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Watch: Ruby Seadragon Filmed for the First Time

Jan 13, 2017

The breathtaking and mysterious creature known as a 'ruby seadragon' has been captured on film for the first time ever by marine biologists studying off the coast of Australia.

Fantastic Photo Conjures Chemtrail Concerns

Jan 11, 2017

An amazing photo taken by an Australian man while flying on an airplane inadvertently spawned a small controversy when angry conspiracy theorists claimed that it was evidence of chemtrails!

New Ape Species is a 'Jungle Jedi'

Jan 11, 2017

A newly-discovered species of gibbon found living in the jungles of China has been named after the iconic Star Wars character Luke Skywalker.

Mountain Lion Mystery Still Lingers

Jan 11, 2017

Despite being discovered over a year ago, wildlife officials in Idaho concede that they still have no idea what caused a downed mountain lion to sport a strange, 'horned' head.

China's 'Horse Deer' Caught on Film

Jan 10, 2017

For the first time ever, researchers in China have obtained footage of a mysterious creature dubbed the 'horse deer.'

Storm Smashes Iconic 'Tunnel Tree'

Jan 9, 2017

An enormous sequoia tree in California which became famous for having a tunnel carved in its base met its demise over the weekend due to a powerful storm that swept through the area.

Thousands of Toy Eggs Wash Ashore in Germany

Jan 6, 2017

An impromptu and highly unusual egg hunt erupted on a small German island this week after thousands of plastic toy eggs washed ashore.

'Wessie' the Snake Presumed Dead

Jan 2, 2017

The giant 'mystery snake' that captivated a city in Maine last summer is unlikely to be seen again as wildlife experts say that 'Wessie' probably perished with the arrival of winter.

Bizarre 'UFO' Rock Found in China

Dec 29, 2016

A massive and incredibly ornate-looking stone anomaly was uncovered by a villager in China who took a leap of faith that could turn out to be rather profitable.

Snails Shown to Swing Their Shells

Dec 28, 2016

A pair of snail species that populate parts of Japan and Russia have been revealed to possess a surprisingly pugnacious side.

Watch: Drone Films Icy Lighthouse

Dec 22, 2016

In a sign that winter has truly arrived, a lighthouse at Lake Michigan has once again taken on the appearance of a fairy tale castle covered in ice.

Russian Fisherman Catches Incredible Array of Odd Creatures

Dec 21, 2016

A deep sea fisherman from Russia is making waves online thanks to his absolutely amazing Twitter feed which showcases a bevy of bizarre creatures that he's managed to capture.

Supervolcano Stirring Under Naples

Dec 21, 2016

Researchers studying a massive volcano that sits beneath Naples, Italy are warning that they've recently seen worrisome signs at the site.

Video: 163 New Species Discovered

Dec 20, 2016

A new report from the World Wildlife Fund details an incredible array of previously undiscovered species of animals and plants found in an area of Asia known as Greater Mekong.

Video: Mariana Trench 'Mystery Sound' May Be Solved

Dec 19, 2016

Researchers believe they have identified the source of a bizarre and baffling 'alien sound' recorded near the Mariana Trench.

Watch: Rare Ghost Shark Filmed for the First Time

Dec 16, 2016

Researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium have captured the first ever footage of a bizarre and elusive species of ghost shark.

Video: Sewer Gator Surprises Man at Mailbox

Dec 16, 2016

A Florida man going to get his mail made an unusual and terrifying discovery when he spotted an alligator lurking in a storm drain near his feet!

Video: 'Sorting Hat' Spider Found

Dec 15, 2016

A strange-looking spider that was recently discovered in India is making headlines due to its remarkable resemblance to an enchanted hat from the Harry Potter books.

Moose Freed from Freezing Folly

Dec 13, 2016

A moose in Canada that found itself stuck in a freezing river owes a debt of gratitude to a group of firefighters that freed the unfortunate creature.

Odd Barnacle-Covered Object Washes Ashore in NZ

Dec 12, 2016

A bizarre and baffling barnacle-covered object discovered on a beach in New Zealand has observers guessing over what it might be.

TX Man Films Snake 'Playing Dead'

Dec 12, 2016

While out looking for interesting creatures to study, a self-taught snake expert in Texas was amazed to find a serpent that appeared to 'played dead' when he approached it.

Listen to the 'Voice' of a Monkey

Dec 11, 2016

Scientists studying the vocal anatomy of a monkey managed to create a nightmarish simulation of what the creature might sound like if it spoke.

Breathtaking Cloud Filmed in Brazil

Dec 10, 2016

Residents of the Brazilian city of Caxias were amazed earlier this week when they spotted a breathtaking but bewildering cloud formation in the sky.

Video: Circus Forces Dolphins to Jump Through Ring of Fire

Dec 9, 2016

Unsettling footage from a traveling circus in Indonesia shows unfortunate dolphins forced to leap through a ring of fire.

Dust Storm Dubbed 'Divine Intervention'

Dec 8, 2016

A monstrous dust storm that erupted on the border of Israel and Syria is being seen by some as a message from God.

Watch: Diver Films Rare Swimming Feather Star

Dec 6, 2016

A diver exploring the waters off of Thailand captured rare and incredible footage of a sea creature known as a feather star swimming.

'Fog Dome' Appears in Wales

Dec 5, 2016

Following the fog bow in Scotland last month, another weird weather formation has been spotted across the pond: a fog dome in Wales.

Man Fights Kangaroo to Save Dog

Dec 4, 2016

An incredible video from Australia captures the moment when a man was forced to fight a kangaroo in order to save a dog's life.

Strange Blobs Appear on CA Beach

Dec 1, 2016

Residents of Huntington Beach, California were baffled after thousands of mysterious gelatinous creatures washed ashore earlier this week.

Video: Ornery Hippo Charges Truck

Nov 27, 2016

A chance encounter with a wandering hippopotamus went from wondrous to worrisome for one South African man when the creature turned and barreled into his truck!

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