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Destruction Therapy

Last month in Castejon, Spain people took sledgehammers to old cars and household appliances. The practice known as "destruction therapy," was created by three entrepreneurs who believe such aggressive sessions allow people to safely release pent-up rage. More at Fox News.

Conjoined Swallows

A pair of conjoined barn swallows, discovered after falling from their nest on Thursday, July 17th, will be sent to the Smithsonian Institute for further examination. If confirmed, the unusual duo could prove to be an incredibly rare find. "I can't even say it's one in a million — it's probably more than that," said ornithologist Karen Rowe. "There's just very little to no records of such a thing." Read the full story.

Deep Impact Moon Video

NASA's Deep Impact space probe has captured video footage of the Moon passing in front of the Earth as seen from a distance of 31 million miles away. Scientists are using the video to learn what to look for in their search for alien worlds around other stars. More at

Origins of Speech

Scientists have traced the origins of speech back to 400 million years ago, with the development of grunting by certain fish. Check out BBC News for video and more info.

'Alien' Implant Update

First hour guest, Dr. Roger Leir discussed his latest implant removal surgery, which he conducted on a retired military intelligence officer. A metallic object was removed from the back of his leg-- the specimen was noteworthy because it showed biological tissue growing from inside a metal matrix (see an analysis report). Dr. Leir will next be speaking at the Central Coast Science-UFO Symposium in August.

New Mars Photos

New images show astonishing details of Mars. Captured by the ESA's Mars Express Probe, the photos reveal networks of valleys, plains and cliffs-- areas that were once shaped by fast flowing water. To view the photos and further details, visit Daily Mail. First half-hour guest Richard C. Hoagland commented on the images, noting they show massive water erosion across thousands of square miles. The geologic features of Mars' southern hemisphere may be just 65 million years old, formed around the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs on Earth, he said.

Roswell Rock Circle

First hour guest, UFO investigatorChuck Zukowski discussed the 'Roswell Rock Circle,' an artifact found in 2004, which has unusual magnetic properties (see video). The image on the rock mirrors the design of a 1996 crop circle. Click here to view more photos, and here to read a report from the Roswell Daily Record.

John Lear Chat Excerpts

Below are excerpts from last week's one hour + Q & A with the always controversial John Lear, our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat. Members can read/print the full transcript. VoidPointer John, what anti-gravity drive systems are being tested, and where might we see them? John Lear Lear, Inc. my father's company was a major contractor to gravity shielding in 1952. We had anti-grav all figured out in 1956. I imagine that it is pretty far advanced by now. GoRla Is our solar system inhabited by human beings? John Lear Every single planet is inhabited by folks just like us-- the only difference being is that we are the only ones that wake up in the morning looking for somebody to kill. sunnyglow Have you seen a UFO or have you ever had a missing time episode? John Lear I have seen a UFO on several occasions. Once from a Lear Jet, once with Bob Lazar and once from an L-1011. No missing time. OnionClou

Spotlight on Gabriel

The ancient stone tablet known as Gabriel's Vision of Revelations is thought to pre-date Jesus. It features an inscription that quotes the Archangel Gabriel. One of the two highest ranking angels in Judeo-Christian and Islamic religious tradition, Gabriel is said to be the angel of "annunciation, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death and revelation," according to A Dictionary of Angels. The above depiction of Gabriel (click on image for larger) is a detail from Da Vinci's The Annunciation.

Ghost on Film?

A ghost hunting group in Britain captured this remarkable image that they claim is of the spirit of an English Civil War soldier from the 1600's. The Telegraph has more on the story, including a larger view of the picture.

Little Red Spot Gone

Jupiter's Little Red Spot (LRS) was destroyed earlier this week as it tried to squeeze between the planet's Great Red Spot and Oval BA (view animation). Read more at

Lightning Hits Woman

Jessica Lafreniere of Antrim, New Hampsire miraculously suffered only slight injuries after a lightning strike apparently went through her foot and exited through her nose ring. "Light came in and hit her, and the bottom of her feet lit up red," Jessica's mother Danielle Taylor told reporters. Video story at

Biblical Imagery

Ken Hanson sent us a biblical illustration by the 19th century French artist Gustave Doré.

Deacon Punnett

The Rev. Ian Punnett took his vows to the Holy Order of the Diaconate at 7pm on Tuesday July 8, 2008 at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Mark in Minneapolis. He will serve at the discretion of the Episcopal bishop. Our heartiest congratulations to the new Deacon Punnett! Click here to view additional photos.

