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Filling in for George Noory, Dave Schrader (email) was joined by former CIA officer and security specialist Jason Hanson, who revealed spy secrets to staying safe and surviving various dangerous scenarios. Open Lines followed.

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Scott Rubins

Special Guest


For the last seven years, Scott Rubins has taught Forensic Science at New Rochelle High School. Scott has been the recipient of numerous grants and most recently was awarded a RadioShack National Teacher Award at the National Science Teachers Association, national convention in Philadelphia. This award is only given to 110 teachers nation wide. Scott also presented two sessions at this conference entitled, "Future Forensic Scientists, Where Do They Come From?" as well as The Court TV Forensics In The Classroom curriculum. Scott is a member of the Dental Identification Team for the Office of The Chief Medical Examiner, in New York City and worked for 9 months helping to identify victims of the World Trade Center Disaster. He is a member of the North Eastern Association of Forensic Scientists, The National Science Teachers Association, the New York Society of Forensic Dentists and an Applicant to The American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Scott is also the President of the Forensic Futures Education Group, a consulting firm that assists teachers and school districts in establishing forensic science courses and training.


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