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Spirituality & Occult

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Bevy of Unmarked Graves Found Via Dowsing?

Mar 28, 2016

A Minnesota man claims to have discovered hundreds of unmarked graves that he found using the ancient art of dowsing, but officials in one city aren't quite convinced.

Lost Nazi Collection of Occult Books Rediscovered

Mar 19, 2016

A lost cache of occult books, devoted to witchcraft and belonging to infamous Nazi official Heinrich Himmler, has been rediscovered by a library in Prague.

School Closes Due to 'Possessed' Students

Mar 18, 2016

Administrators at a high school in the Philippines canceled classes for the day after students were reportedly possessed by evil spirits.

After-Death Contact Study Yields Surprising Results

Mar 14, 2016

A study from the University of Milan found that an amazing six out of ten people report having contact with a loved one who has passed away.

Witches Curse Infamous Pharma Exec

Mar 7, 2016

A group of witches in New York City are hoping for some supernatural justice after casting a hex on reviled pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli.

Brazen Criminal Gangs Targeting Albinos in Malawi

Mar 4, 2016

Authorities in the African nation of Malawi are being forced to take drastic measures as targeted attacks on people with albinism have gotten out of control.

Man Attempting to Sell 'Haunted' Bible on eBay

Feb 25, 2016

A man who claims to own a haunted Bible is attempting to sell the allegedly possessed book on eBay for a whopping amount of money.

Santa Muerte Popularity Has Vatican Concerned

Feb 10, 2016

Vatican officials are expressing consternation over the surging popularity of Santa Muerte, an unsanctioned "Saint of Death."

Baby Declared Dead Revives in Miraculous Fashion

Feb 9, 2016

A baby in China miraculously cheated death twice after being declared dead and then waking up in the morgue before he was scheduled to be cremated.

Notorious 'Demonic' House Gets Demolished

Feb 3, 2016

A home in Gary, Indiana that made headlines for allegedly being fraught with demonic activity has been demolished.

Woman Selling Home Due to 'Goat Entity'

Jan 31, 2016

After years of ghostly encounters inside her home, a woman in England finally had enough after spotting an entity with a goat-like visage on security footage from the property.

Paranormal Artifacts Get Rare Display in UK

Jan 22, 2016

A historic organization dedicated to the study of psychic phenomena is showcasing its massive collection of esoteric artifacts for the first time in 90 years.

California Wiccan Uses Magic to Fix Computers

Jan 12, 2016

A Wiccan Reverend in California has found an unusual outlet for her magical skills: eradicating computer viruses.

Bizarre Burial Patterns Dubbed 'Anti-Demonic'

Dec 21, 2015

A study of centuries-old skeletons unearthed in Poland has found a handful of bodies buried in a manner to suggest they may have been believed to be demons!

Strange Statue Reportedly Spawns Terrifying Nightmares!

Dec 14, 2015

Paranormal adventurers Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews told C2C how a strange statue, gifted to them by a listener of the program, has seemingly spawned terrifying nightmares for anyone who comes into contact with it. More here.

Bizarre Bone Theft Attributed to Religious Ceremony

Dec 7, 2015

A Connecticut man is facing a numerous charges after a bevy of bones were discovered in his apartment by police.

Did Edgar Cayce Predict Global Warming Effects?

Nov 18, 2015

American visionary and prophet Edgar Cayce may have predicted the effects of global warning more than 70 years ago.

New Tech Enables Better Spirit World Communication

Nov 17, 2015

An afterlife expert revealed how new developments in technology may assist in communicating with the dead. More here.

Ex-Skeptic: I Married A Psychic And Then Things Got Weird!

Nov 9, 2015

A former skeptic in all things paranormal revealed that when she married a psychic, her world turned upside down!

The Darkness Awakes: Exorcisms on the Rise

Nov 6, 2015

Is evil running rampant? The number of exorcism rituals has reportedly dramatically increased around the world.

CIA Insider: Dark Sorcery Controls America With Death Magic

Nov 6, 2015

A researcher with deep ties to the intelligence community joined Coast to Coast AM earlier this week to discuss the inner-workings of the secret societies he believes secretly control America.

Strange Dreams May Be Wake-Up Call From Beyond

Nov 4, 2015

Could an increase in bizarre dreams be warning signs from another realm? Details here.

Ouija Board Expert Warns: Don't Summon Evil Spirits

Nov 3, 2015

When using an Ouija board to communicate with spirits, one should be very careful not to unleash the forces of evil, an expert warned Coast to Coast AM host George Noory. More here.

Black Awakening: Rise of The Satanic New World Order

Oct 29, 2015

An occult expert told George Noory Tuesday night that the rise in satanic blood ritual crimes may be linked to a conspiracy to initiate the New World Order.

Ghost Secrets Revealed By Witch

Oct 28, 2015

In a fascinating interview with George Noory Monday night, practicing witch and author Raven Grimassi detailed the different ways that ghosts manifest themselves in the physical world and how witches communicate with the dead.

Live Chat with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Oct 20, 2015

Coast Insiders, don't miss our Live Chat with author and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley this Wednesday night at 8p PT/11p ET. Among the topics she'll delve into are black scrying mirrors for contacting the dead and negative hauntings...

C2C Classic: The Boy Who May Be A Reincarnated World War Two Pilot

Oct 16, 2015

A Louisiana boy who had nightmares about crashing to his death may be the reincarnated spirit of a World War Two pilot, his parents revealed on a classic C2C.

Paranormal Investigator Says Ghost Revealed Secret Rules of the Dead

Oct 16, 2015

A paranormal investigator who made contact with a ghost girl says she revealed the secret rules of the dead that they attempt to hide from the living.

Free Audio Clips: October 2005

Oct 14, 2015

This week our two free audio clips are from 10 years ago-- October 2005, when Robert Moss explained how we have natural communication with the departed in dreams, and Peter Levenda discusssed how a group of wealthy and powerful individuals made contact...

Live Chat with Richard Syrett

Sep 14, 2015

Coast Insiders, don't miss our Live Chat with C2C guest host Richard Syrett, this Tuesday night at 8p PT/11p ET. He'll delve into all the fascinating topics he covers on the radio show

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