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Rosemary Ellen Guiley Chat Excerpts

Below are excerpts from last week's one hour Q & A with author and researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley, our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat. Topics included Shadow People, amorous ghosts, and dimensional portals. Members can read/print the full transcript.     Photo of Rosemary by Valerie A. Smith roadking Can we ask our spirit guides for protection from these dark entities? What are your recommended methodologies? Rosemary Ellen Guiley Prayer is the best it seems. drapergirl What are your thoughts on the source of demons? Rosemary Ellen Guiley Demons are interfering spirits... Christians consider them fallen angels but not everyone sees them that way elsewhere in the world. johndoe What's a portal? Rosemary Ellen Guiley Portals are active areas of paranormal phenomena... I think they are interdimensional windows to other realms. CoCreator Have you ever seen a portal?

Punk Rock Turtle

Amateur photographer Chris Van Wyk captured this unusual turtle in the shallows of the Mary River near Kenilworth, Australia. The animal's bright green mohawk is not hair -- it's just algae growing on his head. View more photos at Daily Mail.

Jet Man Crosses Channel

Swiss pilot Yves Rossy made history Friday by flying across the English Channel with a homemade rocket-powered wing attached to his back. Rossy took less than 10 minutes to complete the 22-mile crossing, and parachuted into a field not far from the white cliffs of Dover. More details and video of Rossy's flight at the Telegraph.

A Haunted Gym?

A video surveillance camera at a gym in Overland Park, Kansas captured a white orb moving around the room, and hovering near the dumbbells. The camera's motion sensors kicked in a total of nine separate times between 2 and 4:30 in the morning. Watch the video here.

Return to Galveston

Galveston residents are returning to their city for the first time since Hurricane Ike. Many are finding their homes in ruins, as they are warned about swarming mosquitoes, rotting animal carcasses, and unreliable power and drinking water. For more, see this article/video, and slide show.

Tales of Shadow People

This week's Friday Night Feature presents a number of listeners' stories about their encounters with shadow beings. Graphic by Duane S. ( the Bedroom It was a summer or spring night about 1985 in Montgomery, Alabama. We were in the bedroom on a double draw stacked water bed. At first we heard wind chimes and said to each other that's strange. Then shortly thereafter a thing came in our room. It was all misshapen, it was as if it was not in its complete form yet as if it were transforming. It was tall and arms were not distinct yet. A few seconds later it was in this other shape just to the left of where it had been. It was darker than the room itself which made it all the more strange!!!! It hovered there about 30 to 40 seconds and we did not react but just watched. It did not move for that period of time and then all of the sudden it whooooshhed beside our bed and out the wall behind us. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had and I h

Huge Diamond Find

In Lesotho, Africa, miners have discovered a white diamond weighing around 500 carats. Reportedly, the gem has the potential to yield one of the largest flawless polished diamonds in history. More here.

Shelley Kaehr Material

We received a photo of a bloodstone from Shelley Kaehr to accompany her presentation.

Secret Weapon in Iraq?

Bob Woodward, in a recent interview, alluded to a top secret "sophisticated and lethal special operation program" developed by the military to track al-Qaida leaders in Iraq. Sharon Weinberger of Danger Room speculates the program he's referring to may be 'Tagging, Tracking, and Locating,' which creates a 'human thermal fingerprint' at long distance. More here.

Ike Uncovers Shipwreck

Waves from Hurricane Ike revealed a historic ship on a beach near Fort Morgan, Alabama. Marine archaeologist Shea McLean thinks the mystery vessel is the Monticello, a two-masted Civil War schooner that ran aground in 1862 after sailing from Havana. More details at

New Reef Creatures

Hundreds of new species like the pictured Comb Jellyfish have been discovered by marine scientists on reefs in Australian waters. For more, check out this article and slide show.

Vintage Icke Video

In 1996, David Icke gave a lecture entitled The Turning of the Tide in Wales about the hidden elite who control society. The entire presentation is posted at Google Video. Icke writes that he described and predicted the world we have today, twelve years ago.

The Chicken-Footed Duck

In China, a duck born with chicken-like feet is reportedly scared of water. Villagers have been flocking to see the curious creature. More at Ananova.

