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Watch: Massive Lava Stream Pours from Volcano in Hawaii

A breathtaking new video filmed at Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano shows a huge stream of lava pouring into the ocean.

Pakistani Boy Eyes Odd Record

Feb 2, 2017

A teenager in Pakistan has found fame thanks to his bizarre ability to pop his eyes out of his head to an unsettling degree.

'Flying Saucer' Spotted at JPL

In a departure from scouring traditional sites like Area 51 and sources such as Mars rover images, an industrious anomaly hunter believes he has discovered a UFO at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab hiding in plain sight in an image from Google Earth.

New Twist in the North Dakota '7-Mile-Long Bigfoot Trail' Case

The story of the North Dakota tracker who claimed to have followed a seven-mile-long trail of Bigfoot prints has taken an odd turn via an anonymous letter sent to a local TV station.

Video: Snake Gets Stuck in Woman's Pierced Ear!

A woman in Oregon wound up in the hospital this week after her pet python somehow slithered into her pierced ear!

Giant Checkerboard Pattern Seen from Space

While floating above the Earth in the ISS, an astronaut aboard the space station noticed this vivid checkerboard pattern visible along Idaho's Priest River.

GoFundMe Campaign for ET Disclosure

Steve Bassett has started a GoFundMe campaign to end the ET truth embargo in 2017.

George Noory Live...Havin' Fun at CSUN!

Feb 1, 2017

CLICK HERE to find out about this grand event on May 6th!

C2C on Sirius XM

Jan 31, 2017

Sirius XM satellite radio is a great way to hear Coast to Coast AM live on a nightly basis.

Strange Creature Dubbed Human's 'Oldest Ancestor'

Researchers studying the fossilized remains of tiny, ancient creatures believe they have found the oldest ancestor to the human species and it is rather repugnant.

'Rapture Index' Tracks End Times Scenarios

Coming on the heels of last week's advancement of the Doomsday Clock, another potential harbinger of End Times has been updated and its forecast is also fairly ominous.

'Miracle Twins' Survive By Holding Hands in the Womb

A pair of twins in England are being celebrated after surviving perilous conditions in their mother's womb through what appears to be the power of love.

Video: Enormous Crack Forms in Arizona Desert

Jaw-dropping drone footage from the Arizona Geological Survey shows a monstrous crack that has burst open in a part of the state's desert.

Odd UFO Emerges from Volcano in Mexico

A perplexing piece of video via a webcam watching volcanoes in Mexico shows a small ball of light slowly emerge on screen before bursting into a massive glow.

Video: 5 Fantastic Bigfoot Cases

By their very nature, alleged Bigfoot sightings vary wildly in quality and veracity, but there are a handful of cases that stand out as truly remarkable encounters with the creature that are worthy of note.

'Mass Possession' Grips Jamaican School

A concerned mother in Jamaica claims her daughter has been possessed by a demon and says that several children at her school have also been attacked by the evil spirit.

Study Suggests 'Life Review' is Real

An enlightening research project led by a neurologist in Jerusalem makes the case that a longstanding facet of near-death experiences, the 'life review,' is more than mere urban legend.

Escaped Tiger Terrifies Italian Town

Residents of the Italian town of Monreale were fearing for their lives over the weekend after a massive Bengal tiger was spotted roaming the streets!

Knapp's News 1/29/17

Jan 29, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of news items that have recently caught his attention.

Cluster of UFOs Filmed at Mexican Border?

A strange video making the rounds online purportedly shows a cluster of anomalous glowing orbs flying across the Mexican border into United States and that may not even be the strangest thing about the footage.

'Psychic' Cat Fetches Big Bucks

In a bizarre story out of Russia, a man claims to have turned torment into treasure after selling his troublesome 'psychic' cat for a whopping sum.

Bosnian Healer Licks Eyeballs

An elderly woman in Bosnia has developed a reputation as a healer in her community via her bizarre practice of licking eyeballs clean and sometime curing them of ailments.

Astronomer Claims Approaching Asteroid is a Piece of Planet X!

An asteroid detected by NASA and due to pass by the Earth next month has spawned concern from a conspiracy-minded astronomer who believes that it is actually heading right for us!

Huge Hotel Plunges Into River

In dramatic footage from Peru, a three-story hotel goes from idyllic vacation destination to a pile of rubble when the building plummets into a raging river.

Odd UFO Event Occurs Over Austin

Something strange appeared in the sky over Austin, Texas on Monday night and wildly differing reports from witnesses only serve to make the event even more baffling.

Watch: Ghost Strikes Piano Keys?

A ghost investigator in the UK claims to have captured video footage of an unseen force striking the keys of a piano.

Doomsday Clock Gets Advanced

In their annual assessment of threats facing the planet, the group behind the 'Doomsday Clock' unveiled their outlook as of 2017 and it is troubling.

Happy Birthday, Opportunity Rover

Once merely the gleam in a NASA engineer's eye, the Mars Opportunity Rover celebrated a milestone birthday this week as it reached an astounding 13 years since landing on the Red Planet.

Haunted PA Hotel Awarded Ouija Record

Jan 25, 2017

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially bestowed the title of 'World's Largest Ouija Board' to an allegedly haunted hotel in Pennsylvania.

Watch: Train Smashes Fed Ex Truck

Jan 25, 2017

A jaw-dropping piece of footage, courtesy of a police dashcam in Utah, shows a passenger train slamming into and destroying the back end of a Fed Ex truck.

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