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Watch: Jesus Statue Lifts Its Head?

Dec 17, 2016

A puzzling piece of footage purportedly showing a statue of Jesus moving its head has some speculating that it was a divine message.

Video: Sewer Gator Surprises Man at Mailbox

Dec 16, 2016

A Florida man going to get his mail made an unusual and terrifying discovery when he spotted an alligator lurking in a storm drain near his feet!

Watch: Face of a Ghost Filmed in Haunted Tunnel?

Dec 15, 2016

While exploring a notoriously haunted series of tunnels in the UK, a paranormal investigator believes he may have filmed the face of a ghost!

Mystery Booms Baffle Maryland Town

Dec 15, 2016

A town in Maryland plagued by the infamous mystery boom phenomenon hopes that a new study may finally find a source for the maddening sounds.

Watch: Rubik's Cube Record Broken

Dec 14, 2016

By a razor-thin margin of just .01 second, a young man in Australia captured the world record for the fastest completion of a Rubik's cube.

Are Starbucks Misspellings Really Mistakes?

Dec 14, 2016

A clever new conspiracy theory suggests that baristas at Starbucks purposely misspell customers' names on their cups as part of a sly marketing scheme.

Thai Company Creates 'Ghost Repellent' Device

Dec 14, 2016

A company in Thailand claims to have designed a device which will drive unwanted ghosts out of a person's home.

Odd Barnacle-Covered Object Washes Ashore in NZ

Dec 12, 2016

A bizarre and baffling barnacle-covered object discovered on a beach in New Zealand has observers guessing over what it might be.

TX Man Films Snake 'Playing Dead'

Dec 12, 2016

While out looking for interesting creatures to study, a self-taught snake expert in Texas was amazed to find a serpent that appeared to 'played dead' when he approached it.

Listen to the 'Voice' of a Monkey

Dec 11, 2016

Scientists studying the vocal anatomy of a monkey managed to create a nightmarish simulation of what the creature might sound like if it spoke.

Dowsing Dad Finds Ice Age Animal

Dec 9, 2016

A California man teaching his son the esoteric art of dowsing discovered the remains of an animal that experts say could be from the planet's last ice age!

Video: Circus Forces Dolphins to Jump Through Ring of Fire

Dec 9, 2016

Unsettling footage from a traveling circus in Indonesia shows unfortunate dolphins forced to leap through a ring of fire.

Grinch Stabs Frosty the Snowman

Dec 9, 2016

A miscreant in St. Louis ensured himself a place on Santa's Naughty List this year when he stabbed a giant inflatable Frosty the Snowman on the front lawn of a home.

UK Tourist Mystery Has New Twist

Dec 8, 2016

Surprising new information has come to light regarding the strange influx of Chinese tourists to the UK village of Kidlington, casting suspicions on last month's purported solution to the mystery.

Vandals Attack Zombie Nativity

Dec 7, 2016

The controversial Nativity scene in Cincinnati that features zombies in the place of religious figures was struck by vandals the day after makings its triumphant return for the 2016 holiday season.

Merry Krampusnacht!

Dec 5, 2016

While Santa may lay claim to a certain date later this month, December 5th belongs to the holiday season's resident demonic entity known as Krampus.

Man Fights Kangaroo to Save Dog

Dec 4, 2016

An incredible video from Australia captures the moment when a man was forced to fight a kangaroo in order to save a dog's life.

Mom Photographs Angelic Anomaly Near Her Son

Dec 2, 2016

An intriguing photograph from a mother in Washington D.C. appears to show an angelic entity hovering near her son.

Witch Conjures Bees to Recover Bike

Dec 2, 2016

A man in Kenya managed to recover his stolen motorbike by purportedly enlisting the help of a local witchdoctor and a swarm of bees!

Strange Blobs Appear on CA Beach

Dec 1, 2016

Residents of Huntington Beach, California were baffled after thousands of mysterious gelatinous creatures washed ashore earlier this week.

Video: Australian Boy's Explosive Wish Gets Granted

Dec 1, 2016

An Australian boy battling leukemia experienced the dream of youngsters everywhere when a charity organization teamed up with police and made his wish to 'blow stuff up' come true.

Watch: Creepy Sounds Recorded in Abandoned Mine

Dec 1, 2016

A man with the unusual hobby of exploring and documenting abandoned mines claims to have recently captured some incredibly creepy sounds during one expedition.

Video: Police Trailcams Get Pranked

Nov 30, 2016

A pair of trailcams deployed by police in Gardner, Kansas revealed an array of surprising 'wildlife' in their local park via some incredibly creative pranksters.

'Isis' Name Haunts UK Hair Salon

Nov 30, 2016

A hair salon in the UK with the unfortunate name of 'Isis' has decided to throw in the towel and change the title of their business following a purported threat by the terror group.

Watch: Strange 'Spa Theme Park' Planned for Japan

Nov 29, 2016

Having learning nothing from the frozen fish fiasco of the past few days, a city in Japan has announced plans to build a bizarre new theme park centered around hot tubs.

Do You Want This 'Haunted' Doll?

Nov 29, 2016

An unsettling and allegedly haunted doll is apparently being given away for free on Craiglist by someone in the Orlando area.

Mystery Object is Not Missing Nuke

Nov 28, 2016

A search by the Royal Canadian Navy has determined that an anomalous object discovered by a diver off the coast of British Columbia earlier this month is not an infamous atomic bomb which went missing in 1950.

Frozen Fish Cause Furor in Japan

Nov 28, 2016

An amusement park in Japan had to shut down its highly touted new ice skating rink after a public outcry over thousands of fish that had been frozen into the attraction.

Watch: Domino's Developing 'Delivery Reindeer' in Japan

Nov 26, 2016

Taking a page from Santa Claus himself, Domino's Pizza in Japan is attempting to develop a delivery system using reindeer!

Video: 5 of the Worst Black Fridays

Nov 25, 2016

Frenzied Black Friday shopping has become as much a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and pumpkin pie, but in some unfortunate instances the quest for a great deal has proven to be deadly.