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In the first half, author, paranormal investigator, cryptozoologist, and ufologist, David Weatherly, discussed his fascinating work on the Black Eyed Kids (BEK) phenomenon, as well as his investigations into the mysterious Djinn, and the Slenderman meme.

In the latter half, ufologist and paranormal pioneer Timothy Green Beckley talked about 'UFO Repeaters,' people who have the unique ability to "make friends" with UFO occupants and bring them in for close repeated UFO photos. Contactee and channeler Marc Brinkerhoff joined the conversation for a segment.

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Jan Irvin Images

Coast to Coast AM

Jan Irvin sent us a set of images to accompany his appearance on the 12/28/11 show, discussing the mysterious origins of Christmas.

1) Jesus is born under a star.

2) A split screen looking east showing the belt of Orion in alignment with Sirius on Christmas Eve, and the sun being born directly below this alignment on Christmas morning.

3) The Three Magi or “Kings”: Caspar, Melchior, Balthassar-- Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo. 6th century, Ravenna, Italy.

4) by Ivan Bilibin, 1899, Russia (Baba Yaga, or Grandmother Yaga, with the mushrooms)-- Baba Yaga travels and meets the three wise men. She also gives presents to children. She’s related to the witch of Hansel and Gretel.

5) Herne is an ancient shamanic god of Europe and Siberia. Half deer/man. The shaman was the user of psychoactive mushrooms and other methods of inebriation or states of consciousness. He later morphed into the licentious Roman god, Pan. Pan shown trying to seduce a woman. Usually this was done with whatever alcohol or drugs he had.

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