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Appleton UFO

Katie K. sent in this illustration (click on for larger) and description of a recent UFO sighting: A couple weeks before Xmas, my husband and I went out to dinner at a restaurant just north of Appleton, Wisconsin. As we were returning, we spotted something over the city that intrigued us. It looked like a large piece of sheet metal or some other material falling rapidly straight downward over the city, probably about a mile or so from where we were on the highway. The edges were glowing as if on fire and it left a smoke trail as it fell. It disappeared just before it hit the ground. We have no clue what it was, so I made an image depicting what we saw and am attaching it. What do you think?

It's the Bomb

Lev Navrozov has written about the dangers of "nano superweapons." In this interview with Ryan Mauro, he outlines how such devices could be deployed. You can view Lex's animated gif by clicking on the image.

UFO Video

One of the guests Peter Davenport presented on Saturday night was MUFON field investigator, Kim Shaffer. He shot this video segment (requires Windows Media Player)in Bristol, Tennessee on August 3rd, 2003. Shaffer said the "disc" was copper colored, highly reflective and totally featureless.

Mysterious Ice Circle

Pictured is the strange ice circle discovered on December 28, 2003, by Vaughn Hobe at MudLake in Horton, Michigan, about fifteen miles south of Jackson. The photo (click on for larger), showing a "splash pattern" surrounding a thinner center circle, was taken by Ted Robertson © 2004.

Historical UFOs

Pictured is a detail from a fresco (click on to see full image) made in 1350 which depicts the Crucifixion and two craft flying above the scene. For more images of the type, visit Matthew Hurley's excellent repository,

Passage into Spirit

In tandem with Betty Eadie's appearance tonight, we present an artwork by David Wesley Jarvis, entitled Passage into Spirit (click on for larger). "This painting is an attempt to portray some of the levels and passages of mortal and Spiritual life with symbols," writes Jarvis. To view more of his art, visit David Jarvis Prints.

Stick with Weekends

Lest we let Art Bell live down the time he accidentally glued his lips together, I offer this gentle reminder. It's all in fun, Mr. Bell...

True or False?

I created the True or False site as a tool for myself and for the people on your[Streamlink] message boards to help them remember all the predictions made by yourguests. I know Sean David Morton and Ed Dames both get a hard time fromthe critics (me included lol) so I wanted to document all that they sayto see if they really do come up with some positive results. I live in Manchester, England but I alsospend a lot of time in the US in New Jersey. I have been listening toCoast for over 6 years now and it just gets better and better. I have tolisten on Streamlink when I am over here in England because of the timedifference. -- Simon Aspinall

Man & Cow

Howard Lyman is pictured here (click on for larger) at Prionics in Switzerland, a biotech company that develops tests for prion diseases such as BSE and CJD. The infectious agents known as prions are malformed protein particles that are thought to be spread when animalseat the infected remains of their own species or other species.

Land on Mars for Sale!

For the ultimate in relocation, check out these vacant lots on One Martian Place courtesy of 3cim. (requires JAVA)

George's Time Travel Report

George Noory gave a report on Monday's show about the recent "time travel" experiment he underwent just after Christmas. He described the experience as being more akin to hypnosis or remote viewing rather than any kind of physical travel. In the experiment which was conducted by Dr. Irving Glotch, George was induced into a type of trance state, by wearing a helmet that was outfitted with revolving eye goggles. Additionally, he said sound vibrations were played in his ear and he was touched with a pulse generator at the back of his neck. George said his first target, "The Dark Ages," did not yield significant mental imagery or information. However he considered his second objective, "Roswell, July 1947" to be a success. "This one was weird," said George. He viewed a hospital that was staffed by nuns, and saw a glowing object, which he described as similar to the Kecksburg UFO (acorn-shaped). While this was not the Roswell incident George expected to see, in subsequent research he

Mars Landing

Have a pair of 3-D glasses around? You can use them to view this stereoscopic image (click on for larger) sent back by NASA's rover "Spirit," which landed on the surface of Mars on Saturday night. More images and updates are available on the site.

