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A Coast Insider for about five months, I am a writer part-time, and I also delve into the Sci-Fi Fantasy world. I am also a Sensitive with the Supernatural World. Coast to Coast AM has made my world more open.
--Joy, Marysville, California

I first heard my mom listening to Art Bell in 1990 and never forgot that night. I have listened to nearly EVERY show since becoming a Insider in 2009. I am a certified alcoholism and substance abuse counselor currently working at a veteran's treatment center in San Diego. I am also a musician and an obsessive videogamer with my own YouTube channel called The Noise Media. My favorite shows involve demonology, the UFO phenomenon, black eyed children and crytpozoology. Favorite guests include Rosemary Ellen Guiley, David Paulides, LA Marzulli, and Whitley Strieber... I'm so grateful for C2C, George Noory, and all the hosts/crew/guests. You guys feel like family and the show is a HUGE part of my life. Thank you for what you do!!
--Matthew M.

Former US Navy on USS Midway, former US Customs, present Constitutionalist, current Lyoness Indepentent Business Owner, and a San Diego Militia member "The Guardians". A Coast Insider for 7 months. Tell the truth and serve your fellow man!
--Bryan, San Marcos, CA

My life exists between multiple worlds. I'm a person of many interests. I'm a Software Test Engineer, Musician, Shaman, Consciousness Researcher, and Journalist. I'm also a Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Councilor who is ordained through the Universal Life Church. I’ve also taught remote viewing to many people from many different walks of life with my own protocol known as Intuitive Sensation. Though one thing that really gets me is that you guys have been focusing on too much on demons and demonic activity way too much. There’s already enough to worry about without having some religious negativity being thrown at us on a constant basis. Otherwise, keep up the great work! I’m loving the show and have been an Insider since 2006.
--Erik aka White Soaring Eagle, Austin, TX

I am fascinated with conspiracy theory, ancient history, science theory, and space. I work from home sewing custom bedding for my online store, and listen to Coast to Coast AM every morning (from the night before). George Noory is a superb host with a clever sense of humor, keeps me laughing during every show! I'll be a Coast to Coast lifer for sure!
--Krystal, Maricopa, Arizona

Started listening to C2C with Art Bell … Absolutely love the direction George Noory took the show … Listen every day and/or evening as an Insider, at least 80% of all shows since I have been a Coast Insider … I love the education !!!. Thank you George for bringing your passion to your C2C family !!!
LeMar, Melbourne, FL

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