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Does the Vatican Have a Time Machine?

In one of the more exotic conspiracy theories to come along in quite some time, a concerned researcher claims that the Vatican has a time machine and that it gave the technology to the CIA!

Scientist Claims to Have Decoded Crop Circles

A former molecular biologist who has been studying crop circles for the last 20 years believes that the enigmatic formations contain coded messages and that he has deciphered them.

Last Ripper Victim May Be Lost Forever

An attempt to locate the remains of the final 'official' victim of infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper has spawned a new mystery of sorts.

Sliced Snowbank Reveals Buried Jeep

Workers clearing a road in California's infamous Donner Pass were stunned to discover a Jeep Cherokee buried under 20 feet of snow.

Brazilian President Switches Homes Due to Ghosts!

The president of Brazil revealed a remarkable reason for his strange decision to move out of the country's presidential palace: ghosts!

Exterminator Films Terrifying Spider Encounter

During a recent inspection job, an Australian pest control company captured footage of a Hunstman spider that is pure nightmare fuel.

Weird Whale Clusters Stump Scientists

Researchers are baffled by bizarre behavior exhibited by humpback whales where the normally solitary creatures have been spotted appearing in clusters numbering in the hundreds.

The Phoenix Lights Case Turns 20

Mar 13, 2017

March 13th marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic cases in UFO history: the Phoenix Lights incident.

Watch: Ghost Attacks Boy in India?

A curious piece of footage from India purportedly shows a young boy being accosted by a ghost as he walks through a forest.

Strange Pattern on Icelandic Lake Stumps Locals

Residents living around Iceland's Lake ├×ingvallavatn were baffled this week when a strange pattern appeared on the ice-covered lake.

Giant Ancient Statue Found in Cairo

Mar 10, 2017

An incredible 3,000-year-old statue was found hiding in plain sight in one of Cairo's impoverished neighborhoods.

Hawking Suggests Unsettling Safeguard Against AI

Once again warning about the dangers associated with artificial intelligence, Stephen Hawking offered a solution that may have some people siding with the robots.

Video: 5 Puzzling 'Mystery Person' Cases That Were Eventually Solved

Mar 10, 2017

Almost an eerie doppelganger to unexplained vanishings are baffling cases of people whose identities were a mystery.

Watch: Ornery Elephant Charges Biker

Residents of a village in India were shaken when an angry elephant stormed down through the streets in a thirst-induced rage.

Japan Battling Radioactive Boars

With Japan soon to re-open residential areas that had been evacuated due to the Fukushima disaster, officials are faced with a daunting task: eradicating radioactive boars that have taken over the towns.

Attorney's Pants Ignite During Arson Trial

In a tale almost too ironic to be true, a defense attorney in Florida had his pants catch on fire as he was presenting his closing argument in an arson trial!

Iraqi Mystic Claims Trump is Possessed by a Jinn!

A self-proclaimed healer in Iraq has declared that President Trump's mercurial nature is an indication that he is possessed by a jinn!

Scientists Say Fast Radio Bursts Could Come From Aliens

A pair of astronomers from Harvard suggest that the mysterious space phenomena known as 'fast radio bursts' could be coming from aliens!

Watch: Ghost Visits Baby?

It's long been suspected that babies can see spirits and other paranormal phenomena that adults cannot and a recent video captured by a mother in England has made her a believer.

Video: Creepy Voodoo Doll Blamed for Mass Hysteria in Nicaragua

In a bizarre story out of Nicaragua, thirty villagers have reportedly become afflicted with a mysterious disease that is being blamed on a voodoo doll!

'Mystery Beast' is Feasting on Sheep in Scotland

For the past five years, farmers living in an area of northern Scotland have noticed that their sheep have fallen victim to a perplexing unknown predator.

Massive Cruise Ship Nearly Crashes Into House

Mar 8, 2017

A normally breathtaking view from a home in Florida's Port Everglades suddenly turned troubling when an enormous cruise ship barreled frighteningly close to shore.

Watch: New Whale Footage is First of Its Kind

A creature that has long baffled marine biologists has finally been captured on film and can now be seen in its natural habitat for the first time.

WikiLeaks Takes on the CIA

The latest salvo in the unfolding intrigue surrounding global espionage was unleashed by WikiLeaks on Tuesday in the form of a huge cache of files purportedly from the CIA.

Video: Thai Turtle Eats Treasure

Treatment of a sick turtle in Thailand turned into an impromptu treasure hunt for veterinarians when they removed an astounding 915 coins from the creature's stomach!

River in Spain Turns Green

Residents living along the Valira River in Spain were aghast when the water inexplicably turned a vivid green color.

Zambian Shadow Person Unmasked

Mar 6, 2017

The eerie image of a strange 'shadow person' hovering over a shopping in mall in Zambia has been shown to be a hoax.

Armed Clowns Terrify Kids in PA

After fading from the zeitgeist last fall, a recent incident in Pennsylvania has taken the creepy clown phenomenon to a disturbing new level.

Strange 'Shadow Person' Appears in the Sky Over Zambia

Shoppers at a mall in the African nation of Zambia were taken aback when they spotted a strange anomaly in the sky that bore a striking resemblance to a shadow person.

Emerging Artists 3/5/17

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music selections.