Year of the Six

Our new year 2004 equals a "6" ( 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 6), tonight's guest Glynis McCants writes in an article she penned for the latest issue of After Dark. Here is an excerpt, in which she tells us what to expect in 2004: "The 6 represents home and family. If you are not in a relationship, it's time to look at love and say, "Is it time for me to settle down?" If there is somebody in your life that you don't feel good about, this is the year to end it. If there's a business you want to start, this is a good time to make it happen." "This is also a year to sign a long-term contract, as opposed to the year 2003, where everything felt pretty shaky. The 6 is a much calmer cycle. We all need to learn to say, 'It's going good and I deserve it!' "

C2C: 2003

The above collage, created by Lex Lonehood celebrates 2003 as seen through Click on the image to view larger. Here is a list of the collage's components. Hoagland on MarsArt's WebcamJames Arthur's Santa/Mushroom ImageTim Sheppard's Banner of George & C2CLiza Phoenix's Banner for C2CThe Demon AsterothTime Travel DeviceAlien Implant Removal SurgeryBirth AnnouncementKirk Mints' Caricature of Art BellDavid Icke PhotoEyes of NostradamusDenise Elles-Slocum Drawing: George meets ETs

Birth Announcement

Jeff and Jennifer S. of Milan Portrait Co. announce the arrival of their son Aston Riley (click on picture to view larger) born Sept 22. "His nickname is Smeagol and he goes to sleep every night listening to Coast to Coast." Happy Halloween!

Alien Implant Removal: Surgery Pictures

All images by Michael Portanova, photographer for A & S Research. #1 (l to r) George Noory, Tom Danheiser, Dr. Roger Leir #2 Surgery image #3 Surgery image #4 Surgery image #5 Implant (near scissors at top) #6 Close-up of Implant #7 George Noory & Dr. Leir

Above & Beyond

Artist Kirk Mints sent in a caricature to celebrate Art Bell's return to the airwaves. Click here to view larger.

Was Diana Killed via Mind Control?

There have been a number of conspiracy theories related to the death of Princess Diana in 1997. Most recently, reports have surfaced that Diana might have been pregnant at the time of the accident. Author David Icke (who is interviewed in January's After Dark) writes that a secret society or "Brotherhood," arranged for her "ritual death." In an article on his website, he theorizes that the killing was accomplished by "mind control" programming that was used on the limo driver, Henri Paul. "The programming was deep within his psyche waiting to be activated," writes Icke, who suggests that Paul was given a trigger or cue just before or after the Mercedes pulled away from the Ritz. The fatal crash of the limo involved hitting the 13th pillar in a Paris tunnel, and Icke believes this was not by chance. "The Brotherhood throughout history has had such an obsession with the number 13," he said, adding that powerful mind control would allow a person, even while traveling at a high spe

View of Mars

This photo (click on for larger) taken by the Hubble Telescope, which shows off the Martian North Pole, is one of the images featured in Ken Croswell's book Magnificent Mars.

George's Time Travel

George Noory has announced further details of the time travel experiment he will begin on Friday Dec. 26th, under the supervision of physicist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Irving Glotch. A device created by Glotch, which is said to allow for "dimensional" rather "physical" travel, uses "eye fluttering," "special tones," and a "massaging of the nerves," to achieve its effects. George has submitted two time periods he is interested in traveling back to: Roswell, NM July 1947 and to the mid-6th century to see if an asteroid hit caused the Dark Ages. To view a sketch of the device and a Q & A with Dr. Glotch, click here.

MU-F-O Christmas

"Buzz Buzzard" of Marlantis Research writes:"Just moments ago, over the San Francisco Bay Area, this photo (click on for larger) was taken by one of our pilots as a crop circle was forming. Upon looking at the digital window on the camera, the words in yellow were seen around the craft and following it into outer space. Stay tuned for any updates!"

