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Kulkulkan Pyramid & Curiosity's Stealth Mission

Hoagland Materials 12/1/12

Richard C. Hoagland has provided a stunning image of the Kulkulkan Pyramid at Chitzen Itza as well as a video, Curiosity's Stealth Mission: Confirming Ancient Intelligence on Mars, to accompany his presentation on the 12/1/12 program.

Here are shots of the famed Kulkulkan Pyramid at Chitzen Itza, which I will be measuring for 'torsion energies' just before the Grand Galactic Alignment On December 21—the end of the Mayan Calendar.

A set of tourist's photographs taken last year (and, after investigation, proved to NOT be a hoax), showed an amazing beam of pink energy emanating from the top of the pyramid during an afternoon thunderstorm, apparently triggered by the electric fields of nearby lightning.

We will have the unique opportunity to scientifically measure the HD/Torsion Physics (as we have been able to do with other Mayan structures) of whatever sent out that beam on December 19-20, on-site at Chitzen Itza. Is an ancient technology buried underneath that pyramid?

VIDEO: Curiosity's Stealth Mission: Confirming Ancient Intelligence on Mars

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