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'Cat Shaver' Prowls Virginia City

23 hours ago

Cat owners in the Virginia city of Waynesboro are being told to keep a close eye on their furry feline friends following a series of strange incidents.

Categories: True Crime, Weird & Bizarre

Chunky Monkey Sent to 'Fat Camp'

Wildlife officials in Bangkok have staged an intervention, of sorts, for a shockingly obese macaque and hope to help the creature get back into shape by sending it to a 'monkey fat camp.'

Cache of Classified JFK Files May Soon Be Released by Trump

A slew of tantalizing files concerning the JFK assassination are set to be released later this year under one intriguing condition: President Trump must allow it to happen.

Wandering Caveman Confuses City

Apr 28, 2017

Residents of Warsaw, Indiana were mystified when they spotted a caveman wandering through the streets of their city this week.

Researchers Report Two More Crop Circles in UK

It would appear that last week's curious formations found in England were indeed the start of crop circle season as two more designs were documented this past week.

Cassini's Epic Endgame Begins

The beginning of the end for the Cassini spacecraft is underway as NASA released the first images from the craft's incredible dive between Saturn and its rings.

Video: Jesus Statue in Mexico Moves Its Head?

Parishioners at a church in Mexico were left awestruck when they saw a statue of Jesus seemingly move its head during a Good Friday mass.

Salem Mayor Spots Spooky 'Face'

Apr 27, 2017

Despite presiding over a city long-associated with the themes of Halloween, the mayor of Salem, Massachusetts was still taken aback when she spotted a 'ghost' lurking in a lamppost.

'Aliens' Invade Immigration Hotline

A newly-created hotline for Americans to report crimes committed by "criminal aliens" became the target of pranksters who flooded the phone lines with ET tales and UFO reports!

Physicist Pops Bermuda Triangle 'Methane Bubble' Theory

One of the most popular prosaic explanations for the mysterious disappearances of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle has been debunked.

Haunted House for Sale in Texas Boasts Nine Ghosts!

A property put on the market in the city of Mineral Wells, Texas is allegedly home to a whopping nine ghosts!

Ohio Cops Hoping to Find 'Bigfoot'

Apr 26, 2017

Authorities in Beaver Township, Ohio have embarked on an unexpected search for Sasquatch following a strange theft in the area.

Shocking Study May Rewrite American History

A newly-published paper from paleontologists working out of San Diego suggests that humans may have resided in California as far back as 130,000 years ago!

Anomaly Hunters Spot 'Tree Stump' on Mars

Rogue researchers scouring NASA images for signs of past life on Mars believe they may have discovered evidence of an ancient tree stump on the Red Planet.

UK Mom Details Terrifying Haunting

A mother in England says that her young son was so tormented by a ghost in their home that she had to enlist 'paranormal experts' for help.

Scientist Argues for 'Ancient Aliens'

An astronomer at Penn State has put forward a remarkable hypothesis that should sound familiar to UFO enthusiasts and ancient alien advocates.

Thai 'Immortality Ritual' Turns Tragic

An alleged psychic medium in Thailand unexpectedly perished during a 'spirit dance' designed to demonstrate his immortality!

Live Chat with Tom Danheiser

Apr 25, 2017

Coast Insiders, don't miss our Live Chat with C2C producer Tom Danheiser, this Wed. night at 8p PT/11p ET.

New Voynich Clue Uncovered

A team of Russian researchers believe they have made significant progress in unraveling the mystery of the infamous Voynich Manuscript.

Shapeshifter Captured in Ghana?

In a bizarre story out of the African nation of Ghana, a farmer allegedly apprehended a 'shapeshifting creature' that had been tormenting a village.

Cat Unfazed by Rattlesnake in Texas

A Texas police department's warning to residents about rattlesnakes resulted in a 'fearless' cat becoming an Internet star.

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