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Bill Sweet


Bill Sweet was always interested in how consciousness and prayerrelate to science and religion. A natural connection between like-thinking peopleresulted in his involvement in the research of prayer and consciousness atSpindrift Research. Bill became a president of Spindrift Research. Brought up on the North Shore of Chicago, Bill graduated from New TrierHigh School and Illinois State University with a major in communications. Hewas president of an entertainment booking agency in Chicago.

Bill's avocations include being an investor, an audiophile, and a ham radiooperator. He resides in Mount Prospect, Illinois. A favorite quote of Bill's is by Charles Steinmetz, the father of modernelectricity. Someday...the scientists of the world will turn their laboratoriesover to the study of God and prayer and the spiritual forces which as yet havehardly been scratched.

Past Shows:

Researching Prayer

John B. Wells was joined by prayer researcher, Bill Sweet, for a discussion on scientific laboratory tests he's conducted to measure the good and bad motivations of prayer and the effectiveness of asking for help from above. ... More »

Host: John B. Wells

Jesus' Early Years & Mystery Teachings

Where was Jesus for the first 30 years of his life and what was he taught? These are among the questions explored when clairvoyant and historian Tricia McCannon joined us Christmas night with Ian Punnett. First hour guest, Bill Sweet, discussed the power of prayer. ... More »

Host: Ian Punnett

Effects of Prayer

Former President of Spindrift Research, Bill Sweet, discussed his research into consciousness and prayer. ... More »

Host: George Noory

Prayer & Spindrift Research

Author Bill Sweet discussed his involvement with Spindrift Research, an organization started by Bruce and John Klingbeil in 1969 to explore the connections between prayer, consciousness,and healing. Some of their early laboratory research, he explained, showed that when subjects prayed over soybean plants growing under adverse conditions, the plants could be made more healthy. Sweet reported that the Klingbeils faced some negative reactions to their experiments, by religious groups and others who felt they may have been opening a kind of "Pandora's Box." And indeed, something eventually drove Bruce and John Klingbeil (a father and son) to commit suicide using shotguns, an act which Sweet said was out-of-character for them, and is still shrouded in mystery.Spindrift Research examined two kinds of prayer—that which is goal oriented and that which is a simply a wish for "what is best." Sweet noted that non-goal oriented prayer could often yield the better results, though its ex ... More »

Host: Art Bell

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