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Knapp's News 5/18/14

May 18, 2014

George Knapp shares a number of items of recent interest, including his I-Team reports on Bob Lazar, 25 years later.

Fiendish Fish Found in Florida

May 3, 2014

A Florida fisherman in search of shrimp ended up catching a hideous piece of history as he inadvertently ensnared an elusive goblin shark.

Celestial Lettuce Farm

Apr 13, 2014

Astronauts will soon be growing their own lettuce aboard the ISS as part of a new project due to arrive later this week via the Space X Dragon cargo ship.

Illustration: "City Bomb Burst"

Apr 7, 2014

Guest in the first half of the 4/7/14 show, Bob Gleason shares this illustration titled "City Bomb Blast."

Volcanic Island Eats Neighbor

Apr 5, 2014

A newborn volcanic island, which rose from the sea in November 2013, has swallowed it's neighbor whole.

Over 300 Quakes Hit Chile

Mar 25, 2014

In the past week, over 300 earthquakes have hit Chile's northern coast, and scientists are uncertain if all this seismic activity is a harbinger of something devastating.

Knapp's News 3/23/14

Mar 23, 2014

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention including an article about how one or more fragments of a rare meteorite possibly landed near St. Thomas, Ontario.

Earth's Secret Water Reservoir

Mar 12, 2014

According to new research, Earth may have a vast reservoir of water deep underground, enough to equal all the water in the world's oceans.

Volcanoes Give Life

Mar 11, 2014

While the violent eruptions of volcanoes are known for taking away life, now it turns out, that they also save life.

Did Ancient Asteroid Yield Acid Rain?

Mar 9, 2014

A new study on the asteroid impact believed to have caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs has revealed a potential additional layer of devastation from the catastrophic event.

Spiral in the Egyptian Desert

Feb 25, 2014

Seen from above, this spiral design in the Egyptian desert captured by Google Earth appears mystifying.

Satellite Storm Image

Feb 13, 2014

This NOAA satellite image, taken on Thursday morning, captures the full sweep of the winter storm as it moves over the Eastern seaboard.

Comet May Have Killed Off Woolly Mammoths

Feb 4, 2014

A comet that hit Earth 12,900 years ago may have caused the extinction of woolly mammoths in North America.

Consciousness Experiment: CA Rain

Jan 30, 2014

With California water reservoirs at record lows, George is conducting a consciousness experiment at the start of Thursday's show.

Another Northeast Blizzard

Jan 21, 2014

Once again the Northeast is getting slammed with a blizzard and bitter cold temperatures.

Could a Mini Ice Age be Coming?

Jan 18, 2014

According to scientists, the recent lull in solar storms could lead to dramatic changes in global temperatures, with conditions similar to those before a mini ice age hit in 1645.

It's Colder than Mars!

Jan 2, 2014

America's current cold snap has brought temperatures to a staggering low of -42 F in parts of Minnesota, which is colder than the surface of Mars!

The Newfound Species of 2013

Dec 27, 2013

While 2013 may not have been the year that saw Bigfoot bagged or the Chupacabras captured, this past year boasted a surprising number of newly-discovered species.

Seattle's Baffling Underground Object

Dec 20, 2013

Work on a new underground highway tunnel in Seattle has been ground to a halt over the last two weeks as a mysterious object has stood in the way of the massive tunnel-boring drill used on the project

'Melting' Sea Star

Dec 19, 2013

Linda Moulton Howe shares images of sea stars to accompany her 12/19/13 presentation.

China's 'Bug Drug' Craze

Oct 24, 2013

While cockroaches may be the bane of apartment dwellers and homeowners in the United States, China has embraced the infamous insect as a key ingredient in remedies for ailments like ulcers, tuberculosis, and gastroenteritis.

Northern Lights From ISS

Oct 19, 2013

During the government shutdown, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) tweeted some spectacular snapshots.

Meteorite Recovered From Lake

Oct 16, 2013

Divers at a Russian lake have pulled out a half-ton meteorite that was part of a larger space rock that burned up over Central Russia back in February.

The Liu Gang Map

Oct 14, 2013

Check out the Liu Gang map that shows the Chinese had a sophisticated understanding of the Earth's geography going back centuries.

New Island Emerges

Sep 30, 2013

After a major earthquake jolted Pakistan last week, people in the coastal town of Gwadar were shocked to see an island emerge just a kilometer from shore.

Knapp's News 9/29/13

Sep 29, 2013

George Knapp shares some recent items of interest including his I-Team report about how JFK visited Las Vegas 50 years ago to check on a classified project to build a nuclear rocket engine.

Historic Colorado Flooding

Sep 16, 2013

Record amounts of rainfall in Colorado has caused flooding and devastation over a large swath of the state. Pictured is a woman looking at the flooded Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO.

Attack of the Drunken Wasps

Sep 7, 2013

According to the British Red Cross, a record number of worker wasps have nothing to do, their queens having been fully supplied with nectar, so they are getting drunk on fermenting fruit.

Yosemite Time Lapse Video

Aug 29, 2013

As the treacherous California Rim Fire continues, the National Parks Service has released a breathtaking time lapse video which captures the blaze from various angles within Yosemite National Park.

A Showcase of Storms

Aug 27, 2013

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released this remarkable map which tracks the paths of all the hurricanes and tropical cyclones found in its vast database

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Renegade scholar Randall Carlson discussed his research into Earth changes, catastrophic events, and ancient mysteries. Open Lines followed in final hour.

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