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George Knapp Transcript Excerpt 7/27/11

Below is an excerpt from the 7/27/11 Coast Insider Chat with George Knapp, which in addition to the animal mutilation mystery, covered such topics as the Patrick Carnes missing person case, the JFK assassination, ET disclosure, John Lear, and Bob Lazar. Members (sign-up info) can view the entire transcript here.

Rick07: Hi George! Do you think that cow mutilations are done by ETs or gov. black ops?

George Knapp: It's maybe the strangest part of the whole UFO/paranormal field, and makes no sense on so many levels. I think the ultimate answer is not simple and that more than one group of people ...or beings..is responsible....

I do think the government has been involved, but that involvement was largely just a monitoring program. Our govt was watching and patrolling because they wanted to see who was doing it and hoped to figure out why.

These days, I suspect there is a government entity...or maybe a corporate team..that is carrying out a large number of the mutes and for a very spooky reason...

My suspicion is that this "someone" is monitoring the spread of dangerous contaminants thru the food chain. My friend Dr. Colm Kelleher wrote a book called Brain Trust. It traces the spread of "mad cow". This terrible disease was formed into a weapon by our military labs and somehow it got out. It has spread to several species, including cattle and it has already killed far more people than anyone will admit..right here in this country...

I suspect that they have been grabbing and mutilating cattle to see just how far the poisoned prions have spread thru the food chain. It is sadly not confined to cattle because modern agriculture feeds everything to every species...meaning vegetarian cows end up eating contaminated feed...feed that still includes blood from potentially infected animals...then cows get fed to chickens..and cows and chickens are fed to pigs...it's a terrible and potentially devastating problem that no one wants to admit...

Whoever is doing this is able to hide behind the rumors of ET involvement. No journalists or scientists will take those stories seriously, so the secret agents operate with impunity and make people think they are aliens because it helps hide what they are really up to. That said, I think some sort of alien intelligence is also mutilating animals...not just cows....and for reasons that completely baffle me. One more point about this...

As to why the mutilators don't simply take the cows away and remove the evidence. I suspect that they WANT to make a statement. They WANT to scare the hell out of people, to confuse and obscure the bigger picture, and to make things so weird that no mainstream investigators will come anywhere near it. If it really is ET's or aliens of some other kind, they seem to be putting on a show, making a display, a performance designed to get our attention. It sort of gets into the whole mystery of the Bigelow ranch.


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