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RL Poole Images

RL Poole guest on the 2/16/17 show, shares images related to Coral Castle to accompany his appearance.

"East Wall"-- a constellation map in stone

"Sombrero Galaxy"-- six pointed star = galaxy

"Admission Sign" -- Spica (brightest star in Virgo) scrawled into the coral

"Virgo Alignment" -- The alignment Ed Leedskalnin shows on the East Wall of the Coral Castle. This constellation matches the Mars statue, Saturn, and the large Moon crescent to comprise Virgo in specific alignment.

"Leo Alignment" -- The 9 Ton Gate represents this alignment in Leo at the time shown on the wall. The small crescent represents the connecting of The Sun, The Moon, Venus, and the Earth and Mars in the hindquarters of Leo's usual interpretation.

For more, RL Poole's lectures on Coral Castle can be found here.

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