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Roswell UFO Festival

Check out a slideshow of images from the Roswell UFO Festival, which is taking place this weekend. The gathering includes lectures, a parade and an alien costume contest. For more, view Greg Bishop's on-the-scene reports: Day 1, Day 2.

Lincoln Lost

This Lincoln bust is an enigma to local historians in Pennsylvania. A few years after its dedication in 1909, the memorial disappeared, leaving behind scant evidence of its existence.More on this puzzling story here.(Special thanks to C2C listener Terrance Griep, writer of "Scooby-Doo Mysteries," for the news tip.)

Unearthed Americana

After an exhaustive three year dig, archaeologists in Virginia have discovered the boyhood home of George Washington. The excavation has yielded a number of remarkable artifacts which support accounts of the first president's childhood. The New York Times has more on this story, including a slide show of some of the finds.

The Faceless Ones

In the U.K., 'faceless' people have been spotted at a number of high profile events. The mysterious figures have a skin-like membrane stretched over their eyes, noses, and mouths, creating a completely blank expression. For more on this curiosity, visit the Daily Mail. Update: A reader sends us a blog entry which writes that the 'faceless' people are a part of a promotion for Lotus Cars.

Solar System's Edge

Scientists are gaining new insights about the edge of our solar system from Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, probes launched over 30 years ago, as they head into interstellar space. They found that the magnetic bubble which surrounds the solar system is not spherical but pressed inward on its southern side. Further details at LiveScience.Image Credit: NASA/JPL

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