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Prof. Ted Bryant

Ted is a physical geographer with broad interests in geomorphology andclimatology. He is currently a member of the Quaternary EnvironmentsResearch Centre. Ongoing research interests involve the...

Dr. Edward Tenner

If it can go wrong, it will--thus Murphy's Law. Science journalist Edward Tenner looks more closely at this eternal verity, named after a U.S. Air Force captain who, during a test of rocket-sled...

Dr. Philip M. Tierno

Dr. Philip M. Tierno, the NYU Medical Center director of clinical microbiology and diagnostic immunology, shares the story of bacteria,viruses, and prions and their myriad effects on human beings....

Steve Troy

Steve Troy has been an amateur astronomer since 1988. From 1984 until 1995, he began study of NASA lunar photography directing in-depth research to the study of traditional models of lunar...

John Van Auken

John Van Auken is a Director at the Edgar Cayce Center, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). He is editor of the monthly newsletters Personal Spirituality, Ancient Mysteries,...

Christopher Whitcomb

Christopher Whitcomb, a 15-year veteran of the FBI, last served as directorof the Critical Incident Response Group's Strategic Information ManagementOffice. In this role, he oversaw...

Solara Whitedove

Solara is an expert on the 11:11 phenomenon and the founder of Star-Borne Unlimited. She claims to be one of the true visionaries of our time and is widely respected for her integrity.

Jerry Wills

During the last 12 years, Jerry and Kathryn Wills have been involved in a search for lost and ancient places worldwide. Within the last year they have successfully located several ancient cities...

Kimberly Wilson

Kimberly Wilson will explain what genetic engineering is and how it works,then explore the health risks involved with eating these newly createdfoods. She will address the ecological hazards that...

Elia Wise

Instruction manual for life in the universe.

David W. Wolfe

Dr. David W. Wolfe argues convincingly that life on our planet most likely began not in some primordial ocean but rather deep beneath the surface under extreme temperature conditions, and that...

Donald Wulfinghoff

Donald Wulfinghoff is one of the world's top experts on energy conservationand alternative energy sources. He is a professional engineer, licensedstationary engineer, certified automotive...

Andrew Yoder

Andrew Yoder is a hobby radio enthusiast, activist and author. His bookpublishing credits include the latest edition of The Complete ShortwaveListener's Handbook, Pirate Radio: The Incredible Saga...

Paul Young

Was Fidel Castro an extra in a Hollywood movie? Did Hitchcock ask Grace Kelly to do a strip tease in her window? Do murder rates go up when the Santa Ana winds arrive? These and other rumors are...

George Zeiler

George Zeiler, Deputy International Director of MUFON, the world's largestcivilian UFO research organization, has the latest on his investigation intoStan Romanek's UFO sighting.

John Zerzan

John Zerzan, ideological friend to Ted Kaczynski, and mentor to the anti-Globalist anarchists, is well known for his anarchist critique of technology and his work on the origins of our...

Linda Zimmermann

A former Research Chemist and author of several books ofAmerican history, humor, science and science fiction. A series of lectureson local lore and legend led her to write "Ghosts of Rockland...

Danah Zohar

Spiritual Intelligence is our access to and use of meaning vision and valuein the way that we think and the decisions we make.

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