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Dreams of the Future

On Monday's show David Booth shared his ominous vision of the near future. Here is a sampling of listeners' responses, detailing their own dark dreams of what is to come.

Vintage UFO Video

Terry Y. (email) has sent us a video clip taken from an 8mm film shot around 1963 in Vallejo, CA. "This film was taken by my oldest brother, now deceased. I only found the images as I was transferring the film to digital, and caught sight of it," he writes. Click here to view. (requires Real Player)

Portrait of Beckjord

Pictured (click on image for larger) is paranormal researcher, Jon-Erik Beckjord.

Mirror Mirror

The caricaturist Dan Smith from Tampa Bay (dansmithartist) has sent us this drawing (click on image to view larger). "This is Art appearing mysteriously in the mirror of an unsuspecting young lady. There's a shadow person and good ole Planet X going by," he explains.

Asteroids & Near Misses

Added to the more than 20,000 known asteroids such as Gaspra (pictured left), is an object dubbed 2004 AS1, which was recently revealed to have had a one-in-four chance of hitting our planet within a 36 hour period. An animation of 2004 AS1 put together by the Great Shefford Observatory, shows the trajectory of the asteroid. As reports, there is a new call for planetary defense from such objects.

Gilliland Ranch UFO

"This picture was taken by Spar Guideman in November 2003 at the Gilliland ranch when he saw an object that looked out of the ordinary," writes past C2C guest James Gillilandof"Upon blowing up the object (click here to view) we realized it was what seemed to be a large cylinder with brilliant light coming from the bottom and emissions coming out the sides. The distance makes it impossible to be a bird due to the fact it is around 12 miles away and hovering at an unknown distance from the camera," said Gilliland. View the original photo here.

Chupacabra Caught on Camera?

Brian M. sent us this curious photo (click on for larger) that he said was captured by his father's auto deer feeder cam. "Could it be the chupacabra?" he asks. Check out this enlarged close-up to get a better view of the alleged creature. Update: Raymond C. fastblasted us this photo, which indicates the above "Chupa" is, alas, a doctored image.

Martian Curiosities

Pictured (click on for larger) in this photo taken by Opportunity's camera are odd BB-sized spherical objects found on the Martian soil.

George & Fiends

Art A. has whipped up a drawing he's titled George and Fiends. "This one's going out to the Georgemister and all the ghouls who make this show possible!" he writes. Click here to view the enlargement.

The Isaiah Scroll

In the book The Isaiah Effect, by tonight's guest Gregg Braden, he writes about one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the "Great Isaiah Scroll." Found relatively intact in 1947 (most of the scrolls were mere fragments), the Isaiah Scroll is nearly 1,000 years older than previously existing copies of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah. The prophet Isaiah told of an apocalyptic future of massive global destruction, followed by a time of peace. While we may be living in the time just before such destruction, Braden believes people have the power to alter this outcome. Through his interpretation of the Isaiah Scroll, he suggests an unconventional mode of prayer can steer us away from dire outcomes.Braden writes about a "quantum principle" in prayer. For example, by focusing on a peaceable outcome out of numerous possibilities, this can become our reality. Rather than asking for peace, we should "create the feeling in our bodies as if the prayer had already been answered," he suggests.

Two Comets Simultaneously Passing Earth

by AJ McGettigan, shamanic astronomerThe stage is set for a very unusual celestial event. From late Aprilthrough May 2004 two recently discovered comets will simultaneously maketheir closest approach to Earth. Comet NEAT (C/2001 Q4) will be movingfrom south to north in the evening skies. Comet NEAT will be visible inboth the northern and southern hemispheres. Comet LINEAR (C/2002 T7)will be moving easterly across the southern skies. Comet Linear is notexpected to be visible from the northern hemisphere.Although the brightness of comets is very difficult to predict, theircloseness to Earth makes it likely that these comets will appear atleast as bright as Comet Hyakutake in 1996--easily visible to the nakedeye.It is an extremely unusual event to have two comets passing closely toEarth within a period of days. Interestingly, the paths of these cometsare roughly perpendicular to each other, forming the shape of a "cross"or a "medicine wheel" in o

Friday the 13th Gallery

Thanks to all who responded to our call for "Dark Arts." View five images that were deemed especially spooky.

