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Bearded Ian Gallery I

Bearded Ian Gallery I

For reasons not entirely clear to the Coast staff, listeners from around the world began sending us Ian Punnett's headshot marked up with facial hair. In honor of their efforts, we present the Bearded Ian Gallery. A very special thanks to all who submitted their 'Bearded Ian' creations.

by Eric S.

by Mike V.

by John

by Kevin B.

by Don R.

by Richard W.

by Jack Z.

by Todd

by Ben G.

by Darryl D.

by Tanner D.

by Nancy X.

by Mike H.

by Louann A.

by Lisa W.

by John G.

by Daniel B.

by Diana G.

by Nancy M.
Bearded Ian Gallery II

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Joseph Hickman and former CIA operative John Kiriakou detailed the shadowy post 9-11 world. Followed by Mark Thurston on dreams and Edgar Cayce.

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