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Enhanced Mars Anomaly Images

Sir Charles Shults, shares these enhanced images of the metallic-looking anomaly recently photographed on Mars. Charles says ...

I searched through the records and was able to locate more images of the mystery object. The quality of two were poor, but I was able to process them and get some pretty reasonable enhancement. The other pair was perfect for the job and yielded excellent images, better than those that NASA has published.

From there, I created a stereo pair and found out a good part of the answer. I am attaching three images for you- one is the smaller, enhanced view (a very good picture) and the other is a close-up of the same. The third is a cross-eyed stereo pair that shows a good portion of the answer to the question, "what are we seeing?"

I am presently creating a 3D solid model so I can map the image on it and rotate it around.


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