Face in a Log

A cemetery worker in Tennessee recently uncovered the image of a human face in a log after sawing it in half. View a larger photo and further details at Ananova.

Rain of Diamonds

A comet that exploded over Canada around 12,900 years ago may have rained down diamonds and other precious metals, according to a new analysis. Some of these metals could have been carried into the U.S. through melted glacier water. Pictured is a diamond found in Indiana (credit: Ken Tankersley). For more, visit LiveScience.

Ancient Tablet Stirs Debate

A stone tablet, said to be from the first century B.C., contains prophecies about a Jewish messiah who would rise from the dead. The artifact, which has missing text, is stirring up questions and controversy. For more, check out Alan Boyle's Cosmic Log.

Roswell UFO Festival

Check out a slideshow of images from the Roswell UFO Festival, which is taking place this weekend. The gathering includes lectures, a parade and an alien costume contest. For more, view Greg Bishop's on-the-scene reports: Day 1, Day 2.

Lincoln Lost

This Lincoln bust is an enigma to local historians in Pennsylvania. A few years after its dedication in 1909, the memorial disappeared, leaving behind scant evidence of its existence.More on this puzzling story here.(Special thanks to C2C listener Terrance Griep, writer of "Scooby-Doo Mysteries," for the news tip.)

Unearthed Americana

After an exhaustive three year dig, archaeologists in Virginia have discovered the boyhood home of George Washington. The excavation has yielded a number of remarkable artifacts which support accounts of the first president's childhood. The New York Times has more on this story, including a slide show of some of the finds.

The Faceless Ones

In the U.K., 'faceless' people have been spotted at a number of high profile events. The mysterious figures have a skin-like membrane stretched over their eyes, noses, and mouths, creating a completely blank expression. For more on this curiosity, visit the Daily Mail. Update: A reader sends us a blog entry which writes that the 'faceless' people are a part of a promotion for Lotus Cars.

Solar System's Edge

Scientists are gaining new insights about the edge of our solar system from Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, probes launched over 30 years ago, as they head into interstellar space. They found that the magnetic bubble which surrounds the solar system is not spherical but pressed inward on its southern side. Further details at LiveScience.Image Credit: NASA/JPL

'Ape People' & Bigfoot

'Ape People' were written about in texts from 2,000 years ago, says Glenn Kimball. He believes these ancient reports are similar to recent descriptions/evidence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Pictured is a footprint found in the state of Washington in 1996, which was examined by anthropologist Jeffrey Meldrum. Click here to view photos and analysis from Meldrum.

Blood Crazy Man

The Paranormal Pastor recounts a terrifying tale relayed to him by missionaries in Africa. According to their story, a cultist named Mamadou was arrested and sentenced to death for participating in human sacrifice rites. While Mamadou was in jail awaiting his sentence, several people reported seeing him appear covered in blood and screaming before finally disappearing. Even after his death, people continued to report strange 'Blood Crazy Man' sightings. Read more of the story here.

Barbury Castle Circle

Pictured in a photo by Lucy Pringle, is the Barbury Castle circle (6/1/08, Wiltshire, UK) which has been generating excitement because of its use of symbolic code for the first 10 numbers of pi. For more, visit the Crop Circle Connector.

Mars' Ancient Collision

Scientists recently theorized that a gigantic impact created a crater over Mars' northern half, some 4.4 billion years ago, during a time when large projectiles were prevalent in the inner solar system. The object that hit Mars was estimated to be half-as-wide as Mercury. For more, including a video recreation of the impact, visit New Scientist.

George Carlin Tribute

In remembrance of George Carlin, we present a 2-hour free streamed interview that Art Bell conducted with him in 1999.Clip 1Win | Real Clip 2Win | RealClip 3Win | Real Clip 4Win | RealClip 5Win | Real

New Flying Saucer

A new saucer-shaped craft known as a "wingless electromagnetic air vehicle" or WEAV, is scheduled to begin test flights soon. The ship, based on a phenomenon called magnetohydrodynamics, could herald a new age of aircraft design, according to its inventor, Subrata Roy. More at Discovery News.

Fireball on Film

A couple in Florida recently captured some remarkable UFO footage that shows a fireball-like object dancing erratically in the sky before being joined by two smaller balls of light. Tampa Bay Online has the story behind the video and you can view the film here.

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