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Mystery of Squid's Mismatched Eyes May Be Solved

A fresh look at one of the ocean's most vexing sea creatures, the cockeyed squid, may have finally solved the mystery of the animal's bizarre appearance.

Japanese Group Decries Valentine's Day 'Conspiracy'

Feb 13, 2017

A strange cadre of protestors in Japan have taken to the streets to speak out against what they say is a conspiracy centered around Valentine's Day.

Infamous 'Ghost Plane' Seen Again

A legendary phantom airplane said to haunt the skies over a county in England has allegedly been seen once again by a baffled witness.

Eerie 'Mystery Noise' Recorded by Witness

Unlike many mystery sound cases which seem to rely only on witness recollection, a recent event in the UK was recorded by a man who managed to capture the noise using his cell phone.

Elusive 'Blue Jets' Caught on Film

An ESA astronaut working aboard the ISS has captured incredible footage of two rarely-seen weather events which have long puzzled scientists.

Newscast Has No Love for UFOs

In a sure sign that it's February sweeps, a TV station in Colorado recently featured a segment on a UFO sighting at a ski resort that is sure to raise the ire of flying saucer fans.

'Mystery Animal' Filmed in Australia

A night vision camera in an Australian forest captured a puzzling glimpse of a diminutive creature that no one seems to be able to identify.

Alabama City Claims Bigfoot Title

Step aside, Birmingham and move over, Montgomery, because when it comes to Bigfoot in the state of Alabama, one small city believes that they are at the center of the action.

Video: Radio Station Has No Ghosts

In a unique twist on the usual TV news segments surrounding paranormal investigators, a recent feature from Detroit saw ghost hunters search for high strangeness but come up short.

Watch: 'Sasquatch' Spotted During Weather Report

A Massachusetts TV station's live report from Thursday's massive storm featured as surprise guest as 'sasquatch' stumbled upon the scene.

Video: UFO Filmed Near Vegas?

A woman living in North Las Vegas found herself featured on the local news after claiming to have witnessed a UFO twice over the course of the last week.

UNM Bigfoot Imbroglio Spawns Bill Backing Bizarre Ban

Following revelations that a University of New Mexico administrator had used taxpayer money to hunt for Bigfoot, lawmakers in the state have proposed a strange piece of legislation that would put an end to such expeditions.

Orange Alligator Astounds SC Town

Visitors to a pond in the South Carolina town of Hanahan have been left scratching their heads after spotting an alligator that boasts a most unusual color.

Exorcism Death Confounds Doctors

Feb 9, 2017

An unsettling incident involving the recent death of a Pakistani woman during an exorcism has raised concerns among medical professionals in the country.

George's Stage Show & Luncheon Series

Feb 9, 2017

CLICK HERE for details on George's live stage show & luncheon series.

Ghost Appears During Interview at Haunted House?

A paranormal research team in England believes that they have captured evidence for a spirit lurking in a home they were investigating.

DeLonge UFO Book Coming Soon

The long-awaited book from Blink-182 co-founder Tom DeLonge about his investigation into UFOs is already making news prior to release and that may just be the calm before the storm.

Hundreds of Ancient Amazon Geoglyphs Discovered

Feb 8, 2017

An astounding study on mysterious geoglyphs found in the Amazon jungle has uncovered more than 450 such ancient monuments located there and reveals new insights into how the earthworks were created.

Video: 5 Cases of Strange Deaths That Followed UFO Encounters

While witnessing a UFO is generally described as a wondrous event by most people, there have been a handful of incidents where an encounter with the phenomenon allegedly led to someone's demise.

Bizarre Gecko Boasts Slick Defense

A newly discovered species of gecko found living in Madagascar possesses a remarkable defense mechanism to ward off predators.

Are Solar Storms Behind Beaching Phenomenon?

NASA has commissioned a new study that may potentially solve the longstanding marine mystery of why some sea creatures become beached.

Odd Orb Filmed Following Jet in NH

An intriguing video submitted to MUFON by a witness in New Hampshire appears to show an anomalous orb chasing after a jet as it flies through the sky.

Eerie Anomaly Filmed at Brazilian Prison

A strange piece of footage from a maximum security prison in Brazil shows an eerie anomaly that some suspect could be a ghost.

'Mystery Creature' Merely an Illusion

A British photographer caused a brief stir over the weekend when he shared a puzzling picture that he suspected may have captured some kind of sea creature.

'Divine Cloud' Appears Over Tonga

A man living on the island of Tonga believes that he received a divine message in the form of an odd cloud that bears an uncanny resemblance to a divine figure.

Luncheon Series at the Great Greek

Feb 6, 2017

CLICK HERE to get more info on the luncheons!

Emerging Artists 2/5/17

Feb 5, 2017

On the first Sunday of the month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music selections.

Video: 5 Military Accidents That Were Kept Secret

Feb 4, 2017

As the old saying goes, accidents are bound to happen, and when they involve clandestine government projects, some snafus can quickly become top secret.

Bigfoot Print Found in UK Forest?

A puzzling footprint discovered by a man walking his dog in a forest near the English city of Manchester has led some to suggest that it could have come from the legendary Bigfoot.

Civil War Ghost Photographed in Virginia?

A family in Virginia believe their home security system may have captured an image of a Civil War ghost lingering in their living room and frightening their dog!

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