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Strange New Details Emerge in Bizarre Brazilian Disappearance

Authorities remain baffled by the bizarre disappearance of an occult-obsessed young man in Brazil last month, as strange new details concerning the case have emerged.

Mystic Reveals Start Date for WWIII

A self-proclaimed clairvoyant who allegedly predicted the election of Donald Trump claims to know when World War III will start and it's only weeks away!

2017 UK Crop Circle Season Begins

Crop circle season in the UK appears to be underway as the year's first formations were found over the last few days.

Ferry Passengers Hit By Windswept Ashes in Australia

Apr 19, 2017

One family's solemn ash scattering aboard a ferry in Australia turned into a rather awkward experience for passengers aboard the ship when the wind interfered with the ceremony.

'Ghost' Video of Bollywood Star Stirs Up Controversy

A Pakistani TV program created a truly strange international commotion when it aired a video purportedly showing the ghost of a beloved Bollywood actor.

Video: Giant Shipworm Found Alive for the First Time

Researchers in the Philippines have discovered the first living specimen of an elusive and gruesome creature known as a giant shipworm.

Watch: Crocodile Attacks Elephant

A jaw-dropping piece of footage from a wildlife park in Malawi captures an incredible showdown between an aggressive crocodile and an elephant!

'Ghost Hunt' Goes Awry in SC

Authorities in the South Carolina city of Union arrested a group of self-described ghost hunters for allegedly breaking into a school to perform an unauthorized investigation.

Still-Living Thylacine Given Long Odds

Despite renewed hopes that the famed Tasmanian Tiger may not be extinct, a new research project suggests that the possibility is an enormous long shot.

Watch: Virgin Mary Statue 'Cries' in Argentina

A Virgin Mary statue owned by a family in Argentina has created a firestorm among the faithful in the area after it began 'crying blood.'

Nessie 'Disappearance' Causes Concern

The researcher responsible for compiling Loch Ness Monster reports has expressed concern about the fate of the famed creature because it hasn't been seen in months!

Vivid 'UFOs' Filmed in Arizona

A remarkable video of anomalous aerial activity taking place in the sky over the Arizona desert has sparked debate in the UFO community over the nature of the footage.

Video: 5 Amazing Mythical Creatures & Entities

Occupying the nebulous realm of urban legend and mythic lore are a number of fantastic beasts and bizarre beings that have allegedly been spotted over the years.

Knapp's News 4/16/17

Apr 16, 2017

George Knapp shared a number of news items that caught his attention.

Rise Of The Terminator?

New footage shows Russian robot FEDOR at a shooting range looking rather Terminator-like with two guns in hand target shooting.

Video: Horse Attacks Alligator

A shocking video shows a horse attacking an alligator near Gainesville, Florida.

Enceladus Has Potential Life Source

NASA's press conference today announced that a potential energy source for life appears to exist on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus.

Mysterious NASA Press Event to Reveal New Info

On Thursday, NASA will reveal "new results about ocean worlds" and the search for ET life.

The Anomalous 'Roswell Rock'

The curious object dubbed the 'Roswell Rock' has been stirring up new interest via a YouTube video.

Twin Embryos Kiss in the Womb

Apr 11, 2017

An ultrasound of a woman 24 weeks pregnant appears to show her twin babies kissing.

Video: 5 Paranormal Tales from WWII

Did combatants turn to the paranormal in an attempt to gain an edge?

New San Francisco Affiliate-- Starts April 17th

Apr 10, 2017

We're happy to announce the return of Coast to Coast AM to the San Francisco/Bay Area!

Jupiter Gets a Close-Up

Hubble snapped shots of Jupiter, as the planet made its closest approach in 1 year.

When Stars Collide

A crash between two young stars in the Orion constellation sparked a stellar fireworks display as giant streamers of dust and gas were sent into space.

8-Year Old Girl Raised by Monkeys

Authorities in India were shocked to discover an 8-year-old living "comfortably" with a group of monkeys.

Occult-Obsessed Student Vanishes

Authorities in Brazil are baffled by the bizarre disappearance of a college student obsessed with the occult and aliens.

Mystery Grave Stumps British Cops

The inexplicable appearance of a fresh, unmarked grave in the cemetery of a 12th century churchyard has left British authorities baffled.

Unsettling Shipment of Creatures Stopped at Australian Border

Agents tasked with overseeing parcels arriving to Australia from out of the country discovered a particularly unsettling package that contained an incredible cache of snakes, spiders, and scorpions!

Crooked Forest Continues to Vex Experts

A peculiar patch of forest in Poland has proven to be an enduring mystery as scientists still cannot explain why the trees are bent 90 degrees.

Mermaid Accused of Murder in Zimbabwe

In a bizarre story out of Zimbabwe, the mysterious drowning death of two young boys is being blamed on a mermaid attack!