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Alien Video Still Image

During a press conference today in Denver, Jeff Peckman presented a video purportedly showing a real live alien (pictured, enlargement). The grainy, black and white video shot by Stan Romanek shows what appears to be a creature with a balloon-shaped head, white face and and large black eyes peeping into a window. Read more at the Denver Post.

Mars Anomaly?

Did the Mars Phoenix Lander capture an anomalous object in one of its first photos sent back? Check out the originalimage, as well as a video analysis posted on

Ghost Photos

A possible apparition was caught on film, on the stairway of a Scottish castle that dates back to the 1200s (pictured). View a larger version of the photo and further details at The Sun. First hour guest, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren reacted to the photo, suggesting the image might have been enhanced and the position of the hand appears unnatural. A ghost photo that does impress him is Richard Liebeck's image, taken on the Gettysburg battlefield in 2007. Warren also announced he's posted his video of Alone in America's Most Haunted Bedroom.

Patentet Interview

James Fox sent us a short clip of his interview with Jacques Patentet of CNES (the French version of NASA).

Egypt Photos

Ken Klein shares several photos of Egypt and the Pyramids with us. Click here to view.

New Mars Images

Check out some of the first images sent back by the Phoenix Lander, after it set down near the Martian North Pole on Sunday.

Martian Touchdown

NASA officials are celebrating the Mars Phoenix Lander's successful arrival on the Red Planet. has coverage of the Phoenix landing, including a film depicting the craft's journey.

New Terrorist Target?

Remote viewing expert Major Ed Dames believes the Citigroup Center in New York City (pictured) has been targeted by a terrorist group. According to Dames, they are planning to employ a novel explosive technique to take down the building; its collapse could possibly destroy or damage nearby structures as well. Dames' Matrix Intelligence Agency will be working with the FBI in an attempt to interdict the planned attack.

Video: Earthquake Lights?

A video recorded on a cell phone captured luminous colorful clouds, reportedly 30 minutes before the earthquake in China struck on May 12, 2008. Is the footage, said to be shot in Tianshui, Gansu province, 450km northeast of the epicenter, an example of what people call "earthquake lights," seen before quakes? For a look at the development of early-warning systems, check out this article from the Wall St. Journal.

Top Close Encounters

Dateline NBC recently did a special on UFOs, mixing together analysis from both serious researchers and dyed-in-the-wool skeptics. Video excerpts are available on a page titled 10 Close Encounters Caught on Tape, which includes images from such cases as the Belgium Triangle (pictured), Gulf Breeze and Stephenville.

John Lear Appearance

First hour guest,John Lear talked about how the Apollo lunar landings were faked in order to instill the idea that the moon is an airless, lifeless place. There are 4,000 astronauts in a secret corps, which is part of the US Strategic Command, and they first landed on the moon in 1962, and Mars in 1966, he suggested. For more, view material he sent us in tandem with this discussion.

Gecko in Chicken Egg

A doctor in Australia is puzzled about how a small lizard ended up inside an egg he had cracked open for dinner earlier this week. Peter Beaumont, president of the Australian Medical Association in the Northern Territory, believes the gecko may have climbed into the chicken's bottom and died while an egg was being formed. The remains have been handed over to health authorities who will attempt to solve this odd case. More at

Smiley Face Killers Update

Investigative reporter Kristi Piehl appeared briefly in the second half hour. Piehl said detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte have been asked to consult on a drowning death in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania to see if it could be related to their investigation of the Smiley Face Killers.

Anthony Carr Photos

Tonight's first hour guest, psychic Anthony Carr, has provided a couple of photographs to accompany his presentation.

Ant Invasion

Swarming "crazy raspberry ants" have hit the Houston area, invading homes and fouling up computers and electrical boxes. About the size of fleas, the tiny ants move erratically and are strangely drawn to electrical equipment. More from the AP.AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Youngest Supernova

Scientists have discovered the youngest supernova ever seen in our galaxy. The supernova (pictured in a composite image) is estimated to be just 140 years old. People in the 1800's probably would have seen it in the constellation Sagittarius, if it wasn't obscured by dust.More here.

Vatican: Aliens Part of Creation

A belief in alien life doesn't contradict a faith in God, the Vatican's chief astronomer Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes revealed in a recent interview. "Just as we consider earthly creatures as 'a brother,' and 'sister,' why should we not talk about an 'extraterrestrial brother'? It would still be part of creation," he said. More here.

Video: When the Quake Hit

In a video clip posted on BBC News, a man crouches under his desk in Chengdu, in Sichuan province in China, as a 7.8-magnitude quake hit on Monday. The death toll is currently estimated at 10,000, in the country's worst quake in decades.

True Horsepower

An inventor in Dubai has taken horsepower to new levels by creating "The Naturmobile." This unique vehicle derives its power from a horse walking along a treadmill inside the back of the buggy. Dubai Xpress has more on the story, including an extensive gallery of the one-of-a-kind carriage.

Buried at Sea

About 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne and 40 feet beneath the ocean's surface lies the Neptune Memorial Reef, an innovative artificial reef and cemetery. The reef was designed to look like the ruins of a lost city with lion statues, gates, columns and roadways. People wishing to be buried at sea can pay to have their remains placed into one of the reef's structures. Read more at and view video at

Lake Pepin Sea Monster

Since the 1800s, residents around Minnesota's Lake Pepin have claimed they've spotted a mysterious creature. The first sighting was in 1871. The artist depiction is pictured (to the left). Boaters have reported being attacked while on the water. Steve Raymond says, "I distinctly remember three humps, with one hump looking like a head." Larry Nielson is another who claims to have seen the monster and is offering $50,000 for indisputable evidence of its existence. Read more and get video report at

Strange Craft Photos

We received an update from "Chad," the person who sent us clear photos of a strange craft, which were posted on the website yesterday. His additional comments along with a close-up of the unusual writing on the craft have been added. View here. First half-hour guest, ufologist Stanton Friedman offered commentary on the photos. He said he'd put the "puzzling" images in his "grey basket" and considered hoax a possibility.

CERN Concerns

First hour guest, physicist Walter L. Wagner discussed safety concerns over upcoming experiments at CERN with its Large Hadron Collider (LHC). If things go awry, a micro back hole might be created that could eventually grow larger, or a 'strangelet' could be formed that might lead to a fusion reaction, he warned.The LHC was built in a tunnel on the border between France and Switzerland (check out Peter McCready's 3D interactive view). CERN, in an attempt to allay safety concerns, offers this statement.

Goldfish Tricks

First half-hour guest Dean Pomerleau talked about how he trained his goldfish, Comet, to perform tricks. Using a system of food rewards, he was able to teach Comet to feed off his fingertips, swim through hoops, play fetch, and other games.Check out this video to see Comet in action:

A Star's Last 'Scream'

Astronomers are studying a "light echo" in a distant galaxy. It's believed that a star came too close to a massive black hole, and as the star was being ripped apart, it sent out one last, huge burst of light. More at

Mayan Crystal Skull

This is a photo of the Mayan Crystal Skull, taken by F. R. 'Nick'Nocerino in the 1970's, © Richard Shafsky. Click on the image to view larger.

UFO in Scotland

A UFO was recently captured on video in the town of Saltcoats, off the west coast of Scotland. Click here to view footage of what appears to be a strange craft with four lights.

Steinmeyer's Fort Article

Check out Jim Steinmeyer's recent article at about Charles Fort, a man who was fascinated by strange, bizarre and anomalous phenomena. Steinmeyer discusses Fort's The Book of the Damned, its reception in the 1920s, and its influence on later writers on the paranormal. Get more info here.

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