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Unsettling Shipment of Creatures Stopped at Australian Border

Agents tasked with overseeing parcels arriving to Australia from out of the country discovered a particularly unsettling package that contained an incredible cache of snakes, spiders, and scorpions!

Crooked Forest Continues to Vex Experts

A peculiar patch of forest in Poland has proven to be an enduring mystery as scientists still cannot explain why the trees are bent 90 degrees.

Mermaid Accused of Murder in Zimbabwe

In a bizarre story out of Zimbabwe, the mysterious drowning death of two young boys is being blamed on a mermaid attack!

'Jersey Devil' Captured on Film?

A construction worker returning home from a job in Pennsylvania believes he and a friend may have spotted the infamous 'Jersey Devil.'

Are There No Forests on Flat Earth?

One of the strangest conspiracy theories to come along in quite some time has electrified Flat Earth fans and intrigued outsiders who are amazed by its appeal.

Video: 5 Secrets from the Creepy World of Disney

Apr 5, 2017

Despite being synonymous with wonder and whimsy, the world of Disney has a few unsettling elements that the entertainment giant would likely wish to keep secret.

Classroom 'Ghost' Spooks College

An eerie piece of footage from a university in England caused some students and teachers to suspect that there is a ghost lurking in their midst.

Video: 'The Watcher' Writes Again

The saga of the sinister stalker known as 'The Watcher' appears to be far from over as the mysterious writer recently sent another letter to the New Jersey home plagued by the unsettling missives.

'Claw Master' Collects Massive Haul

Apr 4, 2017

A Chinese man famous for his extraordinary ability to garner prizes from arcade claw machines says that he snatched an astounding 15,000 toys in the last year!

Hendrix Statue in UK Reportedly Plays Ghostly Music

A statue of rock legend Jimi Hendrix on the Isle of Wight in the UK has reportedly been the center of some strange paranormal activity over the last few weeks.

UFOs Spotted on SpaceX Feed?

A strange series of events surrounding anomalies seen on a live feed from SpaceX has raised suspicions among some UFO enthusiasts.

DNA Test May Solve Nessie Mystery

A college professor in New Zealand has proposed a novel new approach to possibly solving the Nessie mystery: DNA testing.

Badger Burying Cow Stuns Scientist

A conservation biologist studying scavenger animal behavior in a Utah desert was amazed when his game cameras captured footage of a badger burying an entire cow!

Emerging Artists 4/2/17

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music selections.

MA Police Post Odd Warning

Authorities in a Massachusetts town are warning drivers to be mindful of a paranormal creature purportedly lurking in their midst!

Storm-Damaged Tree Eerily Resembles Legendary Ghost

A powerful storm that swept through Rochester, New York ripped open a tree and created an eerie visual that bears a striking resemblance to a legendary local ghost.

'Ghost Nun' Spotted in Window of Irish Convent

A video documenting the demolition of a disused convent in Ireland may have captured the spirit of a nun looking through a window.

Annual Report on Canadian UFO Sightings Released

A UFO research group in Canada have released their exhaustive annual analysis of sightings reported in the country over the last year.

Watch: Security Camera Films Possessed Maid?

A creepy piece of footage from a home security system in Singapore appears to show a family's maid being possessed!

Shark Gets Snagged by Cyclone

A powerful cyclone that pounded Australia earlier this week apparently had an inadvertent storm chaser as it carried a five-foot-long bull shark miles inland.

Mysterious Sculptures Discovered During Church Restoration

A restoration project at a historic Catholic Church in Rhode Island revealed a pair of puzzling statues that have left parishioners scratching their heads.

Trailer: 'In Their Own Words'

L.A. Marzulli shares a trailer for his new documentary.

'Ghost Monk' Caught on Film?

The crew of an English ghost hunting show believe they may have inadvertently filmed a legendary spirit said to lurk in underground tunnels beneath a pub.

Study Says California is the Top State for UFO Reports

An ambitious new book from a pair of UFO researchers has determined that California is the top state for reported sightings since the turn of the century.

Bosnian Teen Breaks Odd Record

Mar 29, 2017

A teenager in Bosnia boasting a black belt in taekwondo captured the world record for smashing concrete blocks with his head.

Apollo Astronaut Argues That ETs Haven't Found Us Yet

Apollo astronaut Alan Bean, the fourth man ever to walk on the moon, has a rather intriguing argument for why he believes aliens have not visited the Earth.

Watch: Angry Kangaroo Attacks Car

An awesome video from Australia captures the moment when a kangaroo gets fed up with being followed by a car and decides to stand its ground.

Italian Cops Stop Strange Grave Robbery Plot

Mar 28, 2017

A criminal gang's incredibly bizarre scheme to rob the grave of a famed Italian was thwarted by authorities this week.

Bevy of Mysterious Crop Circles Appear in Argentina

Authorities in Argentina are investigating a strange series of crop circles which mysteriously and suddenly appeared one morning earlier this month.

Watch: Bikers Encounter Entity in Sumatra?

A bizarre video from Sumatra appears to show a group of dirt bike riders encounter a diminutive entity that leaves them stunned as it scurries away.

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