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Cece Stevens


Cece Stevens grew up surrounded with interests in astrology and UFOs. She is adept in astrology, numerology, bio-magnetic healing, neurolinguistic healing, and dowsing. Cece has been used by the Police Department to help solve crimes as well as used by ranchers to locate water. She is also co-creator of Crystal Skull Festivals World Mysteries.

Past Shows:

Crystal Skulls/ Bed Bugs & Ancient Discovery

In the first half of the show, astrologer and dowser Cece Stevens talked about the upcoming Crystal Skulls Festival/World Mysteries Conference, which she organized. In the latter half of the show, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the invasion of DDT-resistant super bed bugs in America, and the discovery of 12,000 year old circles of limestone columns found in Turkey. ... More »

Host: George Noory

Crystal Skulls Special

A special show on the powers and mysteries of Crystal Skulls featured five different guests: Cece Stevens, Sherry Whitfield Merrell, Jane Doherty, Wachan, & Jaap van Etten, who will all be appearing at the upcoming Crystal Skulls Festival/World Mysteries Conference. First hour guest, Oliver Williams shared an update on the John Titor time travel story. ... More »

Host: George Noory

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