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Marisa Ryan


Marisa Ryan is a internationally known Psychic Medium, transformational speaker and life coach. After the sudden death of her mother and niece, Marisa was awakened by the spirit of a murder victim which led her to working with Law Enforcement agencies in California. Marisa sees, hears and speaks with spirits for thousands of people across the world. She is known for her accurate validating information from spirits and her down-to-earth sense of humor.

Past Shows:

Space & CERN

Appearing during the middle two hours, Richard C. Hoagland joined George for a discussion on space exploration, Mars, and the CERN experiments. The recent ESA photographs of asteroid Steins, may reveal an object that is not actually an asteroid, Hoagland suggested, adding that some of the imagery might have been kept from the public. The scientists seeking to recreate a Big Bang-like event on an atomic level at CERN are arrogant regarding the infallibility of their calculations-- it's possible that a mini-black hole could put Earth and humanity at risk, Hoagland commented. The last hour featured Open Lines 'Sound Off' calls.Note: Due to phone problems, Robert Bauval was rescheduled. Portions of a rebroadcast from 11/12/03 with Deepak Chopra were played during the second hour. ... More »

Host: George Noory

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