Farthest Galaxy

Astrophysicists say they have detected a tiny galaxy (the area circled in white), that may be the farthest known object from Earth, at aprx. 13 billion light-years away. The cluster is called Abell 2218. Could it be named after anyone we know?!!

The Custodians

The notion that Earth has been visited by intelligent beings in our past, who tinkered with human genetics has been explored by a number of authors, such as Zecharia Sitchin. In his book, The Gods of Eden, William Bramley coined the term "Custodians" to describe the ancient astronauts that were documented by the Sumerians. Bramley chooses not to speculate on the Custodians' origins and believes that "it is conceivable that the alleged ownership of the Earth may have changed hands over the millennia," in the same way a corporation can change owners without the public being generally aware. Mesopotamian tablets recount a creation story where one "god" is put to death, and "the body and blood are then mixed into clay, and out of this concoction a human being is made," Bramley writes. Sitchin has concluded that this process was actually a reference to genetic engineering, where humans were developed to be a slave race to the Custodians. Could this have had something to do with

Plants & Planets

As part of an article I wrote for After Dark last year titled A Garden of Spirits, I took a look at the unusual theories that Rudolph Steiner had regarding plants. Here is an excerpt: A clairvoyant, philosopher, artist and scientist, to some Rudolf Steiner was one of the great thinkers of the early 20th century. He created the Anthroposophical Society to study and practice "spiritual science," whereby participants could access their higher spiritual selves.As outlined in the book by Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins, Secrets of the Soil, Steiner had some very unusual ideas about the growth of plants. Specifically he believed that the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all had an influence on the plants of Earth. The three bodies closest to Earth (the Moon, Mercury and Venus) had an effect on the reproduction and growth of plants working indirectly through the limestone content of the earth, whereas the outer planets he believed co

Viral Underground

Ever wonder who creates those annoying computer worms and viruses that have spread like plague in recent years? And even of more curiosity, what is their motivation? An in-depth article in this week's New York Times Magazine by Clive Thompson provides some answers.Thompson writes there is an underground network of young writers of "malware" (malicious code) who are based mainly in Europe. Many of them merely create and post their scripts on websites, rather than directly release them onto the Internet. However, their programs are in turn picked up by "script kiddies," (a derisive term for hackers who don't have the skill to create the viruses themselves) who unleash them on the Net. "For a virus author, a successful worm brings the sort of fame that a particularly daring piece of graffiti used to produce: the author's name, automatically replicating itself in cyberspace," writes Thompson. And when antivirus companies post new warnings of a fresh menace, "the thrill for t

Orbs & Luminaries

What could be more apropos when photographing a group of some of the world's foremost paranormal experts than capturing a paranormal phenomenon at the same time? Taken at last month's 2004 Joshua P. Warren Paranormal Conference by Forrest Connor of the, this photo (click on for larger) shows (l to r) Joshua P. Warren, President of L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigations, Patrick Huyghe, editor of the The Anomalist, Phyllis Galde, Publisher and Editor of Fate magazine andcryptozoologist and author Loren Coleman. Several orbs appear near their heads, and an especially distinct one is over Huyghe's abdomen. Interestingly, the topic of orbs was one that remote viewer Ed Dames addressed in last night's show. He said that they were not related to ghosts, but rather analien life form's continued "telepresence" on Earth. He went on to explain that an insect race at a great distance from us, uses a kind of "psychoenergetic technology," to explore places in th

A Wish for Wings

Jenn Dolari writes: When I was a little little kid, I used to see these shadow creatures"dancing" although they were more like jumping from shadow to shadow on mywalls. Saw them quite a bit till my cousin lit a firecracker behind myear at the age of 4. Got a bad case of Tinnitus from that that I stillhave to this day. After the firecracker issue, I never saw the shadowsagain.However, many years later, I began to write a (fictional) story about agirl who wanted to be an angel, and her (occasional) experiences withShadow People.They're EXACTLY as I saw them as a kid, minus the red eyes, which I didfor the story's sake.Check out Jenn Dolari's graphic-novel styled tale, A Wish for Wings.

Twilight Zone

Friday's first hour guest, writer Marc Zicree ( discussed his book The Twilight Zone Companion. The late Rod Serling, who hosted the classic horror-fantasy-science fiction show and wrote 92 of its episodes, was one of TV's first great stylists, said Zicree. A kind of "modern alienation" or a fear of the unknown that you couldn't share with others, was one of Serling's major themes, he added.

