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Josh Gates


For five seasons, adventurer Josh Gates has taken viewers around the world and off the map in a thrilling search for the truth behind the world's most enduring mysteries. As the host and Co-Executive Producer of the hit Syfy Channel series, Destination Truth, Josh has set foot in more than ninety countries, blending his unique brand of humor with a passion for exploration.

Past Shows:

Strange Illness

Host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed reporter Susannah Cahalan, who shared her remarkable story of how, in a matter of weeks, a mysterious illness transformed her from a healthy 24-year-old into a violent, psychotic, and dangerously unstable individual. In the first hour, adventurer and explorer of the haunted and unknown, Josh Gates, talked about his new TV series Expedition Unknown. ... More »

Host: Dave Schrader

Paranormal Expeditions

Adventurer and explorer of the haunted and unknown, Josh Gates, discussed his travels to over 93 countries exploring how mysterious creatures and hauntings are a worldwide phenomena. In the first hour, trends analyst Gerald Celente talked about a news report concerning a decrease in Facebook usage as well as the current state of the economy. ... More »

Host: George Noory

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