Dream Rewards

Originally published in 1974 and since updated, Patricia Garfield's book Creative Dreaming is considered a classic in the field. Her central thesis is that people can plan and control their dreams to reap a variety of benefits, including solving dilemmas, tapping into creativity, and engaging in adventures. One chapter of the book looks at the traditions of the American Indians, and how almost all tribes, in spite of their differences, placed a high degree of significance on their dreams.One principle Garfield derived from her study of the Indians is that "dreamers who regard dreams as important and even vital to success in life will receive and remember helpful dreams." To Indians, a visit from a spirit guardian (manido) in a dream state, could provide particular value, she noted. These guardians may offer a special kind of relationship such as a grandparent to a child. "You should accept and appreciate all friendly gestures in your dreams," Garfield writes. "Dr

Anomalous Images

Left (click on to view larger) is a cast of a three-toed footprint "made from the actual track, in August of 1973, in a rural area near Greensburg, PA. The track is 13 inches long and 8 inches wide," writes tonight's guest Stan Gordon, who found the impression while investigating a Bigfoot sighting. A second image from Gordon shows odd clumps of metallic material nicknamed "space grass," found during a UFO flap in Westmoreland County, PA in 1972. Their origin remains unexplained.

Hampton Court Video

Left is an animated gif (click on to view larger) taken from the closed-circuit video camera at Hampton Court. The video can also be viewed in this clip from ITV News (requires Real Player).

Friday Night Feature

As the year comes to a close, we invited people to write in and share their strangest experience of 2003. Here are some of the responses: A Special PatientI work for a major Hospital (Mercy Hospital Folsom) as an Emergency Room Registrar. When someone comes into the ER I take all the necessary info including insurance and then put the chart together for the Doctor and Nurses. One night about 3 months ago, a guy came into the ER by ambulance. When the Ambulance drivers rolled him into the ER Bay Doors, the lights flickered. But of course that was only the beginning! The head nurse shouted to me "Rhonda you can get him registered now," that they have him in a bed. As I went into the room with my mobile computer, it went dead, next curtain away from this guy was an old lady who was getting a xray. All of a sudden, the xray machine went out. By then I walked back to my area to retrieve paper to write this guys info down, and the clerk says to me, "Rhonda

A Shocking Event

Herb of Utah writes:"See what happens when a power station's 500 KVA switch is thrown! Noenhancements or special effects were added to this live footage."Win | Real

The Jersey Devil

James McCloy has sent us some images related to the Jersey Devil. Along with Ray Miller Jr., he authored The Phantom of the Pines, and the two appeared on Monday night's show to discuss their investigation into the creature that has allegedly been seen in Southern New Jersey for several centuries. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Pre-Christian Origins

In this 13th century painting (click on to view larger), the crescent moon at Mary's foot is lifted from ancient Egyptian symbology, where it was an attribute of the goddess Isis, the Queen of Heaven, writes David Fontana in The Secret Language of Symbols. He notes that holidays such as Christmas and Easter coincide with pagan festivals and that many of the objects typically associated with Christmas, "such as the yule log, mistletoe, and the Christmas tree itself, were all borrowed from pre-Christian traditions."

Dr. Glotch's Time Travel Device

This drawing was made by George Noory of Dr. Irving Glotch's Time Travel device, that he proposes to use on George. Click on image to view larger. Here is an excerpt from a Q & A that Streamlink members held with Dr. Glotch last night. Members can read the full transcript here.EJ Hello Dr. Glotch. Did you really send a plant into the past? Dr. Irving Glotch Mr. Noory misunderstood me. The Time Travel experiment and a teleportation device I am working on are two different devices. Mr. Noory thought they were one and the same. They are not. Yes, I teleported a small plant and a mouse from point A to point B. But cannot disclose anything else at this time on this subject. Thank you.Grey's Anatomy Hi Doctor. Why the aluminum suit? Dr. Irving Glotch An aluminum suit is NOT necessary. However I believe that because of the force field that will surround Mr. Noory that it could be helpful for him.George fan Dr. long have you been working

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