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'Ape People' & Bigfoot

'Ape People' were written about in texts from 2,000 years ago, says Glenn Kimball. He believes these ancient reports are similar to recent descriptions/evidence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Pictured is a footprint found in the state of Washington in 1996, which was examined by anthropologist Jeffrey Meldrum. Click here to view photos and analysis from Meldrum.

Blood Crazy Man

The Paranormal Pastor recounts a terrifying tale relayed to him by missionaries in Africa. According to their story, a cultist named Mamadou was arrested and sentenced to death for participating in human sacrifice rites. While Mamadou was in jail awaiting his sentence, several people reported seeing him appear covered in blood and screaming before finally disappearing. Even after his death, people continued to report strange 'Blood Crazy Man' sightings. Read more of the story here.

Barbury Castle Circle

Pictured in a photo by Lucy Pringle, is the Barbury Castle circle (6/1/08, Wiltshire, UK) which has been generating excitement because of its use of symbolic code for the first 10 numbers of pi. For more, visit the Crop Circle Connector.

Mars' Ancient Collision

Scientists recently theorized that a gigantic impact created a crater over Mars' northern half, some 4.4 billion years ago, during a time when large projectiles were prevalent in the inner solar system. The object that hit Mars was estimated to be half-as-wide as Mercury. For more, including a video recreation of the impact, visit New Scientist.

George Carlin Tribute

In remembrance of George Carlin, we present a 2-hour free streamed interview that Art Bell conducted with him in 1999.Clip 1Win | Real Clip 2Win | RealClip 3Win | Real Clip 4Win | RealClip 5Win | Real

New Flying Saucer

A new saucer-shaped craft known as a "wingless electromagnetic air vehicle" or WEAV, is scheduled to begin test flights soon. The ship, based on a phenomenon called magnetohydrodynamics, could herald a new age of aircraft design, according to its inventor, Subrata Roy. More at Discovery News.

Fireball on Film

A couple in Florida recently captured some remarkable UFO footage that shows a fireball-like object dancing erratically in the sky before being joined by two smaller balls of light. Tampa Bay Online has the story behind the video and you can view the film here.

Oxford Castle Figure

A photo taken at Oxford Castle Unlocked shows what appears to be a dark hooded figure standing at the end of the corridor leading into the Crypt. Photographer Keiron Brown captured the image with a digital camera on May 16th and claims to have been alone in the Crypt at the time. Experts are amazed by the picture. "Our analysts have shown that the figure is jet black and unusually not lit up by the flash, whereas the side walls and the wall behind it have visible lighting caused by the flash," said Martin Jeffrey, Director of paranormal group Fright Nights. Read more at

Welsh Cops Chase UFO

Police in South Wales have confirmed that one of their helicopter units spotted an "unusual aircraft" flying over Cardiff earlier this month. The police statement came after British tabloid The Sun reported a UFO had "attacked" a police helicopter, prompting the crew to chase after it. Read more at

'Bigfoot' Follow-Up

In the last hour of Tuesday night's show on Bigfoot and Nessie, a caller phoned in claiming to have definitive photos of an entire Bigfoot family. But when we received them, wecouldn't quite make them out. What do you think? Click here to view the material.

Hubble Image Tours

The HubbleSite Gallery offers interactive Image Tours of fascinating places such as the Whirlpool Galaxy and the Cat's Eye Nebula (pictured). Noteworthy Hubble images are featured along with some of the science behind the sights.

Popcorn Via Cell Phones?

Last night William Thomas outlined various dangers from cell phone usage. But can cell phone radiation actually cook popcorn as depicted on various Internet videos? David Emery with Urban Legends investigates.

S. Korean Crop Circle

A new crop circle in South Korea features two figure-8 patterns which are said to correlate with lunar cycles. Lim Chang Rok sent the image in to Crop Circle Connector, where you can learn more about this intriguing formation.

NASA Gets Dirt on Mars

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander used its robotic arm (pictured) on Friday to deliver a scoopful of Martian soil to the spacecraft's microscope. The sample showed the area around the landing site was a mix of small red particles, minerals and glassy volcanic sand. The lander also uncovered what appears to be a layer of ice beneath the red soil. Read more at credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / UA

Tim Russert, 1950-2008

Legendary newsman Tim Russert died Friday after collapsing at work from an apparent heart attack. He was 58. The longtime host of Meet the Press was known for his preparation and tenacity as a reporter and his consuming passion for politics. In 2008, Time magazine named Russert one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Read more at MSNBC, and visit a special tribute page created by Coast fans in Florida.

Vintage Shatner Video

Check out some vintage video clips with William Shatner: a 1966 interview on the set of Star Trek, a 1980's commercial for Commodore Computers, and a spoken word rendition of Rocket Man from 1978.

DeSalvo Images

John DeSalvo sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation. Pictured is the 144 ft. Russian pyramid.

Transparent Humanoid?

Video captured on a cell phone in Veracruz, Mexico in 2007 purportedly shows a "transparent humanoid." The material was said to be featured on a TV program in Mexico hosted by Jaime Maussan. Images and video are posted on UFO Blogger.

Bionic Hand Wins Prize

A bionic hand known as the i-LIMB, which has five individually powered fingers, has won the top engineering prize in the U.K. The hands, which can be fitted with realistic outer skin, are already in use by 200 people including soldiers who fought in Iraq. More at BBC News.

Jordan Maxwell Update

First hour guest, researcher Jordan Maxwell discussed how his exposé of the Illuminati and its occult roots has brought fear and threats into his life. He reported that his phone line is tapped by the NSA/CIA and they occasionally break into his calls and talk about him.

Soil Troubles

Scientists ran into a snag while trying to deliver a sample of Martian arctic soil to one of the instruments on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander...more

The Champ

Purportedly of Lake Champlain's resident cryptid "Champ," this picture has been called "the best lake monster image ever." Tetrapod Zoology looks at the history of the photo and the debate over its veracity.

Office Violence

This bizarre surveillance video shows an office worker who suddenly gets violent and begins trashing not only his desk but the entire office, much to the shock of several coworkers...more

Gilliland Chat Excerpts

Below are excerpts from last week's one hour Q & A with contactee James Gilliland, our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat. Members can read the full transcript. roboh We know lots of media folk have visited your place. Why no major media coverage after they actually have seen UFOs for themselves? James Gilliland The media other than local ABC FOX News have come and covered the sightings in a very positive way; it was squashed as soon as it got going by the higher ups.dee So, why do you think they 'squash' it all? James Gilliland They have the technology from crash sites. They don't want anyone else to have it. The media is owned by a small group who has the technology which can clean up the environment but they are the same ones who want to enslave us through dependency.neciepooh Is there only one race of ETs that we are cooperating with?James Gilliland We unfortunately made a deal with the low level enti

Happy Birthday George!

It's birthday cake for George, with the "Happy Aliens" donning party antennas. Click on the image, created by artist Denise Elles-Slocum, to view in full.

The Growing Stones

In Romania, a group of stones known as Trovants literally grow by themselves. The natural phenomenon occurs after rainfall, when oval forms appear on the upper part of the rocks. For photos and more info., visit Environmental Graffiti.

The Chase Vault

First hour guest, author Lionel Fanthorpe (pictured with his wife Patricia) spoke about the Chase Vault in Barbados. In the burial vault, coffins of deceased family members were found moved around and in disarray, even though the vault had been sealed with a marble slab, he recounted. He also talked about the positive side of Voodoo.

Ice on Mars

The Phoenix Mars Lander may have caught its first glimpse of Martian ice. Check out images and further info at

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