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Kevin Todeschi


Kevin J. Todeschi is one of A.R.E.'s directors and the editor-in-chief of Venture Inward magazine. With the retirement of Charles Thomas Cayce on January 1, 2007 he will become A.R.E.'s Executive Director and CEO.As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for thirty years, he has lectured on five continents in front of thousands of individuals. A prolific writer, he is the author of twenty books, including Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates, Edgar Cayce on Soul Growth, and Family Karma: The Hidden Ties that Bind.

A nationally recognized resource on the interpretation of dreams and symbols, Kevin has taught thousands of students the art of dream interpretation. He is also the author of the definitive book on dream interpretation, Dream Images and Symbols, as well as Dream Interpretation (and More!) Made Easy. His most popular book, Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records has been translated into 7 languages and has also been made into a Nightingale-Conant CD-Course: Living Your Divine Contract: Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records.

Nearly twenty years ago, Kevin was the first graduate of Atlantic University's M.A. program. Since that time, one focus of Kevin's work has been to assist individuals in seeing how they are very much responsible for bringing about the New Age of enlightenment promised by the Aquarian Age.

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