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'Demon Tree' Spotted at Cemetery

While taking a walk on the morning after a treacherous thunderstorm, a St. Louis man was stunned to discover a tree burning from the inside out.

Watch: Bush Talks UFOs on Kimmel

Former President George W. Bush recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel program and, as has become tradition, the comedian pressed him for answers about UFOs.

Eerie 'Turkey Circle' Caught on Film

A driver in Massachusetts was left dumbfounded when he spotted a flock of wild turkeys eerily circling the body of a dead cat!

Family in England Forced to Flee Haunted Flat

An upset mother in England says that she and her one-year-old son were forced to flee their apartment due to troubling ghostly activity in the home.

Hippo Murder May Be a Hoax!

The tragic tale of a beloved hippo murdered at a zoo in El Salvador has taken a scandalous twist as it now appears that the animal actually died of neglect!

Eat and Greet Luncheon Series

Mar 2, 2017

CLICK HERE for details on George's luncheon series.

Eerie 'Figure' Spotted by Utah Traffic Cam

In addition to catching scofflaws and ne'er-do-wells, an expansive system of traffic cameras deployed by the Utah Department of Transportation may have also photographed a ghost!

Man 'Buried Alive' & Broadcasting

As part of a remarkable project underway in Ireland, a man has been buried alive and is 'broadcasting' from the grave.

Odd Ad Declares Royal Dispute

Mar 2, 2017

A bizarre newspaper ad placed in the prestigious British publication The Times asserts that a man in Colorado is the rightful King of England and he's decided to claim his throne.

Party in Spain Pulls Off Epic 'Dine & Dash'

The owner of a restaurant in Spain was left both angry and amazed when an astounding 120 patrons fled the scene before paying for their meal.

Battle Erupts Over Fossil Auction

Plans to auction an enormous plesiosaur skeleton in Paris have been met with outrage from geologists in Morocco who believe that the ancient belongs to their country.

Ouija Board Spells Trouble for Kindergarten Teacher

A teacher in Milwaukee is under fire after it was revealed that she used a Ouija Board with her class of kindergartners!

Teen's Selfie Photobombed by Ghost?

A teenage girl in Georgia may have captured a selfie for the ages as it appears to feature a rather distinct ghost lurking in the background.

'Fireball' Over Tasmania Spawns Firestorm Online

Video of an anomalous object in the sky over Tasmania that was posted online earlier this week had some suspecting that the oddity was a UFO.

Cops in Chile Encounter Poltergeist!

Responding to what they thought was a routine call about a fire at a house, authorities in the Chilean city of Puerto Montt reportedly encountered a poltergeist terrorizing a family!

New 'Hybrid' Robot is Rather Creepy

A new video from robotics company Boston Dynamics showcases their latest advancement in creating the machines that may someday enslave all of humanity.

'Devil's Kettle' Mystery May Be Solved

A puzzling natural landmark that has vexed Minnesotans for generations may have finally given up its secret as researchers believe they have solved the mystery of the Devil's Kettle.

Watch: 'Goblin' Filmed by Terrified Children in Argentina

A bizarre video recorded by some children in Argentina seems to show a strange creature approach the group and send them running away in fear.

Russian Cop on Trial for Trying to Create a 'Zombie Army'

Feb 27, 2017

A former police officer in Russia is on trial for allegedly enacting a gruesome plan to create his own 'zombie army.'

Panda in China Seen Eating a Goat!

The image of pandas as warm and cuddly creatures may need to be reconsidered in light of news that one of the iconic animals was recently caught feasting on a goat!

Live Chat with Glynis McCants

Our Live Chat for Coast Insiders with numerologist Glynis McCants was this past Tuesday night.

Irate Driver Shoots Traffic Camera

Feb 26, 2017

An agitated driver in China committed a remarkably skillful act of civil disobedience when he destroyed a traffic camera with a slingshot.

Polish Police Investigate Conspiracy Theorist's Eerie Death

New details have emerged concerning the mysterious death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers, who passed away last summer.

Has CERN Busted Ghosts?

A physicist in England believes that the research done by the Large Hadron Collider has proven that ghosts do not exist.

Artist Seals Himself Inside Boulder

Feb 24, 2017

A French performance artist is the currently in the midst of an odd display in which he has been sealed inside of a boulder for the next week.

Video: 5 Baffling Medical Mysteries

While television may make it seem like it takes only an hour to solve a medical mystery, there are some puzzling conditions which remain 'to be continued.'

'Sea Monster' Washes Ashore in Philippines

Residents of an island in the Philippines were perturbed and puzzled when the enormous carcass of a mysterious creature suddenly washed ashore yesterday.

Watch: Ghost Opens Hospital Gate?

An eerie piece of footage from a hospital in Argentina has some staff members convinced that the building is haunted after a heavy metal gate swung open on its own.

Tigers Win Game of 'Cat & Drone'

An endeavor aimed at providing exercise for the animals at a Siberian Tiger enclosure in China wound up with a drone turning into a chew toy for the monstrous creatures.