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French Astronaut's 'ET Warning' Resurfaces

The story of a famed French astronaut purportedly issuing a dire warning thought to be about ETs during a suicide attempt has made headlines this week despite being nearly a decade old.

Mummified Alien Found in Peru?

A researcher in Peru has come into possession of a strange humanoid figure that some suspect may be the mummified remains of an alien!

'Mystery Plane' Inexplicably Circles Denver

Nov 17, 2016

A mysterious white plane spotted circling the Denver metro area on Wednesday has residents and authorities perplexed as no one can seem to identify where it came from or what it was doing.

Man Dissolved by Yellowstone Hot Spring

Authorities have revealed gruesome details on the death of a young man who fell into a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park and subsequently dissolved!

Pizza Puzzle Stumps St. Louis Police

Nov 17, 2016

Authorities in a suburb of St. Louis are flummoxed over a strange incident where a mysterious stranger randomly left pizzas at a pair of homes.

Canadian Airliner Narrowly Avoids UFO!

A small passenger plane flying toward Toronto on Tuesday had to suddenly change course when faced with a UFO directly in its path!

'Killfie' Study Reveals Stunning Surge in India

A new study on deaths caused by selfies revealed that an astounding sixty percent of the victims come from India.

Sunken Dutch Warships Mysteriously Disappear

Nov 16, 2016

Officials in the Netherlands have launched an investigation after discovering that three Dutch warships that sank in WWII have apparently vanished.

C2C Website: New Look!

Nov 16, 2016

We're excited to launch our latest version of the C2C website, and hope you'll enjoy exploring its new look

Watch: Cyclops Goat Born in Middle East

A bizarre piece of footage showing a cyclops goat has gone viral online as thousands of mystified viewers found themselves marveling at the strange mutation.

Paranormal Date-- New Discount Code!

Paranormal Date now has over 54,000 members! It's completely free to join and search, and you can use the new code "Cybergeorge" for a 40% discount on all upgraded memberships from 1 month to 1 year (good till December 1st). More here.

'Ghost Boy' Captured in Car Selfie?

While battling boredom on a long car ride by taking selfies on her mother's phone, a young girl in Florida may have inadvertently photographed a ghost in their backseat!

Video: Luxury 'Doomsday Development' Being Built

A five-star condominium complex under construction north of Dallas aims to be the last refuge for doomsday preppers looking to ride out the apocalypse in style.

Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Says Trump is Pakistani

In keeping with an election that was rife with rumor and innuendo, a strange new conspiracy theory claims that Donald Trump was really born in Pakistan!

The Mothman Mystery Turns 50

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the first publicized sighting of the infamous Mothman entity in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, sparking a mystery that continues to this day.

Live Chat with Nancy Lieder

Our Live Chat for Coast Insiders with alien contactee Nancy Lieder, was this past Wednesday night. She shared messages and information from the "Zetas" as well updates on Planet X.

'Earthquake Lights' Illuminate New Zealand Sky

The massive earthquake that rocked New Zealand on Sunday also spawned a brief glimpse of the mysterious phenomenon known as 'earthquake lights.'

Canadian Man Digs His Own Grave

Nov 14, 2016

A Canadian construction company owner took his self-professed love of digging to a macabre but heartwarming level by actually preparing his own grave!

Mystery Boom Baffles the Black Hills

Nov 14, 2016

Denizens of South Dakota's Black Hills are flummoxed by a loud boom that occurred last week and cannot be explained by authorities or scientists.

Trump's Space Policy Begins to Take Shape

As the impending Trump administration begins to form, there are indications that NASA's agenda may drastically change under the new President.

Falsely Accused Snake Stuns Nigerian Village

After killing a swollen snake that they suspected of eating a calf, residents of a Nigerian village were amazed by what they discovered inside the creature.

Video: Selfie Stumble Results in Smashed Statue

Nov 12, 2016

A tourist visiting a museum in Portugal accidentally created a memory that will last a lifetime after a careless selfie attempt resulted in the destruction of a priceless statue.

'Mystery Object' Crashes in Myanmar

A mining community in Myanmar was rattled on Thursday when a giant metal cylinder plunged from the sky and crashed to the ground in their village.

Watch: Robot Smashes Rubik's Cube Record

A robot in Germany has crushed the world record for solving a Rubik's cube, accomplishing the task in an astounding .637 seconds.

Video: 'Possessed' Salad Dressing 'Attacks' Woman

Nov 11, 2016

What should have been the start of a delicious meal turned into a nightmare for a Wyoming woman who says she was attacked by a 'possessed' bottle of salad dressing!

Watch: Stuck Deer Crashes Through Store Window

In an incredible piece of footage from Oklahoma, a deer that had gotten stuck inside a clothing store made a jaw-dropping escape when it leapt through a huge glass window.

Video: Doctors in China Grow Ear on Man's Arm

A Chinese man who lost his ear in a traffic accident last year may soon have the appendage replaced by a new one that doctors are growing on his arm!

Watch: Mars 'Show Home' Unveiled in London

An enlightening new exhibit in London provides a possible glimpse into the future via a 'show home' that depicts how people may live on Mars.

Dead Man Elected to Office in CA City

In one of the stranger results from Tuesday's election, a California man was elected city treasurer despite dying over a month ago!

Trump Win Dashes Dreams of UFO Disclosure

Last night's stunning victory for Donald Trump dealt a devastating blow to the UFO disclosure movement which had pinned its hopes on a Clinton presidency.

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