Dimensional Portal

This drawing (click on for larger) by Denise Elles-Slocum (email) depicts a person standing at a threshold to other dimensions. Click here to view some of Denise's past contributions to our site.

The Arrival of Men with Wings

Stuart Wilde writes: Recently, spiritual beings in the morph started talking about the arrival on earth of men with wings. I found it intriguing but I didn't know what was meant by it. Certainly, religious paintings depict Michael the Archangel with wings, and people imagine all angels with wings. I always thought this was so because many people have had dreams in which they are flying and some have also had out-of-body experiences.

Opportunity Panorama

As the Spirit Rover gets ready to restart its duties, a panoramic photo from the other side of Mars taken by the Opportunity Rover has just been released. Click here to view, and check out's Zoom Viewer to examine more images.

New Ice Age?

Since last week's article in the Independent UK, two more major media outlets have picked up the topic of possible radical climate change. Fortune Magazine ran a story titled The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare and the New York Times, an op-ed piece, Global Chilling.

Ectoplasm in Virginia City Cemetery

My family lives in Reno, Nevada. My daughter had gone up to Virginia City to take pictures for a high school English project. She bought a disposable camera and proceeded to take photos about the town. The last place she visited was the old cemetery on the northern hill overlooking Virginia City. After doing some paper rubbings of various grave stones, she proceeded to take photos of some of the old gravesites. What you see in this picture (click on for larger) defies explanation! Did she unknowingly capture a ghostly picture of ectoplasm? Take a closer look! This photo has not been manipulated. No one was smoking while the photo was being taken. This is actually the 20th picture on a roll of 24 exposures and none of the other photos displayed this strange phenomenon! You be the judge! --Mark Easter

Dr. Doom Transcript

Excerpt: Streamlink Chat with remote viewer Ed Dames from 1/27/04White Rose Greetings., Your opinion please, re: the recent very severe weather. I think that this is just a taste and that there will be more storms this year and an even more severe winter weather season next year. ed dames As I mentioned years ago: first the weather will change so drastically that crops will not be able to be grown as before, next: disease aztlanista Can the past be remote viewed? Have you ever done so? What did you "see?" ed dames Mostly reconstructing/recreating events -- the way that they actually (factually) occurred. Guest Ed~ When you RVd the Earth, although you did not find it hollow, did you find it catacombed with man made caverns? ed dames There are cavernsÂ… Dr Zero Are the Chinese going to be a major threat to us any time soon? ed dames Major threat! Are you kidding? They have already conquered the American empire. moonbeam Hi Ed, In your opinion, doe

Man and Monster

Lionel Fanthorpe appeared in the role of a Priest in a film with this monstrous creature.

UFOs & the Red Sea

A recent article in the St. Petersburg Times reported that the parting of the Red Sea as written about in the Bible, may have had a scientific explanation relating to the speed of winds and tides. Ufological connections have also been used to explain the miraculous event that happened during the Jewish exodus from Egypt (pictured in the painting by Markovich). In Barry H. Downing's 1990 article Did a UFO Part the Red Sea? published in UFO Magazine, he suggests that the "pillar of cloud of fire" that guided the Jews may have actually been a cigar shaped or cylindrical UFO, the inhabitants of which communicated directly with Moses. Echoing the author Morris Jessup, Downing writes "the exodus UFO moved to a position directly under the Red Sea, turning on its propulsion system to high force." The system's electromagnetic nature could yield a force field, "which would create the reported effect of straight walls which so amazed the Jews," Downing theorized. --L.L.

Author and Alien

This image (click on for larger) from David Grinspoon's book Lonely Planets asks the question:"Which is the author and which is the alien?"

Secret Societies

This diagram (click on to view in full) is from Antony Sutton's book America's Secret Establishment. It depicts various levels of organizations, going from larger "outer circle" groups like the CFR, to a smaller "inner core," which is essentially "a secret society within a secret society," he writes.

UFO Reports

Two startling UFO images have recently come to light. This Australian UFO was photographed north of Melbourne. A possible UFO was also seen in this SOHO satellite image published on Unknown Country.

Showing 1861 - 1890 of 2135
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