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I'm in the Dallas metroplex area. I was told about C2C a number of months ago but never got to listen to the show. Now I have been a Coastal Insider since early this year (2014). I mostly download the podcast and listen to them when I have the time. I've been listening to the archives a lot too. I've been into weird things most of my life. I like trying out some of the Edgar Cayce's remedies. I'm a Vietnam Veteran, US Airforce. I enjoy everything C2C has on their shows... and I mean everything. I used to listen to a very popular right-winged conservative show daily... never missed a day. NOW I've switched to C2C but do occasionally listen to the 'conservative' show just to keep up with current events.
--John F-- AKA "acabeast"

Mother of 4 and have been always interested in the alternative. Thank you for all your support through the years and bringing us news that is vital for moving forward through these times! A subscriber since 2001.
--Sheila, East Texas

A Coast Insider for about a year, I am a guitar player most recently of the band INTEGRITY. I've toured in the US and Europe several times and the Coast app has always kept me informed and entertained while I'm on the road. To George- thank you (and secure the grid!!) and thank you to Mr. Bell.
--Jon Pearcy, Hollywood

I am a professional fine artist and do paintings of wildlife and commissioned portraits of pets. I do artwork late into the night and always listen to Coast to Coast as I work.  I also listen to the archives during the day. It's funny but i can look at certain portraits I have done and remember what a show was about when I did that painting.  I feel there is a little bit of George Noory in every painting i do!  :)  By the way, George has the greatest laugh in the world!  :)
--Cathy, Long Beach, CA

I've been a Coast Insider since 2006 when I joined the real world workforce...needed to keep up on the "real" news and eye opening experiences and topics!! I am a potter by day, and although I use my hands for everything I do, I needed to exercise my brain! I am truly addicted to Coast to Coast AM and George, and all the fabulous guest hosts! I have evolved from downloading the podcast every morning (I start my work every day at 6:30am firing kilns) to now streaming right through my phone!
--Bethany, Bowling Green, Ohio

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and always have my PC or phone loaded with C2C mp3’s since I normally can’t listen live. My favorite subjects are UFOs, consciousness research, afterlife/near-death, and past/future lives. A couple of my favorites from the past have been Thomas Campbell and Bob Lazar. Some of my interests include learning photography so I can capture some of these unidentified objects, computer animation, art, and truth.
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