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Giant Alien Planets

Mar 14, 2013

Four monster-sized exoplanets have been found orbiting a relatively young star, about 130 light years from Earth.

Europa's Ocean

Mar 6, 2013

It's been discovered that the huge ocean on Europa likely interacts with the surface of the icy shell that covers it, so scientists may not have to drill far down to investigate it for possible signs of life.

Photo: Alien Planet Forming

Mar 2, 2013

A photograph of an alien planet in the process of forming has been captured for the very first time by astronomers.

A Marriage Made for Mars?

Feb 27, 2013

A proposed private space venture to mount a manned Mars flyby in 2018 may include an additional historic component: using a married couple as passengers

One Tiny Step

Feb 25, 2013

English 'micro-artist' Willard Wigan latest creation celebrates the Apollo 11 mission by depicting Buzz Aldrin's moonwalk inside the eye of a needle

Huge Sunspot Grows Fast

Feb 21, 2013

A huge sunspot, six times the diameter of the Earth, has formed on the surface of the sun in the last two days.

Knapp's News 2/17/13

Feb 17, 2013

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention including the latest details and footage of the Russian meteorite.

Asteroid Hurtles by Friday

Feb 13, 2013

Asteroid 2012 DA14 which flies by Earth on Friday, will not be in danger of hitting us, but it is making a record-setting close approach.

Puzzling Martian Object

Feb 8, 2013

NASA's Curiosity rover has discovered some strange-looking things during its mission on the Red Planet.

Secret Aircraft Over Area 51?

Feb 1, 2013

Video recently posted to YouTube may reveal a new type of secret aircraft being tested by the U.S. military.

Saturn's Colossal Storm

Jan 31, 2013

A colossal storm on Saturn that raged for 267 days was so large that it wrapped itself around the planet.

NASA's Red Clouds

Jan 29, 2013

A rocket launched this evening from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Va. released a vapor that created glowing red clouds above the Earth.

Proposed Hypersonic 'SpaceLiner'

Jan 24, 2013

A proposed hypersonic "SpaceLiner" could fly passengers from Europe to Australia in a mere 90 minutes.

'Magnetic Braids' in Solar Atmosphere

Jan 23, 2013

A NASA space telescope has revealed magnetic fields of super-hot matter in the sun's outer atmosphere that are interwoven like braids of hair.

UFOs on the Moon?

Jan 22, 2013

An intriguing video has been posted on YouTube that purports to show two UFOs flying over the surface of the moon.

Knapp's News 1/20/13

Jan 20, 2013

George Knapp shares a number of items of interest including his I-Team investigation report on NASA closing a deal with Bigelow Aerospace (pictured).

Rivers on the Red Planet

Jan 19, 2013

The European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft has captured astonishing new images of a 4-mile wide, 900-mile long river that that once flowed across the Red Planet.

Cosmic Black Cloud

Jan 16, 2013

A new photo captured by the European Southern Observatory in Chile shows the best view yet of a dark space cloud about 600 light-years from Earth.

Apophis Flyby

Jan 9, 2013

On Wednesday night, the asteroid Apophis (pictured in an artist's rendering) is flying past Earth.

17 Billion Earth-Size Planets

Jan 8, 2013

According to a new study, our galaxy hosts at least 17 billion Earth-size planets.

Knapp's News 1/7/13

Jan 7, 2013

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention including an article about private space travel and an I-Team report on Big Pharma standing in the way of natural treatments.

Birth of Planets Revealed

Jan 2, 2013

For the first time, astronomers have caught a glimpse of the formation of planets, as seen happening around a young star.

Knapp's News 12/23/12

Dec 23, 2012

A number of items have caught George Knapp's attention in the last week, including a gallery of the best space photos of 2012.

A View of Betelgeuse

Dec 22, 2012 has posted an artist's rendering of the supergiant star Betelgeuse, captured using state-of-the-art techniques on the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope.

Video: DARPA's Robotic Dog

Dec 21, 2012

U.S. military research agency DARPA has developed a giant robotic dog, dubbed AlphaDog, that can follow soldiers into rugged terrain carrying up to 400 pounds of heavy equipment.

Solstice 'Butterfly' in the Sky

Dec 20, 2012

Shamanic astronomer AJ McGettigan writes about the significance of the Winter Solstice, and shares a related graphic.

'Ghost Psycho' App

Dec 13, 2012

Tonight's first half guest, Joshua P. Warren, provides this illustration of how a ghostly apparition sometimes appears in a standard psychomanteum

Asteroid Toutatis Flyby

Dec 11, 2012

The 3-mile wide asteroid 4179 Toutatis (pictured in a computer generated image) is making a flyby past Earth tonight.

The Earth at Night

Dec 8, 2012

New images from NASA's Suomi NPP satellite show nighttime shots of Earth from space like you've never seen before.

DNA Photographed for the First Time

Nov 30, 2012

Professor Enzo di Fabrizio and colleagues from the University of Genoa, Italy, have taken the first direct photograph of a strand of DNA, the structure that contains the genetic instructions of all living things.

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Journalist Jim Marrs discussed the secret order of the Illuminati, followed by paranormal researcher Gavin Kelly who talked about his investigations.

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