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Ghost Appears in Family Photo?

Nov 28, 2016

A family visiting a famous 16th century castle in Scotland may have inadvertently photographed a notorious ghost said to reside at the location.

Mom Photographs Daughter's Guardian Angel?

Nov 18, 2016

A mother in England believes that she may have photographed a guardian angel watching over her daughter just weeks before she died.

Impending Supermoon Sparks Apocalypse Fears

Nov 3, 2016

A historic supermoon due to occur later this month has spawned another round of fears that it could be a sign that the End Times are upon us.

Knapp's News 10/30/16

Oct 30, 2016

George Knapp shares a number of Halloween-themed news items that have recently caught his attention including a roundup of true horror stories and a book of black magic intended to control Satan.

13 Days of Ghost to Ghost: Demonic Organ Player

Oct 23, 2016

To celebrate our upcoming Ghost to Ghost special on Halloween night, C2C is revisiting all thirteen installments of the annual spooktacular in the Coast archive.

Watch: 5 Unnerving Ouija Boards Experiences

Oct 5, 2016

Although tales of tragedy caused by a Ouija Board are often dismissed as urban legend, there are some instances where such unfortunate events appear to have actually happened.

New Study Sheds Light on Deathbed Visions

Sep 28, 2016

A recent study from Japan may strengthen the case for the afterlife as it found a remarkable number of dying people report having contact with the 'other side' prior to their death.

Watch: Body of Child Saint Opens Her Eyes?

Sep 25, 2016

An unnerving piece of footage from Mexico allegedly shows the preserved body of a child saint seemingly open her eyes!

Watch: Ghost Materializes in Mexico City Road?

Sep 20, 2016

An eerie piece of security camera footage from Mexico allegedly shows the spirit of a young woman materialize in the crosswalk of a road right in front of an oncoming car!

Satanic Temple to Open HQ in Salem, Mass

Sep 20, 2016

A religious organization known as the Satanic Temple believes they have found the perfect location for their international headquarters: Salem, Massachusetts.

Watch: 'Angel' Photographed Atop 9/11 Tribute

Sep 16, 2016

A remarkable image captured during the 9/11 tribute ceremony this past weekend has astonished many observers due to what appears to be a heavenly figure atop the lights.

Watch: 'Charlie Charlie' Causes Possession in Peru?

Sep 14, 2016

A trio of teenage girls in Peru purportedly became possessed by an evil spirit that they conjured while playing the Ouija-like game known as 'Charlie Charlie.'

Eerie Anomaly Photographed at 'Witch Temple'

Sep 13, 2016

A member of a ghost hunting tour at a series of subterranean chambers in Scotland photographed an unsettling anomaly in an area purportedly used as a 'witch temple.'

Dead Man Asks for Psychics to Contact Him

Aug 23, 2016

In an audacious experiment from a Norwegian TV show, a dying man took a secret message to the grave in an attempt to test the reality of psychic mediumship.

'True Cross' Relic Stolen from San Francisco Church

Aug 23, 2016

A priceless religious relic, said to be a fragment from Jesus' crucifixion cross, has been stolen from a Catholic Church in San Francisco.

Video: 5 Deaths Possibly Caused by the Paranormal

Aug 22, 2016

The paranormal has proven to be fairly harmless for those who pursue it, but there are a handful of cases where high strangeness may have played a hand in someone's demise.

How to Buy a Haunted House

Aug 19, 2016

Buying a haunted house may be a dream for some paranormal enthusiasts with the means and the mettle, but actually acquiring a genuine ghostly site is not as easy as it may seem.

Watch: CERN Scientists Stage Fake Human Sacrifice!

Aug 18, 2016

A truly incredible story has emerged from Geneva as scientists at CERN were caught on tape performing a mock human sacrifice!

Video: Virgin Mary Statue 'Cries' in Bolivia

Aug 18, 2016

Another Marian 'miracle' appears to have unfolded over the last week as a Virgin Mary statue suddenly began 'crying tears of blood' in Bolivia.

Video: Woman Gets 'Possessed' on Nicaraguan TV

Aug 17, 2016

An already strange TV news report on an exorcism in Nicaragua took an even more bizarre turn when a woman interviewed for the segment suddenly also became possessed!

A Look at China's 'Hungry Ghost Month'

Aug 2, 2016

In the Chinese culture, the seventh lunar month, which begins on Wednesday, is believed to be a period when spirits stuck between the living and the dead can make their presence felt.

Watch: Pesky Poltergeist Agitates Englishman

Jul 30, 2016

At attempt to investigate a potential haunting at a house in the UK resulted in chilling footage of dishes being thrown across a room and one very annoyed homeowner.

Watch: Soul Leaving the Body Captured on Film?

Jul 28, 2016

An unnerving piece of security camera footage from a Chinese hospital appears to show a woman's soul leaving her body after she passed away!

Watch: Ghost Follows Man into Taxi in Japan?

Jul 25, 2016

A chilling piece of security camera footage from Japan appears to show a ghost following a man as he gets inside a taxi cab!

Ghosts Blamed for Farmer Suicides in India

Jul 21, 2016

A politician in India is under fire after blaming ghosts for a spate of suicides by struggling farmers in his home state.

Watch: Security Camera Captures Ghost in Road?

Jul 18, 2016

A homeowner in the UK was stunned when his security system seemed to capture footage of a ghost lingering in the road near his property.

Spirit Captured in Crash Scene Photo?

Jul 14, 2016

An eerie image from a fatal motorcycle crash in Kentucky has gone viral after observers spotted what appears to be a spirit hovering over the scene.

'Charlie Charlie' Causes Panic in Colombia

Jul 12, 2016

Nearly two dozen schoolgirls in Colombia suddenly became possessed by some form of evil or mass hysteria after playing a Ouija-like game.

Woman Possessed by Ghost on Thai Talk Show?

Jul 8, 2016

A bizarre scene unfolded on a talk show in Thailand when a guest who claimed that she had been possessed by a ghost suddenly conjured the spirit on the air!

Massive Noah's Ark Replica Opens to the Public

Jul 8, 2016

An enormous replica of Noah's Ark, designed to be a veritable Biblical theme park, opened to the public in Kentucky on Thursday.

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