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Crystal Skull 'Maya' - Photos

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In the first half, Richard Syrett was joined by Douglas James Cottrell, a spiritual master who teaches people how to connect with their inner power. He spoke about his methodology, what he calls "quantum meditation," in which he goes into a trance state and is able to give readings for clients.

In the latter half, Rosa Koire, executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute, explained why Agenda 21, a United Nations plan to control all land, water, and resources, is bad news for the world.

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Crystal Skull 'Maya'

Photo taken of my ancient crystal skull "Maya" after the 10-10-10 ancient crystal skull event in NYC produced by Oracle Stone Productions. This was the second crystal skull event out of 4.-9-9-9, 11-11-11,12-12-12. I am a crystal skull guardian and was a speaker at the 4 events. UFOs appeared in the skies above NYC 3 days after the conference event, seen by many and reported in the news.

One month after the event I noticed how clear Maya had become and had to take a photo of her for a crystal skull package of cards being produced by someone in Europe. When I looked at the photos, this image appeared in the photo. It looks like a UFO and there is also a face in there. I acquired her in 1987-saw her slowly change from almost entirely milky white to 80% now clear. I have always believed the ancient crystal skulls have some sort of connection to UFOs.

Jane Doherty