Prof. Jonathan Campbell'phoned in to share details of the creature's capture. Then cryptohunter John Rhodes reacted to the breaking news, commenting that we'd need further confirmation of the facts. He also gave an update on the Lizard Man case in South Carolina, where he'll be traveling to conduct witness interviews for the History Channel. At the end of the hour, George revealed that the T-Rex story was an April Fool's joke!

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