Exoplanet Photographed

An exoplanet orbiting a sun similar to ours has been photographed for the first time. The new world (the circle above the star in the accompanying image) is about eight times the mass of Jupiter, and orbits its sun from a vast distance. For more on the discovery, visit

The SolGen Project

Tonight's guest, Sir Charles Shults, sent us some images and videos related to his solar power energy research. Seen here is the SolGen Project, a ten-lense system designed to convert sunlight into steam energy.

The Wrath of Ike

Hurricane Ike slammed into Galveston early Saturday morning with winds in excess of 100 mph. The Category 2 storm pushed a surge of water that flooded coastal and low-lying areas, and its ferocious winds blew out office-building windows in downtown Houston. Millions of people were left without power. View photos of Ike's aftermath at

Ike Slams Texas

Gigantic Hurricane Ike made landfall on the Texas Coast early on Saturday morning. The area was under a mandatory evacuation order, and floodwaters began crashing into Galveston on Friday. The National Weather Service issued a grave warning of "certain death" to residents of Galveston Island who refused to flee. You can track Ike at, view live video at, as well as get complete multimedia coverage of the storm at

9-11 Memorial Artifacts

As we remember the 9-11 victims on this anniversary,a temporary Tribute Center across from Ground Zero features photos and relics from the WTC attacks. In a huge hangar at JFK Airport are larger objects, such as burned out fire trucks and steel columns. These artifacts will be placed in the World Trade Center Museum when it opens in 2011. For a look inside the hangar, check out this video and report from CBS News.

CERN Tests Begin

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN passed its first key tests today, firing two proton beams in opposing directions around a 17-mile underground ring. Scientists hope to use the collider to recreate the conditions a split second after the Big Bang. Click here for more on today's experiments.

Spotlight on MILABS

Military abductions (MILABS) have reportedly been conducted on alien abductees to learn what happened to them, or as part of a CIA mind control program. According to the UFO Encyclopedia, such abductions may also indicate the U.S. military is cooperating with aliens in their monitoring of humans. For more, see this article by Helmet Lammer Ph.D.

Green Polar Bears

Three polar bears have turned green at a zoo in central Japan. The change in their fur color was due to swimming in a pond overgrown with algae. More here.

Ian Punnett Transcript

Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM, Ian Punnett was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat on Tuesday, August 26, 2008. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.windycityIan, any plans on bringing R. Gary Patterson back soon? Ian Punnett Gary can come back anytime. I thought of him often when May Pang was on talking about the time that she and John Lennon were watching that UFO.JennaKI loved May Pang. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Yoko hadn't gotten John back under her control.John the Baptist Ian, what has been your all time favorite interview so far? Ian Punnett Jim Marrs always comes to mind. I wish I had him on with George the other night. I really enjoyed the woman we had on a few weeks ago about extreme adventure sports transcending reality.Cali pi Ian, you have such a great rapport with Dean Koontz. You guys crack me up! Ian Punnett Oh, and Dean Koontz would

New Memory Study

For the first time, scientists have recorded specific brain cells in the act of recalling a memory. The study, conducted with epilepsy patients, revealed where a memory is stored, and how the brain goes about trying to recreate it. More at the New York Times.

Mel's Hole Art Exhibit

An art exhibit related to the tale of Mel's Hole is opening at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA on Saturday, Sept. 6th. Titled Aspects of Mel's Hole: Artists Respond to a Paranormal Event in Radiospace, the show has a variety of contributors including the visionary artist Paul Laffoley, whose work is pictured, left. View larger/more images.

Spotlight on Aspartame

An artificial sweetener, 180 times as sweet as sugar, aspartame was discovered by a G.D. Searle chemist in 1965. Marketed under such names as NutraSweet and Equal, it's used in some 6,000 foods and beverages around the world. The product has been the subject of controversy regarding its safety, and the way it was approved. For more, see this Wikipedia entry.

New 'Zodiac' Suspect

A Northern California man believes his deceased stepfather, Jack Tarrance, was the infamous Zodiac killer, and he's uncovered a possible murder weapon, and other evidence. The FBI is reportedly examining the material for DNA. For more, see this initial report from CBS 13, and their update. C2C had aroundtable discussion on the Zodiac killer last year.

Waiting for Gustav

Gulf Coast residents are bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Gustav. Presently a Category 3 hurricane, the impending storm has caused a massive exodus from the region and is expected to start reaching land around dawn. You can follow the path of Gustav via Storm Pulse.

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