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Creatures, Myths & Legends

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New Study Hopes to Spot the Tasmanian Tiger

Mar 24, 2017

A pair of scientists in Australia are launching an ambitious project in the hopes of capturing proof that the legendary thlyacine is still alive.

Watch: 'Goblin' Filmed by Terrified Children in Argentina

Feb 27, 2017

A bizarre video recorded by some children in Argentina seems to show a strange creature approach the group and send them running away in fear.

Knapp's News 2/26/16

Feb 26, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

Knapp's News 2/19/17

Feb 19, 2017

George Knapp shares some items that have recently caught his attention.

Sasquatch Tracks Found in Washington?

Feb 18, 2017

A Bigfoot researcher in Washington state suspects that a half-mile series of intriguing tracks discovered in the snow earlier this week may be a sign of Sasquatch.

Washington State Wants a Piece of the Bigfoot Pie

Feb 15, 2017

Already largely synonymous with the legendary Bigfoot, one politician in Washington state is looking to take that association one giant step further.

Historian Turns 'Gnome Hunter'

Feb 14, 2017

An ambitious historian hopes to get to the bottom of a legendary tale which has mystified paranormal researchers for decades.

'Mystery Animal' Filmed in Australia

Feb 10, 2017

A night vision camera in an Australian forest captured a puzzling glimpse of a diminutive creature that no one seems to be able to identify.

Alabama City Claims Bigfoot Title

Feb 10, 2017

Step aside, Birmingham and move over, Montgomery, because when it comes to Bigfoot in the state of Alabama, one small city believes that they are at the center of the action.

Watch: 'Sasquatch' Spotted During Weather Report

Feb 10, 2017

A Massachusetts TV station's live report from Thursday's massive storm featured as surprise guest as 'sasquatch' stumbled upon the scene.

UNM Bigfoot Imbroglio Spawns Bill Backing Bizarre Ban

Feb 9, 2017

Following revelations that a University of New Mexico administrator had used taxpayer money to hunt for Bigfoot, lawmakers in the state have proposed a strange piece of legislation that would put an end to such expeditions.

'Mystery Creature' Merely an Illusion

Feb 6, 2017

A British photographer caused a brief stir over the weekend when he shared a puzzling picture that he suspected may have captured some kind of sea creature.

Bigfoot Print Found in UK Forest?

Feb 4, 2017

A puzzling footprint discovered by a man walking his dog in a forest near the English city of Manchester has led some to suggest that it could have come from the legendary Bigfoot.

New Twist in the North Dakota '7-Mile-Long Bigfoot Trail' Case

Feb 1, 2017

The story of the North Dakota tracker who claimed to have followed a seven-mile-long trail of Bigfoot prints has taken an odd turn via an anonymous letter sent to a local TV station.

Video: 5 Fantastic Bigfoot Cases

Jan 30, 2017

By their very nature, alleged Bigfoot sightings vary wildly in quality and veracity, but there are a handful of cases that stand out as truly remarkable encounters with the creature that are worthy of note.

Game Camera Photographs Tasmanian Tiger?

Jan 23, 2017

Australia's Thylacine Awareness Group have released a new image which features a mysterious canine-looking creature that may be the legendary Tasmanian Tiger.

Group of Bigfoot Filmed by Yellowstone Webcam?

Jan 17, 2017

While watching a webcam aimed at Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser on Christmas Day, a Bigfoot enthusiast believes that he spotted a group of Sasquatch gathering in the area.

Odd 'Entity' Photographed During Full Moon?

Jan 16, 2017

A pair of photos taken during a recent full moon have left viewers perplexed due to what appears to be the presence of some kind of entity that suddenly appears in the second image.

North Dakota Man Says He Tracked Bigfoot for Seven Miles!

Jan 14, 2017

A seasoned trapper in North Dakota claims that he tracked the legendary and elusive Bigfoot for an astounding seven miles!

Bigfoot Photographed in Northern Ireland?

Jan 12, 2017

A woman in Northern Ireland believes she may have photographed the legendary Bigfoot while walking her dogs in a forest that some say is haunted.

China's 'Horse Deer' Caught on Film

Jan 10, 2017

For the first time ever, researchers in China have obtained footage of a mysterious creature dubbed the 'horse deer.'

Could an English Werewolf be the Next Nessie?

Jan 4, 2017

A paranormal investigator in Britain believes that the story of a legendary werewolf spotted in an English forest over the years could transform one county into a paranormal tourist destination.

The Coolest & Craziest 'Creature' Sightings of 2016

Dec 30, 2016

While Bigfoot may be the 'big daddy' of the cryptozoology world, there were a number of other fantastic creatures that managed to snag some of the spotlight throughout 2016.

C2C's Best Bigfoot Stories of 2016

Dec 28, 2016

2016 turned out to be a pretty busy year for Bigfoot as the creature 'starred' in no less than nine videos from locations around the world while also finding itself mixed up in the usual misunderstandings that always seem to befall the beloved cryptid.

Live Chat with William Henry

Dec 27, 2016

Coast Insiders, join our Live Chat with investigative mythologist William Henry this Wednesday night.

Santa Tracker

Dec 24, 2016

Check out the progress of Santa and his reindeer on the Official NORAD Santa Tracker-- a tradition that has been running for over 50 years.

2016 'Golden Yeti' Winner Announced

Dec 9, 2016

Prolific author and renowned researcher Karl Shuker has been named the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Golden Yeti Award for outstanding work in the field of cryptozoology.

Nessie Sightings Increase in 2016

Dec 6, 2016

An organization which collects and analyzes Loch Ness Monster reports announced that 2016 has produced the most credible number of Nessie sightings since 2000.

Watch: Tasmanian Tiger Filmed by Game Camera?

Dec 3, 2016

Newly released game camera footage from Australian researchers may be the latest piece of potential evidence that the legendary Tasmanian Tiger still exists.

Watch: Strange 'Sea Creature' Filmed in Alaska

Nov 23, 2016

A perplexing piece of footage purportedly captured by tourists visiting Alaska has left viewers baffled and wondering if it could be a sea creature of some kind.

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