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Weird & Bizarre

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'Psychic' Cat Fetches Big Bucks

Jan 27, 2017

In a bizarre story out of Russia, a man claims to have turned torment into treasure after selling his troublesome 'psychic' cat for a whopping sum.

Bosnian Healer Licks Eyeballs

Jan 27, 2017

An elderly woman in Bosnia has developed a reputation as a healer in her community via her bizarre practice of licking eyeballs clean and sometime curing them of ailments.

Watch: Ghost Strikes Piano Keys?

Jan 26, 2017

A ghost investigator in the UK claims to have captured video footage of an unseen force striking the keys of a piano.

Watch: Train Smashes Fed Ex Truck

Jan 25, 2017

A jaw-dropping piece of footage, courtesy of a police dashcam in Utah, shows a passenger train slamming into and destroying the back end of a Fed Ex truck.

Haunted PA Hotel Awarded Ouija Record

Jan 25, 2017

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially bestowed the title of 'World's Largest Ouija Board' to an allegedly haunted hotel in Pennsylvania.

UK Man Says Google Maps Caught Him Fighting an Alien!

Jan 24, 2017

The UK UFO researcher who made news only yesterday for allegedly photographing Robin Hood's ghost is somehow back in the headlines today with another strange tale.

UK Man Says He Photographed Robin Hood's Ghost

Jan 23, 2017

A UFO investigator in the UK claims to have photographed a ghost that he believes may be the spirit of the legendary Robin Hood!

Knapp's News 1/22/17

Jan 22, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of news items that have recently caught his attention.

Thousands of Skittles Spilled on Wisconsin Highway

Jan 19, 2017

In a scene reminiscent of the aftermath of a hailstorm hitting Candyland, a stretch of highway in Wisconsin was covered in a sea of Skittles earlier this week.

Video: Meet the Merfolk of Seattle

Jan 19, 2017

A group of Seattle residents are making waves after revealing that they consider themselves half-human and half-fish.

'Cloud City' Appears Over China

Jan 18, 2017

Onlookers in the Chinese city of Yeoyang could not believe their eyes when they spotted what appeared to be a series of buildings floating among the clouds in the sky.

Odd 'Entity' Photographed During Full Moon?

Jan 16, 2017

A pair of photos taken during a recent full moon have left viewers perplexed due to what appears to be the presence of some kind of entity that suddenly appears in the second image.

'Doomed' Flight Lands Safely

Jan 13, 2017

A normally routine flight by a Finnish airline raised eyebrows today due to an eerie combination of numbers and a final destination that would make even the most seasoned traveler nervous.

Drone Smashes Into Space Needle

Jan 12, 2017

A recent video from a drone filming Seattle's famed Space Needle inadvertently captures the startling perspective of the UAV flying uncontrollably towards the attraction and crashing into it!

Mountain Lion Mystery Still Lingers

Jan 11, 2017

Despite being discovered over a year ago, wildlife officials in Idaho concede that they still have no idea what caused a downed mountain lion to sport a strange, 'horned' head.

Zombie Prank Irks Ohio Officials

Jan 10, 2017

An Ohio resident notorious for his zombie Nativity Scene is once again under fire due to the undead, thanks to a prank on Facebook.

'Alien Hand' Found in Peru

Jan 8, 2017

Paranormal researchers in Peru have unveiled a bizarre object which they believe could be the hand of an alien!

Thousands of Toy Eggs Wash Ashore in Germany

Jan 6, 2017

An impromptu and highly unusual egg hunt erupted on a small German island this week after thousands of plastic toy eggs washed ashore.

Man Claims Devil Caused Car Crash

Jan 6, 2017

A Michigan man charged with reckless driving has opted for a supernatural defense by claiming that the devil tried to possess him while we was driving!

'Demons' Delight in German Festival

Jan 6, 2017

Residents of the German town of Waldkirchen took the streets on Thursday evening to celebrate a strange annual festival aimed at ridding their village of mischievous spirits.

'Watcher' House Saved by NJ Town

Jan 5, 2017

Officials in town of Westfield, New Jersey struck down plans to demolish the infamous house which gained infamy a few years ago due to a bizarre series of letters sent to its new owners.

Woman Loses Fight with Snowman

Jan 4, 2017

A bizarre piece of footage from Turkey captures a disgruntled woman taking her frustrations out on an innocent snowman that ultimately gets the last laugh.

Demon Photographed in Arizona?

Jan 4, 2017

A perplexing picture posted online by a man in Arizona has gone viral due to an anomaly in the image which bears an uncanny resemblance to a demon!

Watch: Boy Rescues Trapped Twin

Jan 3, 2017

A two-year-old boy in Utah is being hailed as a hero after he somehow summoned the strength to move a dresser that had toppled over and trapped his twin brother.

16 of the Weirdest Stories from 2016

Dec 31, 2016

By almost any measure, 2016 seemed to be an extremely strange and unusual year.

Bizarre 'UFO' Rock Found in China

Dec 29, 2016

A massive and incredibly ornate-looking stone anomaly was uncovered by a villager in China who took a leap of faith that could turn out to be rather profitable.

C2C's Odd Crimes & Capers of 2016

Dec 29, 2016

The past year provided further confirmation that the capacity for people to commit dastardly, devious, and dimwitted crimes seemingly knows no bounds.

Man Demands Refund Following 'Failed Exorcism'

Dec 29, 2016

A consumer protection agency in Malaysia found themselves at the center of a supernatural dispute when a man demanded that they help him get a refund for an allegedly botched exorcism.

Milwaukee Man's Van Hit by 'UFO'

Dec 27, 2016

A strange incident last week left a man in Milwaukee scratching his head after a mysterious object fell from the sky and smashed into his van.

Video: 5 Creepy Christmas Theories & Traditions

Dec 25, 2016

While the aim of every holiday season is for days which are both merry and bright, beneath the surface of Christmas lurks a few truly unnerving theories and traditions.

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