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Ronald Munson

Ronald Munson is a Professor of Philosophy of Science and Medicine, at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He is the author of Intervention and Reflection, the most widely used medical ethics...

Gene Myers

Gene Myers is the President of Space Island Group. The company is a leading developer of commercial space stations and is dedicated to the development of commerce, research, manufacturing and...

Bradley O'Leary

While the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 has spawnednumerous theories including the official "lone gunman" conclusion propagatedby official government investigations,...

Joshua Ortega

In Joshua Ortega's new novel, Frequencies, cars and cities float in the sky.People's thoughts are monitored as electromagnetic frequencies.Nanotechnology, androids, and human cloning are a part of...

Adam L. Penenberg

Adam Penenberg co-authored, Spooked, an expose of business espionage,the buying and selling of stolen information in the modern world. He reveals the variety of information unscrupulous...

Richard Picciotto

FDNY Battalion Commander Richard Picciotto was the highest-rankingfirefighter to survive the collapse of the World Trade Center. He is atwenty-eight year veteran of the New York City Fire...

Scott Portzline

Scott Portzline has kept watch on security issues at Three Mile Island for 25 years.

David A. Prentice

David Prentice Ph.D. is one of the Founding Members of Do No Harm; The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics, a national coalition of researchers, healthcare professionals, bioethicists,...

Bonnie Ramthun

Bonnie Ramthun is a former war gamer assigned to Schriever Air Force Base.With a computer science degree from the University of Wyoming and an itch tosee the wild side of the defense world, she...

Jim Redden

Crime Reporter for Portland Tribune, Jim Redden, will discuss privacyissues, including how the government recruits informants, privateIntelligence networks, and surveillance technology.

Bob Reiss

Bob Reiss is a former Chicago Tribune reporter who has written for The Washington Post, Outside, Parade, Smithsonian, GO, and Rolling Stone. He was a National Magazine Award finalist for his...

Rob Riggs

Rob Riggs is a semi-retired veteran managing editor of Texas weekly newspapers. His first journalism job in 1979 was with the Kountze News in the county seat of Hardin County near Sour Lake, the...

Billy Rogers

Billy Rogers, campaign manager and spokesman for Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement, is the man behind the drive to make Nevada the first state with legal marijuana.

Arthur Rosengarten

Arthur Rosengarten is a licensed clinical psychologist, professional Tarot reader and teacher with twenty-five years of experience in both disciplines.Currently in private practice, he teaches the...

Dr. H. Paul Shuch

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, also known as Dr. SETI, is something of across between Carl Sagan and Tom Lehrer. The aerospace engineer credited with the design of the world's first commercial home satellite...

Neal Sibley

Neal Sibley, Screenplay Writer, has put together a screenplay on the subjectof the Bell Witch of Tennessee, which was a documented case of a demonspirit that tormented a family during the 1820s....

Penelope Smith

If your animal could speak, what would it say? Communicating with animalstelepathically throughout her life, Penelope Smith presents effectivetechniques that can dramatically transform people's...

James Spottiswoode

James Spottiswoode is currently the director of research of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, the site of a long term U.S. government research program into paranormal phenomena, particularly ESP...

Bill Stanton

With the horrific events of September 11th, 2001 still all-too fresh on theAmerican consciousness, what do we do if something else happens? In TheAnti-Terror Checklist security expert and former...

Dr. Donald Steinberg

Donald Steinberg, MD, is a retired General Surgeon who has developed aunifying theory of many poorly or unexplained natural phenomena in Geology,Paleontology and Astrophysics. It is based on the...

Paul Steinhardt

What if the big-bang theory is wrong? Recently, Princeton University physicist Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok at Cambridge introduced the "cyclic theory" of the early universe. In this...

Dr. Gregory Stock

Rather than worry about the ethics of human cloning, Gregory Stock, director of the UCLA School of Medicine's Program of Medicine, Technology and Society, believes we should focus our attention on...

Curt Sutherly

Sutherly is a professional journalist with more than thirty years'experience investigating UFOs and paranormal phenomena. His articles havebeen published in a variety of magazines, including FATE,...

Showing 91 - 120 of 142
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