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I am English but I live in Croatia. I am an electronic engineer and I've had two UFO sightings in the last three years. A Coast Insider for around 5 years.
--David Allen

First, I am a long time listener since Art Bell days back in the mid 1990's and am a loyal listener every night ! Second, I consider myself a VERY intuitive person-almost psychic knowing things I cannot explain at times! I have been able to channel and to utilize my powers of intuition to my benefit in my career as a college English instructor. Since my classes are once a week for 4 hours, all too often, students come up to me after class and ask if I am psychic or have psychic abilities because in and during lectures- they say -I speak about THEIR LIFE and or current situation! Coast to coast constantly inspires me with ever new and informative programs and thought-processes. Keep up the fantastic shows and topics as they are the well-spring for inspiration on many levels!
--David Spinelli, Virginia Beach, Virginia

An Insider since May 2012. In my spare time, I like to dabble in art and writing. I just finished the first draft of my first novel, which was partially inspired by Coast to Coast.
--Carrie Anne, Prescott, Arizona

Insider for a few years, but a Coast listener since 1993 with Art Bell. Before podcasting, I’d tape record the shows every night, for use at sea. I am a American Merchant Marine Officer. I spend 6 months at sea a year on commercial cargo ships traversing the worlds oceans. My wife Samantha (also an avid listener) downloads the shows to a thumb drive and mails them to my next port where ever in the world that may be. I have spent many hours on the bridge of a large cargo ship at sea listening to CTCAM. I’ve crossed every ocean on our wonderful planet, and CTCAM has been with me every mile since I’ve been an insider.
--Mike, Fortuna, California and the Seven Seas

My son and I are opening a business. ...I LOVE being a Coast Insider.... I drive 200 miles a day and you guys keep me company all day everyday! It takes seconds to download a program.... one guest leads me to other guests and I educate and am entertained. Thank You!!
--Thomas, Kailua, HI

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